I have received excellent care from Dr. Charron. He is very personable, caring and conservative, which I for one appreciate. He is a very good listen and makes you feel as if you are his only patient. I would recommend him to anyone in my family.
Dr. Miller was awesome! I can't say enough about how appreciative I am for his help. I was in extreme pain and had to have emergency surgery. He took the time to explain everything to me, and he was very professional and kind. Even though I was in agony, I felt comforted and confident knowing he would be taking care of me. His whole staff, from the front desk to his friendly nurses, made my experience with CRS extremely positive. I highly recommend them.
Dr. Crawford Smith was my doctor for my hemorrhoidectomy & the overall experience was EXCELLENT! From the initial visit for my problem through today's post surgical exam, Dr. Smith was very careful to listen to my concerns & then provide me with the information I needed to understand all that was involved with my surgical procedure. Great doctor and great practice!
Because of family history I have quite a few colonoscopies and my experience with Dr. Charron and his staff has been the least stressful. He listened to all of my concerns and I felt I was in good hands with his staff the day of my procedure.
One of the best colorectal surgeons in this state. An excellent surgeon and excellent bedside manners. This is not what I heard, this is from experience.
Dr. Charron is a very good surgeon but he is lacking bedside manor. My discovery of illness till my surgery was only four days. He did a very good job removing my mass and resecting my bowels but I do have a hernia at the surgery sight. He did save my life and I am thankful, I just wise he was a bit nicer.
Dr. Miller performed surgery on my rectal problem. The surgery was great. His information on the first week of post surgery was, right on. I am now 15 days post and had my follow-up visit. All is OK. I had several questions for him concerning the surgery. He took the time to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller
Excellent care, compassion and concern. My husband has cancer and was in the hospital with complications. Dr. Vorenberg took it very serious and helped solve the problem. My husband is home recovering thanks to Dr. Vorenberg and his team!! I HIGHLY recommend him. He was such a comfort to me when I felt hopeless. Thank you Dr. Vorenberg for a job well done!
Was able to get an appointment within three days of diagnosis. Dr. Charron is willing to listen and answer any questions. Office staff works well with scheduling appointments as I am a 3 hour drive from Richmond. Have recommended him to others.
I appreciate Dr Gentry's request to meet me prior to my routine colonoscopy so we could talk through any risks or concerns. The procedure was handled with ease and the staff were supportive and helpful. They talked through everything that was going to happen in a simple and thorough way.
One of the worst medical office I ever had to deal with. The most inconsiderate and unwelcoming, the most unmedical like.
I am very pleased to find Dr Cary, who was highly recommended to me by several people. One of who is a nurse and good friend. My experience having him as my doctor has been excellent.
Dr. Gentry is an excellent doctor and I highly recommend him.
Dr. Miller is an exceptional physician with a wonderful besdside manner. He went out of his way to see me for an emergency and took time to address my questions and concerns - often a rarity in skilled physicians.
I would definitely recommend Dr Miller to my friends. He is knowledgeable, easy to talk with, kind and gentle. His staff is accommodating and efficient and helped me through a painful and awkward situation.
What a wonderful surgeon, I have not felt this pain free from fissure in a long time
I would never recommend Dr. Charron. His bedside manor is horrible. I have personally seen him verbally mean nurses in the hospital. He doesn't realize how unprofessional it is when as a patient you are walking around a unit to see him yelling at one of your favorite nurses. I will say he is a talented surgeon, but his personality takes away his skills.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Miller.. I was in significant discomfort right before Christmas, and Dr. Miller made time to do surgery on me so I would feel better at this time. I can not thank him enough. He is kind and empathetic to his patients and very skilled in his profession... Everyone should have a good colon rectal surgeon!!
Dr. Peter Miller exemplifies the qualility of an excellent physician. He is kind, understanding and ready to spend time with his patients. Good bed side manners! I recommend Dr. Miller to family and friends. Andrew Wrenn, patient.
I love him! He was always willing to take me even after hours or fitting me in.
He failed to consult my previous surgeons or records. He did not listen to the facts of my reason for the visit and told me I needed a shrink and biofeedback. I was properly diagnosed a few weeks later and I am getting the help I need without the insult to my intelligence. I have worked for physicians much of my life and I have never seen one quite as arrogant. While he may have good surgical skills, I would never return to his practice. He dismissed my symptoms and concerns and was no help.
Great Dr., Great person... It's very simple; he saved my life. I'm from South America and was recommended to Dr. Smith for my colon cancer surgery at the St. Mary hospital in Richmond.
I am 62 years old and have been putting off a colonoscopy for a long long time because of the stories of the prep from my mother and grandmother. I met with Dr. Gentry And he made me feel very comfortable. He prescribed a prepopik prep, and assured me it was simple I was still skeptic. I just completed the procedure on August 24, 2016, and I cannot tell you how well this prep kit worked. Everything he said was true, simple, the taste was like drinking lemonaid.. Dr Gentry was beyond great.
My problem isn't with Doctor Smith. Its his nurse Jennifer. She is one rude person that has issues amongst herself that rubs off on patients. The surgery went ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and ended up with me in the ER 30 minutes later. I have NEVER had that kind of pain in my 31 years of being here. I am even more disappointed that his nurse STOLE my money after I paid for them to send off my forms. I had to PHYSICALLY go up there to find out that they DIDN'T send my forms and that I had to pay $20 more
I don't recommend him. He was unwelcoming, uncompassionate, and unknowlegeable. He said he doesn't know what the problem is. He made me feel as though I was wasting his time. When I asked him questions, he put up his hand as if I should already know the answer! I left his office in pain and he didn't prescribe anything. You should see another doctor for your issue.
I wouldn't even give Dr Smith one star. After waiting 50 mins to be seen, this doctor did not even care to help me with the issue I came for. When I explained again why I was being seen & asked what could be done to treat it, he just told me to come back in a month & walked out of the room before I could say anything. The visit was a waste of my time. Not only that, but his bedside manner is one of the worst I have ever encountered in my life. Never once did he smile & he is as dry as a cracker
Very thorough follow up visit and exam to surgery performed by Dr. O'Donovan originally. Exam done in a timely fashion, and all questions were answered.
From the initial consult I knew I had the right doctor for my situation. He was very upbeat, positive and honest. From that point through surgery, recovery and post op visits Dr Timmerman was awesome. His sense of humor helped me through some difficult times. He cares about his patience and doesn't treat them as a number on a chart. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a surgeon for colorectal issues, this man is the man for the job..............
He's a very busy because he's an excellent physician, making it worth the wait. Appointments are frequently cancelled due to surgery schedule but because his reputation precedes him his patient load is high. He has a great bedside manner and makes you feel very comfortable with his expertise. His office staff is not the most efficient so you have to be persistent with requests and follow up calls
Dr. Gentry is hands down the best there is. He is supremely skilled, but on top of that, is one of the most genuine, caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Most surgeons are not noted for their people skills. Dr. Gentry is quite different. If he could expand his practice to cover everything, I would go to him for everything. Just seeing him, or talking with him brightens my day.
Dr. Charron is very knowledgeable and highly skilled. He takes time to explain all procedures thoroughly, including positive and negative outcomes. He treated me for rectal surgery and I had the best of results. He listened carefully to my concerns and offered very effective recommendations for relief. I can't recommend him highly enough. I have already sent a family member to see him. I was blessed to have Dr. Charron on my medical team and look forward to seeing him for ongoing care.
Dr. Charron is probably one of the best doctors I have ever seen. He spends time with you listening and actually paying attention to what you have to say. He is thorough in his exams. The time he spends with you definitely makes up for the time you wait. I've never had a doctor that spends more than 15-20 minutes with you. I trust all the decisions he makes, for he explains everything very detailed and in an understanding way. His nurse is also very helpful and considerate. Highly recommended!
Dr. Gentry and his entire staff are knowledgeable, perform with ease and confidence and treat everyone with great respect. I've had four or five procedures there and recommend his office and him to everyone I know.
My Son and I first Visit to Dr. Charron. He was GREAT. He really examines you for your health issue and Answered all my questions on me and my son of which I had many. Took his time ( even though he was running behind after surgery) and I never felt rushed. Great Doctor. Also; his Nurse ( Caitlin ) was Very Nice to us; helpful, friendly and courteous being the first time we meet her.
Dr. Gentry and his staff have been extremely helpful and caring while I have been a patient with him. He did a total colectomy with ileostomy for me at the end of December and I do not think that it could have gone any more perfectly. His care for his patients goes above and beyond and it shows with his work.
Very knowledgable about my condition by performing his own evaluation to add to records he received from others. Excellent surgeon. Incision healed rapidly with minimal discomfort Seems to care about whole person and their family
Let me start by saying I have no problems with Dr. Charron...however, the staff hasn't got a clue. The wrong patient's file was pulled for me., that of another person and they couldn't understand where the problem was., did you ever go by another name? There is no followup. The wait time was over one and a quarter hours. The office at Forest Avenue facility was very dated and dismal. In spite of the fact that I need surgery, I most likely will not be going to CRS.
He misdiagnosed me twice.
This group practice is a disaster. It is a large group, and for whatever the reason, they can't get anything right. My experience from making an appointment to see this doctor and then to have a follow up test is the worst that I've ever had. They got everything wrong re: tests, conveying instructions for them, the results of them, making of appointments, etc., etc. I felt no sense of caring from the people who worked there. Everybody makes mistakes, but this place gets nothing right.
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