My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's by a neurologist who could not give medication for her depression. We started seeing Dr. Lakhani and found him to be very helpful, especially in letting us know what to expect next as the disease progressed.
2nd visit with Dr. Lakhani and he was very rude. He didn't like that I had to stop a medication that was causing me horrible side affects and he got really mad and accused me of treating myself. He got really short with me, pretty much wrote a prescription and threw me out. Said "come back in two months". I will be finding another doctor.
Spent less than 10 minutes with my mother who has Alzheimers and asked her only a few obvious questions and got billed for almost $300. Anyone, even one without a medical degree, could have performed the analysis to confirm her memory was gone. He is somewhat arrogant and does not provide any information to the family. My impression is that he is running a good scam with the care facilities by charging a large fee for little meaningful service and of course passing that overcharge to insurance.
He is homophobic and not interested in the well-being or how his patient actually felt.

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