Outstanding medical professional and gentle with patients. I would recommend him to all.
Dr. Jessup was obviously caring, observant, experienced, smart and listened. His recommendation option has worked well in alleviating immediate issues while giving time to future option choices.
He did surgery on me and it failed. AFTER surgery, he told me "Well it only has a 1 in 3 chance of being successful". Had I known that, I would never have let him butcher me as he did. The excuses flowed from him: 1. It was my fault it failed. 2. He said "Maybe we should have used screws and plates". I was furious! "Maybe we should have"are words a doctor should NEVER say! He was 'NEVER wrong'. Everything about his failed surgery was, of course, my fault. Please, find someone else!
After seeing another doctor for a year with no results, Dr. Glowacki recognized my problem immediately and proceeded to fix it! I now have no problem with my hand and no visible scars! Dr. Glowacki and his staff proved to be excellent, knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend anyone who has any type of hand problem to see this wonderful doctor and staff!
Dr. Brickhouse tells it like it is, regardless if you want to hear it or not. He is kind, and very helpful. He takes the time to go over everything with you and not rush you out. He always has a smile for you too. If you are looking for the best, Dr. Brickhouse is that man.
Dr Herring is very nice and professional. He explains the problem in such eacsy terms that anyone can understand. I feel very confident that his medical advice is accurate and on point. I will continue to go to him if I have any issues with my shoulders.
My experience with Dr Glowacki was outstanding. He is very personable and has a great bedside manner. His professionalism is beyond repute and he is very good at explaining your problem and getting to the right solution. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone with a hand issue. Also his staff is extremely competent and care about your health and comfort. Bravo to all of them.
I've been trying to locate Dr. Decker for months now, yet no one will tell me where he is, since his return. Depressing. Greatest Dr ever! !!
I have been seeing Dr Brickhouse for about 7 years. He fixed my torn meniscus and eventually had to replace both knees due to arthritis, which I did at the same time. What an awesome doctor! He is compassionate, understanding, and caring. I never feel rushed or a bother to his schedule. He truly listens. My sister who had a knee replaced years ago, said she would see Dr Brickhouse because of his level of care. I have recommended several other people to him and will continue to do so.
Dr. Brickhouse is a highly competent and caring physician. He gets to know his patients and treats each one with personal respect and concern. I have recommended Dr. Brickhouse to family members and they too are delighted with his care.
I had neglected trigger finger. Dr. G gave me one cortisone shot and later did surgery. The surgery was very successful, his explanations are clear and he is very likable. His nurse practitioner also is very competent and likable.
No worry is absolutely number one ortho doctor have fixed my left shoulder and I will not let any one else to touch my shoulder you will be in good hand also fixed my wife left knee
I saw Dr. Brickhouse for the first time and the experience I had was great he explained everything to me and what was going on. I would recommend him to anybody that's looking for a good orthopaedic doctor he will take his time with you, he's very nice, compassionate, understandable, pleasant.
I have been a massage therapist for 15 years. In 2007 I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands performed by Dr. Glowacki. Because of his excellent care, I have continued working in a field that is my passion. Thanks, Dr. Glowacki! I will continue to refer my clients/friends to you and your group!
I have worked with physicians for over 20 years and was very happy with the entire process from the first visit through the surgery and after. Very happy with Dr. Glowacki ! SO VERY HAPPY WITH MEGHAN MORGAN FNP.... she was wonderful , easy to talk to, explained everything and was so very understanding !!
Was late, ignored my questions and when he did answer they very short and somewhat confusing. Lacking in bedside manner.....had me mixed up with another patient....no apologies. No I would never go back again!
I had him as my back Doctor for 15 years! The best in rva!
Dr. Brickhouse performed both of my knee replacements (2012 & 2014) and he also diagnosed and has been treating the degenerative arthritis in my spine. Excellent doctor. He is patient, personable, and he listens. I have known him for nearly twenty years. He's the cream of the crop!
I had total hip replacement surgery done by Dr. Brickhouse in December 2016. I have been back for 2 post op appt's and am doing great! Dr. Brickhouse is a very caring, knowledgeable, professional and a gentleman. Prior to and after surgery he has always taken his time to answer my questions and calm my worries. I would recommend totally to anyone needing a rare individual who cares so much about his patients. Also, staff at the hospital all gave him rave reviews, as well! Thank you so much
I would not recommend this doctor to anyone who wishes to be treated with respect and dignity. He is cocky, rude, sarcastic and makes fun of you while you are in pain. He even goes so far as to try and intimidate you by calling you a "name" like a first grader. Why he feels it is okay to ridicule his patients is beyond me. As for a diagnosis and treatment he offered very little medical advice/ shrugged his shoulders like he did not care. He should struggle through pain and learn some humanity
Dr. Adam Crowl is a truly extraordinary man, as well as a brilliant surgeon. He has proven the greatest of every value a great doctor may offer - deepest knowledge of subject, top notch skills, and excellent communication. There is another value Dr. Crowl embodies that is clearly greater than others-his caring for his patients, for their successful recovery, but, greatest of all, that they receive the exact medical solution appropriate in the manner most likely to succeed. He is amazing !
I went to Dr. Crowl to get a second opinion on having back surgery for scoliosis and stenosis. He did an exam on me, explained what he would do, answered all my questions and spent an ample amount of time with me. He was very pleasurable as well as his staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Crowl.
I had been treated by Dr. Decker for several years before he closed his practice two years ago. If he is again treating patients, I'd go back to him in a second. I found him to be extremely competent, caring and gentle. Hope he's back!
Dr. Higgs oversaw my recovery from surgery after my previous physician left the practice. I repeated reported on-going pain, to which I was repeatedly told it was "scar tissue". 6 months after my latest appointment, I'm unable to engage in physical activity again, and the hip feels like the original injury. To make the experience worse, I scheduled each appointment with the expectation that I wouldn't be seen for 45+ minutes after the appointment time.
Awful doesn't know what he is doing on shoulders. I have to have one he put in taken out and replaced
Dr. Higgs came highly recommended to me by a former patient. He could say enough about what's great doctor he was and how great his experience was. I can say the same. I hope the patients in his new practice enjoy his expertise.
I truly appreciate all the help Dr. Higgs gave me in saving me from having to replace my knee. His expertise and charming patient to doctor interaction and quality of service was what made me refer 2 other patients to him who were both very pleased with his services. I am so disappointed that he has chosen to leave his practice in Midlothian, VA. But I wish him the best wherever he decides to practice.
I saw Dr. Higgs for an ACL tear with hamstring graft. Not only did the surgery go well, but I had a fast recovery. A very well thought out therapy that got me back on my feet in no time. I am 8+ months post op and I'm back to running and doing all of my regular activities. Not only did I have a great experience with a surgery, Dr. Higgs was very thoughtful and answered every question. Always taking the time to be thorough. He will be missed very much in our area!
I saw him years ago! He was the BEST! VERY THOROUGH! I may have to make me an appointment
I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Higgs. He has operated on my left and right shoulders and completed my post-op care for my left and right hips. I have reached 100% recovery on all four joints because of Dr. Higgs's knowledge and expertise. I would absolutely recommend him as a doctor as he cares so much for all of his patients and is the best out there.
Can't remember the remarks in my other survey which did not get submitted. I am living a normal life as a 73 year old.
My opinion of Dr.HIggs is very high. I think he did a wonderful job with my knee surgery, & he treated me like a friend. Ill be thankful the rest of my life.I felt good when another knee specialist looked at my knee x-rays and all other records. He said that dr.higgs did a wonderful job on the implants in my knee.
I was a patient of Dr. Decker (many back surgeries, back pain, siatica, tens unit, pain pump, ect.) for almost ten years. Moved to Montana in 2006 and have thought many times about moving back to VA. for one reason, Dr. Decker. He was one of those rare doctors who not only was an expert in his field but made you feel like he honestly cared about you and your quality of life. That combination is hard to find nowadays and am still searching for it after 12 yrs. in MT. Thank you Dr Decker.
Dr. Crowl diagnosed the problem creating my bursitis that 2 very prominent doctors failed to identify. After 2 years of chronic, debilitating pain I am fully recovered! Thank you Dr. Crowl
He an excellent doctor. He cares about his patients. I have gone to him since he came to Virginia.
I had a frozen rotator cuff. Dr. Higgs is great! Did Physical therapy for about 6 months. During which he followed my progress. Eventually had surgery. Went well. Great , friendly doctor!
My husband was in an accident 09/2016 & because of other health issues we have a hard time finding a physicians that will treat him. Dr. Higgs my husband who needed shoulder surgery. We explained his other health issues & Dr. Higgs said that he was not worried & we would just work through it. It took my husband longer to heal because of other issues but Dr. Higgs just kept reassuring us & his should healed perfectly. He is an excellent doctor that provides you with the patients & understanding
Very pleased with the surgery Dr. Higgs performed on my right shoulder in 2004 and my left shoulder in Jan 2016. No complications after either surgery. Dr. Higgs was very thorough in explaining the procedures in terms I could easily understand. The follow-up care was exceptional. I found Dr. Higgs to be personable and extremely competent and talented in orthopedic sugery.
Dr. Higgs is a true professional dedicated to his profession. He has a great bedside personalty which makes him easy to talk to. He explains my medical condition in easy to understand terms. He takes the time to make sure I understand what medical condition I have and what I need to do improve myself. Dr. Higgs is moving to Dallas, Texas and I am disappointed that I will be losing a GREAT Physician. Whoever is getting him will be getting a fantastic doctor and person. God Bless Dr. Higgs.
I have been a patient of Dr. Higgs for 6 years. He is an excellent surgeon and very personable. Dr. Higgs cares for his patients and to him you are not just a number. - P. Crawley
I began going to Dr Higgs in November 2015 with a shoulder injury I had for years. I had been treated by several doctors but he was the only one I received results from (surgery). Dr Higgs is an excellent listener and asks a lot of key questions to give him an overall view of your problem. He pretty much diagnosed my shoulder before he xrayed it. He completely one me over when he walked over and placed his thumb into two of my trigger points, as if he'd seen me before. He's an Excellent Dr!!!
I have been very pleased with the results of treatment from Dr. Higgs. When I first went to him in 2014 I was afraid I would need a knee replacement. With nonsurgical treatment there has been almost no pain in my knee and no need for surgery. He has always been such a pleasant and caring person.
professional, thorough, and attentive.
Vert knowledgable, great bed side manor, and friendly. Dr. Higgs did my shoulder surgery 4 years ago for a torn labrum and it still feels great to this day.
I was referred to Dr. Higgs by my chiropractor. I've been experiencing knee pain for years and finally decided to do something about it. Dr .Higgs was precise, professional and has a fantastic bed side manner. A first choice for anyone with orthopedic issues. I have been helped immensely.
I can not say enough good things about Dr. Higgs. He did a complete shoulder replacement on both my right and left shoulders. He is a qualified clinician, educated, experienced, rational, polite, patient and confident. He is also a good listener, reassuring, honest, compassionate, very empathetic. If you ask me to describe him in one word, I would say AMAZING!!!!!
I would highly recommend Dr. Geoffrey Higgs
great Dr. done his best to explain everthing that was going on. called to check up on me after surgey Worked long and hard to get my hip better.
Dr. Higgs performed surgery on my torn ACL and a tear in my shoulder. Any issues that I may have had, Dr. Higgs and his staff were easily accessible. I had no trouble getting in for a last minute appointment. Multiple members of my family have been going to Dr. Higgs for nearly 15 years! I couldn't imagine having another surgeon cutting me until I have at least seen Dr. Higgs.
Dr. Higgs is very knowledgeable and accurately diagnosed my knee injury before my MRI. Surgery was quick a downtime was shorter than expected.
I was sent to Dr. Higgs in 2001 for a second opinion. I can truly say that I thank God that I landed in his office. Dr. Higgs is an excellent surgeon. He has always took the time to listen to all of my concerns and after his examination he would explain in details what type of issues I had going on. I have referred many family and friends to Dr. Higgs and they all say he is an awesome physician and I agree.
Dr. Higgs performed Rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder 9 years ago. It has done wonderful -- no problems. He performed knee surgery this past February for meniscus tears/arthritis. Again it has recovered very well -- no problems. I have been very happy with his treatment! He is very caring/attentive and I feel he is a top doctor in his area. I highly recommend him. We are just sorry to be losing him to our area!
I was a patient of Dr. Decker's for approx. 15-20 years. I have a pain pump and he replaced it and took care of the functions of the pump during this time. He was always very thorough at each visit and very prompt. He always explained any questions I had very thoroughly. I was very sorry to hear that he had to retire and miss having such a caring doctor.
This amateur screwed up my leg. I'll never walk normally again and I'll be in pain for the rest of my life.
Dr. Higgs treated me for a broken knee cap Dec 2012 - Jul 2013. He was very thorough in answering all questions about my injury and the treatment plan with me.
I agree with the above comment. I also waited a long time in the exam room and wasn't too bothered at first after a nurse came and told me how thorough he is with his patients. When he came in the exam room, he basically asked me after telling me that I didn't need surgery, why are you here and what do you want me to do for you? My PT explained my MRI better than he did. Overall, I would not recommend him. The staff are wonderful and very helpful. He could have care less about my condition.
Dr. Brickhouse was wonderful! He was very thorough and knowledgeable, and offered various options of treatment. He listened, allowed me to ask questions, and answered my questions in depth. He has a wonderful bedside manner! I would highly recommend him!
Did a poor surgery on my shoulder. Came back for a consult in January he didn't take an xray, gave me a prescription for anti inflammatory, told me to come back in a month, then he sent me for a MRI, came back two weeks later and he said he was in flux and to hang in there and he'd call me in a couple of weeks to decide what to do.
He was consistently kind and helpful. Surgery on my shoulder resulted in diminished pain and improved functionality. When I needed an emergency appointment time was found that very day to see me and begin resolution of problem.
I did not like how we were treated after Dr. Higgs and his staff were paid. Dr.Higgs has a big ego and I'm not impressed. I had to go to court over a doctors bill, this is the first time in my life that I have ever had to go to court over a bill. The service that Dr. Higgs preformed FAILED on my son knee and he had to have another ACL surgery. He staff would not return my calls in a timely manner. Very very dissatisfied.
Not a good experience, waited a very long time in the exam room. I went in having a lot of pain and left the same way with no real solutions. The nursing and office staff were fabulous, I didn't feel as if my issues concerned or even interested him in the least. I was very disappointed.
Let you participate with your health concerns easy to talk to very knowledgeable and doesn't come with just one type of treatment.
Dr. Jessup is a fantastic, no nonsense physician. I am a 77 years old male. My bi-lateral knee surgery was performed on 11/09/15, and, after 4-months (3/09./16) recuperation I am in excellent health, and now walk 2-3 miles daily. I whole heartedly recommend, to my family and friends, Dr. Jessup as a physician who performs excellent surgery, and provides helpful and constructive advice, a very professional gentleman.
Dr. Higgs is an excellent Doctor. He is very thorough in his diagnosis, compassionate, and shows good bedside manner. He really want you to be well. I also see that he really loves what he does. he is very approachable and knowledgeable of his field of Orthopedic Medicine. I am blessed to have him serve me
I have never had any major issues with injuries, but have injured my knee and went to him and he has been fabulous, takes the time to explain the healing process, the cortisone shots, why therapy is important. He obviously knows exactly what he is doing. Great bed side manners and very patient. I see unfortunately surgery in my near future, but am 100 % confident I will have great results and back on the tennis court in no time. He is the best
I have been seeing Dr. Sharma for a few years now and I won't go anywhere else. He did a carpal tunnel release and it has made my life so much easier. I will be going back to get my other hand done very soon! The staff is always pleasant to work with and Holly is great! They have listened to all of my concerns and have helped me figure out what is best for my situation.
An excellent experience all the way around, from check-in to the staff, to my time with Dr. Kirby. I highly recommend.
I saw Dr. Van Manen for a broken ankle following a car accident. After meeting him, I instantly felt comfortable being in his care. His approach was aggressive, yet protective. All while putting my best interest first. Surgery and recovery was everything he said it would be, and my scar is hardly noticeable. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat!!
Dr. Douglas Wayne is one of the nicest doctors I have ever met. He took the time to talk with my husband and I like doctors used to do years ago. I knew he really cared and that made all the difference in the world. His staff is just as nice and they care to. I felt so good when I left that office. Wonderful experience!
I was referred to Dr. Kirby after having been to physical therapy and a couple of other Drs. He immediately had some tests done and prescribed me some medication. Very thorough follow up and tried some different medication for me. I feel he really cares and knows exactly what to do. Everyone in his office is very friendly and helpful.
I actually have recommended Dr. Reece to several friends. I really appreciate that treatments other than surgery are encouraged. Surgery should be the last option.
Ankle injury sent me to Dr. Kump. Did not receive a defined diagnosis other than to stay in my boot, take Advil and return in 3 weeks. Follow up appointment was rather vague and could care less. I am a flight attendant and many days on my feet for up to 15 hours. I asked about physical therapy and specifically informed him of my job requirments. He said if you want but most don't bother. No concern for any rehab. My return to work the following day left me in pain and wobbly. $700 so far...
Dr. Sharma and his staff were great to work with. They were always available for my questions/concerns and never made me feel as though they were trivial. Dr. Sharma was patient and caring throughout the long time it took my finger to heal. I am grateful to be able to wear my wedding ring again.
Highly recommend! Spent a lot of time with me & seemed very knowledgable about the body! He did an EMG & NCS on me & it was not at all what I had heard it was going to be. I barely felt a thing.
Dr Wayne is terrific! Really knows his stuff!
He is an amazing expert at performing an emg/ncs!!! It was not painful!!! Don't listen to the stories online about how painful this procedure is, go see Dr Wayne!
Love him! He was genuinely concerned about my injury and treated me as I wasn't just another exam room. His diagnosis and immediate plan of action were spot on. If I need help again, I'm giving him a call.
I saw Dr. Kump for a follow-up visit for a broken fibula.Initially I was seen in the ER,and then at Ortho on Call where I had an evaluation and was given a boot to wear . Dr Kump is very nice , but I was very dismayed to receive an EOB from Anthem only to find that on my follow up visit with Dr, Kump, I had been charged a $603 one time surgery ( my part $493)in addition to xrays and office visit. The only services rendered by Dr. Kump for my entire recovery were 3 office visits and 2 xrays!
This Doctor is so awesome and a REAL AMERICAN HERO to our troops. Serving in the U.S. Army for 20 years. He is a great communicator and skilled surgeon. His staff is very informative and helpful. I can't think of anyone else to see if I have orthopedic issues in the future. I will be more than happy to recommend to friends and family. The therapy support staff are also very good. Ellen and Monica assisted me greatly with my recovery from a multiple ankle break which occurred in September 2016.
I would not recommend Dr. Kump based on his unwillingness to listen to patient concerns, condescending attitude, and poor bedside manner. While I understand that doctors are overloaded with patients, Dr. Kump acted as if he had no time to meet with me over the four appointments I had with him. I have heard he is an excellent surgeon, but surgeons practice on people and all people are deserving of a doctor who generally cares about the patient's concerns.
Initially, it was very difficult getting an appointment with Dr. Kirby. It took over a month before a date of availability. However, since that time it has been easier to get an appointment and the visits have been very productive and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kirby!
Dr, Kirby is kind, listens, and doesn't dismiss any concerns that the patient expresses. He answers all questions and let's the patient take the lead with their care. It's a collaborative effort resulting in comfort and positive medicinal results.
I was having significant lower back pain with pain in my hip, legs down to the ankle. Dr. Kirby was able to identify the issue with my lower back with x-ray and recommend exercises and short term pain medication to help treat my issues. After only a few visits, I am now free of the pain. I believe he was able to use his extensive experience to help minimize the time needed to recommend the best treatment for my specific need. My wife also receives treatment for back pain issues from Dr. Kirby.
Dr. Sharma was so encouraging to me at our initial visit for a deep wound on the middle finger of my right hand, a few days after my ER visit for the injury. He was a wonderful communicator, very encouraging to me about my finger's recovery. At my second visit, he continued to be encouraging, and then took the time to answer my questions about my other hand which has Dupuytrens. I now regard Dr. Sharma as my go-to hand doctor for all future issues! He is kind, patient, and informative.
He was very professional and friendly. He explained all the procedures in a way that I could understand. His office checks up on me to ensure that I am following the strict medication regiments and reminds me of my appointments. I was more than happy with my quick healing time.
Dr McDermott is terrible. I had recently re injured my wrist that I've had a previous surgery on. The MRI wasn't clear but it showed there was a definite injury to it. Of course I get pushed to occupational therapy. Brian in OT is great but the rest of them have no clue what they are doing. After OT and medicine he just blew me off and said there was nothing else he could do although I can barely use my arm. No surgery no other help just said he can't do anything else. Save your money.
Was a patient for one yr. scheduled Basal Joint Arthroplasty on my dominant hand. He was very inflexible with my FMLA paperwork. Had me returning back within 10 days and would not budge despite showing my job description etc. His assistant said "Well you could type with your left hand." I found this extremely condescending and unprofessional. Cancelled surgery and going elsewhere. I did a lot of research and 10 days is not enough time. I do casework at a very high volume. I write, type all day.
Nurse taking specific information concerning my injury was rude and abrupt. She did not seem to be interested in any specific details which may have been helpful when determining my condition. I left the office feeling as if I had received the "diagnosis of the day" and to come back in three months. Many of the physicians assistants are not professionally attired with visible tattoos, body piercings, etc.
If you like being treated as a number and not a patient , being misguided for diagnosis and treatment, he is your man.
I went to see this guy 3 times. On the first appointment he stated he sees this all the time, gave me a script sent me on my way. Second time he was concerned that I had litigation. Third time he told me I would be well as soon as the litigation disappears according to his studies. He stated it is mind and body. I am in a great amount of pain and this guy dismisses it to litigation. He got angry when challenge and was quite immature. He may be smart but he is wrong along with his arrogance.
Very thorough. Helpful attitude. Really listened. Good results. Also, other staff and the front office were wonderful to work with. Excellent experience!
Rude to patients by minimizing and ignoring patient complaints and pains. For months he told me my pain was manageable - after months of PT. I specifically asked how he knows what my problem was without an MRI and he said years of experience. After finally wising up and getting a new doctor, a medical problem in the spine was found. Dr. Kirby is arrogant, awkward with patients, and irresponsible with patients.
As usual, Dr. Kirby was thorough and straight to the point, I appreciate that approach. He gave me options and let me choose. Also a good technique. If I had been in more discomfort, it would have been helpful for him to stress his preference in the treatment options, as I am strongly influenced by his opinion.
I found Dr. Kirby to be very thorough in his examination and in his explanations. Questions were requested and were well fielded. Time was taken for a complete appointment. All in all, it was a excellent experience.
Dr. Kump is truly an amazing Doctor and Surgeon. I've just gone through my second total knee replacement with him and could not be happier!!!! I have zero pain now after many years of suffering terribly. He has an awesome bedside manner and, even though I know he is slammed, he takes his time with me and makes me feel as though I am his only Patient. I have already recommended him to a friend, who has already scheduled his knee replacement. Everything regarding my experience has been great!!
I like that Dr. Kirby pursues noninvasive options. His manner comes off as a little cold although I don't think that is his intention. I would still see him again for any ortho needs I have. He was receptive to my input and answered all of the questions that I had. He also made sure to ask if I had additional questions or concerns about my treatment before leaving the exam room.
Very considerate and understanding. Listens and HEars what you tell him. Looks for the most reasonable and conservative treatment.
Pleasant and friendly. Short and to the point in Dx and options. Indicated our plan, refilled Rx, and provided # to call as needed for follow-ups.
very professional & personable
Dr zaslav is the BEST ORTHO I have ever had! I have had 2 prior surgeries on my left knee. Dr Zaslav perford the 3rd time and it was a whole different experience! If you want a doctor that tells you what YOU want to hear this may not be the doctor for you! Dr. Zaslav saved my knee from being replaced and is now going to do a procedure that will save me from a knee replacement! I absolutly for the first time feel 100 percent good about my Big surgery next week!
Everybody was great, friendly and I felt very comfortable .
Dr. Kirby listens and this is very important to me. We decide together what is the best treatment. Everyone in the office makes you feel comfortable and the doctor is available.

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