Dr. Manguikian has been taking care of my eyes for over 20 years, including regular diabetes exams and, recently, cataract surgery on both eyes. I never been anything but completely satisfied with him and his staff.
Although Dr. Manguikian was thorough & knowledgeable beyond pickiest expectation & used full array of existing technology & equipment 2 make the most comprehensive diagnosis 2 provide utmost care 2 patient 4 which I will continue 2 recommend 2 family & friends; even 4 the most basic & clear cut clerical request, the "Medical" Receptionist was dismissive & clearly conveyed annoyance 2 patient right at the conclusion of the visit and during follow up phone calls even though time was of the essence
They checked my daughter with her current glasses and she was 20/20. I asked them for prescription, I was told she needed to come again for prescription. I went to Costco submit my own prescription, it is missing the reading part for progressive. I called the doctor's office, they told me they can mail it to me. I am not sure if they even checked or just forgot to write it down. This was our second year to go there. I like the doctor, but they are in rush and I will not go back there again.
I would give this option a ZERO if possible. I had a horrible experience and would never recommend to anyone. The staff never returned my phone call, my insurance was not accepted despite being told it would, and the doctor was rude and condescending. After looking online at other review sites, others had similar experiences.

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