Great experience with Dr. Croog when trying to get to the bottom of the issues I was having with my right arm and hand. He was very thorough in his examination and recommended a much needed MRI. With the debilitating pain now under control, I am pleased with my visit and quality of care.
Saw in April 2017 after my primary suggested him for something he suspected called "trigger thumb' which I had never heard of before. Made appointment, no delay, seen on time, checkout was seamless. Dr. Croog explained what 'trigger thumb' was, complete with a visual aid. Gave me a cortisone shot and a few days later I had the use of my thumb back.
I have had two surgeries performed by Dr. Patel. An anterior discectomy fusion on my cervical spine and a laminectomy on my cervical spine to remove a cyst. He did a wonderful job and gave me back a pain-free life. I find him friendly, warm, truthful and direct. And of course....he is a fabulous physician and surgeon.
Dr. Patel is by far the best orthopedic surgeon in the area. My mother had neck surgery with him 4 years ago and had wonderful results. Now 4 years later she had to have lower back surgery and again, Dr. P did not disappoint! The compassion and understanding he shows to patients is unparalleled. Not only does he take time to answer your questions and put you at ease, he is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Looking for a orthopedic surgeon, look no further! He's amazing. Thanks Doc!!
Very hurried, poor communications, failed to deliver anything but a bill
I love Dr. Trucksess. Knowledgeable, caring, attentive. Absolutely recommend her strongly.
I had surgery with Dr Patel se real years ago and I never got better. All started the day of surgery when they didn't have the screws but instead of cancelling the surgery he decided to change the procedure and do a fusion. Well fusion don't have a good success in these type of injuries. When I returned he told me that we may have to do another surgery this time with screws and from the back and front. I never returned, I'm not crazy to go again.
Simply the best.....having had 4 surgeries prior to him my final healing was by Patel changed my life positively ....The surgeon surgeons go to.......nearly 4 years since surgery and doing great at 63. No bells and whistles just talent...use him if you can. Dwight Foster
Dr. Croog spent a good amount of time with me and answered any questions I had. For a simple fracture he definitely gets the job done, if you have something more complicated you are better off with another doctor. Be sure to get the first appointment of the day if you can to avoid long waits
Dr. Croog performed surgery on my elbow that had caused severe pain for years. I was shocked at the loss of pain within two weeks of the surgery. Dr. Croog explained the entire procedure and he was always helpful and informative at each follow up appointment. My results are amazing.
Dr Croog scheduled my surgery quickly and did a great job with the procedure on my wrist.
Dr. Croog performed surgery on my wrist after several months of wearing a cast to correct the issue, with no success. I previously went to other doctors prior to being referred to him. The surgery was very successful and couldn't happier with his staff and his guidance and candid advice and expectations. I will only return to him when/if any other injuries occur in the future. Thanks for everything!!
Dr. Croog is well versed in explaining technical medical conditions in layman's terms. He confirms that the patient understands the condition and treatment. I found him to be especially reassuring before and after surgery. The doctor and his staff are very patient focused.
I have know Dr. Patel for fifteen years. I first met him when I had him evaluate my sister and he did a neck to get the problem taken care of which was very successful. I saw him in 2007 and he did a neck fusion on me. I recently saw him again for sensation in my neck and arms and he went to every length to solve this problem. He is caring besides being a fantastic surgeon, world renown and takes time with his patients. To correct your site, Dr. Patel is 52.
Years ago I pulled a tendon in my right pinky, and while it was healing through PT, I fell and broke a bone in my right hand. Dr. Croog gave me the least confining binding while the bone healed. Last year I had deQuervains tenosynovitis in my left hand. He performed surgery on it - relatively painless, quick recovery, minor scar. Throughout, Dr. Croog communicated effectively and was genuinely concerned about my well-being. Best hand surgeon in this area!
Dr. Croog treated my 10-year old son's elbow fracture. He was very patient and thorough. My son is a little league player who developed a sudden pain in his pitching arm. Nothing jumped out on the initial Xray but an MRI indicated elbow fracture. Dr. Croog put together an effective plan including a short-term cast to keep the elbow still, physical therapy, periodic progress assessments, and pitching technique training. He also talked with my son's coaches to ensure they were were in synch.
We brought our 9 year-old son to see Dr. Croog after he had his finger smashed in a door. His finger was fine, but it turns out he had broken his ankle. This only came up because Dr. Croog made him feel comfortable through his manner and asked if there was anything else wrong. There was no swelling or outward sign of injury, just pain. Dr. Croog took the time to listen and uncovered the issue. They did x-rays right then and put him in a cast. The staff at the office were fantastic.
I have had 2 surgical procedures with Dr. Patel. The first was a fusion of the C-2-3. It went perfect. The second was a fusion of C-3-4-5-6. This surgery was more difficult - but again it went perfect. During my initial consults, follow-up and a post op visits he was attentive and responsive to all my questions. I have recommended Dr. Patel to a lot of friends who have also had fantastic experiences. If you are looking to have orthopedic cervical surgery done, put your trust in Dr Patel.
Dr. Croog is an excellent doctor and took great care of both me (when I broke my wrist) and my son (when he broke his finger). He clearly explained the fractures and what the location meant, as well as our options for healing. He very patiently answered our questions and listened carefully to our concerns. Both my son and I recovered quickly and have full use of our previously broken bones! I would highly recommend Dr. Croog to anyone needing a hand surgeon.
Dr Croog provided exceptional care when dealing with my thumb injury (table saw mishap). He answered all my questions and followed up with me by phone prior to me leaving on an overseas trip to make sure all was as well as it could be. I still having some healing ahead of me, and would not hesitate recommending him to anyone seeking his expertise.
Dr. Croog is awesome! He operated on my hand (carpal tunnel release surgery) and it surgery was a success. loved how quick the whole process (from initial consultation to surgery to post-op) was. he is a fountain of info and he is quite patient with all the questions I had. I would recommend him with no reservations! :D
Takes a steady and progressive approach to solving the problem, rather than jumping right to surgery like many doctors do. Examination is focused and thorough, and options are clearly explained as well as consequences and probable outcomes. Have already recommended his services to others.
Dr Croog is an excellent surgeon. He listens and comes up with recommendations to treat the situation. I have seen him for 2 seperate matters. Both resulted in positive outcomes.
Quick service. Good advice. Everything was very smooth. Dr. Croog is great with patients--taking time to explain (especially to the child patient) what is going on, and how they need to treat the injury.
I've had two hand surgeries with Dr. Croog and both times I was taken exceptional care of and could not have had a better experience - I have recommended him to everyone that is in need of this type of specialist.
Very happy with Dr Croog. He did a great job of explaining the injury and treatment plan. Highly recommend!
Dr. Croog was very clear with his diagnosis and recommendations. He took into account my particular life situation and what was a need vs want - there were lumps that needed to be removed and lumps that would have been nice to be removed. I was very pleased with the results from his surgical procedure. Unfortunately, I have to have another minor procedure done. Dr. Croog was my first choice and he will be performing it. I have complete confidence in the outcome.
He was professional and courteous and seemed to know a lot
We have had nothing but amazing experiences with Dr. Croog. He always takes great care of my family. I have recommended him to many friends who have had equally positive experiences.
Dr Croog was in a hurry to get me out of the appointment. He was walking out of the door in the middle of a question I was asking him. He was finished and "my time of 7 minutes was over... His demeanor was rude and he was the worst Doctor I have encountered my entire life There are many choices, so, do yourself a favor and go to another physician.
Dr.Trucksess is a great doctor. Very knowledgeable and skilled. But she NEEDS to figure out how to properly run the office. It is inevitable you will wait at LEAST 35minutes after your scheduled appointment to see your doc. I waited an hour one time. My time is just as valuable as anyone else's. For this reason I cannot recommended seeing her. I don't know if it's taking on too many patients or just poor scheduling, but it is completely unacceptable.
Abbi was very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. She explained condition very well and I felt very comfortable with her. I'd highly recommend her.
He barely spent 5 minutes with me. Didn't really show concern about my mangled finger. Pawned me off to assistants that barely looked 20 years old and who clearly were brand new at assisting patients with fitting bandage. Same thing happened on the 2nd appointment. He really didn't show any concern at all or explain the injury (in detail) or how it was going to return to normal (which it has not and its been now nearly 12 weeks). I am going to look for someone else.
This doctor was excellent, He was very confident that he could help me and he did not dissapoint me. After suffering for about a year with other doctors that did not help me, Dr. Patel fixed the problem and now I have my life back. Great job.............
Dr. Patel is rude, arrogant and condescending. After seeing him yrs ago, I recently referred a friend who was in horrible back pain. He convinced her that she needed surgery & not to bother w/PT. She scheduled surgery but went for a 2nd opinion. Patel was clearly offended that she had gotten a 2nd opinion. Then the day before the surgery, he cancelled it & dropped her as a patient. She was devastated. Was she not supposed to research her options? I'd NEVER recommend him again.
Overstretched. Patients packed in so she can work part time. Intimidating manner. Unsympathetic.
Useless. Did not even make an attempt to help me.
Dr Patel is an exceptional orthopedic surgeon that has treated me for various issues including a disc fusion since 1999. He is always attentive and fully aware of the issues being discussed and my concerns. He never rushes me through,provides me with well framed alternatives and acts with exceptional promptness when a serious problem presents itself. He can be hard to get an appointment with because of his skills but it is worth the effort. Even though I have moved I still go to his office
Knowledge doctor but sometimes less than adequate explanations and horrid wait times. Appointments would frequently take several hours while waiting in an exam room for almost two (happened twice). It's hard to feel like your physician is taking your case seriously when they make you wait for 2 hours and diagnose something in 10 minutes then leave. I obtained multiple opinions.
For all three appointments, he arrived 45 to 60 minutes late. He rushed through my initial exam and did not pause at any point for questions. At the follow-up, he did not go over my MRI with me at all. I was prescribed physical therapy, which made my condition worse, and finally given a cortisone shot, which had no effect. Dr. Lane was at best, a waste of time (primarily waiting for him to show up), and at worst, misdiagnosed and mistreated my problem.
D Trucksess very may be a good DR. Her bus mangr is below par. She should be replaced. Shld be familiar with Medicare/gap policies. Should have been no quest. She led me to believe there were appts for my procedure, the wk of 12/28. After insur app. She/the off called but left no mess. I happened to see the call ID and called back 2 mins later. The sched confirmed there were apt but they were talking Jan NOT Dec. Prob thought they said it I don't believe they did. Now I have to resched my Jan PT
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