Jim Bicksel is just awesome. He correctly diagnosed my issue....an allergy to statins that was affecting walking. After a month off statins and some restorative PT, I am back to normal. He's a down-to-earth guy and explains things simply without a lot of medical jargon. Highly recommended.
Dr. Bicksel is a superb, highly competent physician with an excellent "bedside manner"! He correctly diagnosed, after studying my situation, what apparently has been a long time issue with taking statins. He took me off statins and put me on Tricor and the issue improving significantly. I would highly recommend him and will continue to see him for any neurological issues that may arise in the future. Andy M, Washington, DC
Dr. Bicksel is gentle, caring, and competent. His staff is friendly and efficient. As a patient with a life-threatening condition whom he has kept alive and functional for three years, I highly recommend him.
Excellent physician.
Knowing how busy Dr.Bicksel is, he always greets with a smile and immediately puts me at ease. He's direct and willing to take the time to explain anything I don't quickly comprehend. Dr. Bicksel also stays abreast of the best, newest and upcoming potential treatments. I highly recommend him.

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