Dr. Reddy is wonderful! He spent so much time with us and never made us feel rushed or like he was in a hurry to see other patients. He answered all my questions and wanted to make sure I understood everything. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.
NO WIFI, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I have to sit quietly for 30 minutes after each weekly allergy shot, and no wifi???
Dr. Blair is really sweet and she took the time to help us find what would make my little 1 feel better. We understand that there are some other parents that are mad at the practice but the Doc is really nice and takes the time to help us keep our little breathing and not itching!
Please beware of this practice. I took my son every week for 6 months (45 minutes at at time) for allergy shots, only to find out he received blanks in his serum, which we had to redo (going every week again for an additional 6 months). I gave the practice another shot, but was recently informed that their refrigerator malfunctioned, meaning that we now have to rebuild again to his current dose. A huge waste of time for me and my child.
Complete waste of my time. Has no interest in listening to patients unless you say what he wants to hear.
Horrible doctor, told me to leave his office for not wanting to agree with 100% of what he said!
Dr Loria was able to find the root cause for my chronic illnesses, and treat it effectively!
I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with the care Dr. Blair provided. So thoughtful, thorough and informative. Truly what "patient care" should be about. She identified the cause of my problem, which turned out to be my cholesterol medication. I stopped taking it and have not had any new hives in 3 days. She is very responsive and has been just wonderful!
He stays in the room with you for over an hour to get a real/accurate diagnosis. Not many other doctors do that. He also called me (not his staff, him, himself) to tell me my referral went through. I wish he was a PCP because I do believe he's probably the best doctor I have ever had. I have a rare disease and he has helped me so much!
Worth the wait, he and his team are top notch.
He's a very good allergist but his office staff doesn't return calls or ever pick up the phone. Not a good feature for those with asthma!
Dr. Reddy is one of the best doctors I've ever had. He never made me feel like I was just taking up his time. He answered questions well and seemed to really care about taking care of my allergy problems.
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