Yes, he has a short bed side manor, plus he's really busy. I needed neck surgery at the last minute on a Monday on Wednesday he did my 4 hour neck surgery and finished at 8pm, in recovery my pain was gone and I could move my left arm, I was release from the hospital at 10am the next day.
He does not listen or have any compassion. Physical therapy and "push through the pain" was his only course of treatment. Only ordered x-rays and mri because I wanted them. "Because he doesn't need diagnostics". "Weight management ", because skinny people don't have back pain?! 3 months under his care...SAME PROBLEM, SAME PAIN! No relief, no direction! He's pompous and arrogant. Don't waste your time.
This Dr. is not very empathetic and only wants a quick surgery to make some money vs. giving suggestions to heal on your own. I avoided two addition disc surgeries through chiro and massage and Dr.Wattenmaker would not even entertain writhing a quick note so that I could obtain a massage chair even after he performed my surgery. If you can go to the Virgina Spine Institute in Reston. They are 100 times more professional and really help their patients through pain.
Never even bothered to see us after we waited an hour and 15 minutes. He left the office to "discharge a patient". We were told to wait another half hour. If you plan to see this guy and you have pain. Good luck. The nurse was kind and apologetic for his unprofessionalism.
I had to wait 45 min. to see him, once he came into the room and took a look at my MRI results, the first thing he said was I can't believe your insurance paid for this MRI at the time of my MRI I had Medicaid coverage, shortly after that he said this is bad use of society's money he made me feel inferior and had no compassion for my previous financial struggles.
I was very happy with the level of care I received from Dr Wattenmaker and his staff. He quickly diagnosed the problem and surgery was the answer. I received immediate relief after surgery and the whole experience was wonderful. I would recommend this surgeon.
My experience was unprofessional and unresolving I spent two hours waiting for the doctor to finally arrive only for him to spend approximately 3 to 5 minutes in my room rushing through the questions he decided to have not taking any of previous attempts at pain relief or concerns into consideration-simply through a Script for a steroid and anti-inflammatory at me ordered physical therapy and rushed out of the room leaving another patient's chart behind.

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