I've been going to Dr. Grewal for 5 years for hematology. She's very personable and attentive. The front desk is also very kind. Great service.
In the beginning, Dr. Grewal showed compassion and concern. Over time, that became less and less. At first, she had a full time nurse named Maria who was absolutely wonderful and caring. The nursing staff became a hit or miss every time we went. and they never took his vitals. I had to ask and most of the time they never got around to it. Dr. Grewal never bothered to come to the hospital when my husband went in for the last time I never heard from her after his death. I Don't recommend her
She took time to speak to me and my family about treatment options and answered all our many questions.
From my experience, this is a very "PROFIT ORIENTED" practice. While the care was good, I later found out that the visits (that were costing me around $150 each time) could have been done through my family doctor for about $20 per visit. I basically saw Dr. Grewal for about a year before one of the nurses felt bad for me and told me that I could get the exact same blood test done through a family doctor. Many of the times I went in for these $150 visits I wouldn't even see Dr. Grewal.
Staff and Doctor are very caring and helpful. Dr. Grewal has gone out of her way to help me the past few years. I will be forever grateful for her care
Extremely caring physician Very compassionate ' my guardian angel ' She works tirelessly to help her patients the their fight against cancer
This doctor has really gone and above and beyond with my entire chemo therapy. She explained each and every step and made sure that I always felt like I was comfortable with what was going on.
She is extremely caring and treats all of her patients like family. Seeing her always puts a smile on my face. She really goes above and beyond and I would definitely recommend her.
This lady charged me $300+ in 2016 for chages she said dated back to 2014. I paid it but will never step foot in her office again.*Patient Beware*
It is almost impossible to get someone on the phone at this office. On hold for in excess of 5 minutes multiple times and no one ever came back on the line.
Very unprofessional and in-caring. This doctor agreed to filling out FMLA paperwork for leave at work and was so incompetent that she did not fill it out properly and refused to re-do it. My HR department rejected it. She does not care about patient only money.

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