D. Tuckey-Larus is awesome. She takes the time to listen to her patients and her staff is easy to reach. She has an excellent manner with patience and is very easy to talk to. She goes over all your options, is reassuring and trustworthy.
Most unprofessional and self-righteous and unpleasant doctor I've met. She deals with you in an abrupt and appallingly uncaring matter. She loudly interrupts you frequently and trivializes your symptoms and how you feel. I felt like a customer more than a patient. I would not recommend her at ALL.
I started seeing Corinne Ticket Larus in the summer of 2016. It was a check up. She said that I was a perfect candidate for Themeva- a heat treatment for post menupausal women to bring blood back into the vaginal area. She informed me that insurance would not cover the treatment, but she had a 99% success rate with the exception of one woman. $1700 later, I am in actually worse shape than when it was started. I was totally misled. Wrote her, never responded. Shame on you, Dr. T Larus.
Rude! Withheld a med that has to be kept in my system because I hadn't scheduled my yearly. Even after scheduling, my refill was denied 3 times! When I mentioned this to her,she got right in my face saying,"well, your health is my responsibility! We could have given you a temporary prescription!" Btwn me and the pharmacy, we asked 3 times. How many more times should we have asked?! Plus,I thought my health was MY responsibility! Fastest pelvic exam in my life, like she was in a race or contest.
She listens to her patients, courteous and professional.
I would not recommend this doctor. I've never had a Dr. before that was so belittling and had such a lack of empathy for patients. I've had good experiences with the other doctors at VPFW, but Dr. Hyde is unfortunately one of the reasons why I am thinking about going elsewhere this time to have a baby. He was the on call doctor when we had a scare that required a physicians advice over the weekend. He was very unprofessional, rude, and belittling because he didn't think it was an emergency.
Dr. Campbell placed me on an antibiotic for a UTI. After 4 days I remained to have the same symptoms. I called the office and the nurse informed me that the urine culture came back negative - I never had a UTI to begin with. Dr. Campell said I should continue drinking water and cranberry juice. Why, if I don't have a UTI??? He never took an exam to rule out other problems. He never recommended to come back to finally have an exam done. I will never go back to him nor recommend him.
I have found Dr. Campbell to be very thorough, caring, and an excellent surgeon. I saw him in a situation that was very upsetting to me, but he was very calm and reassuring. I have been a RN for 37 years and have known many physicians professionally and personally, I have found Dr. Campbell to be one of my favorites. He is well respected by the staff in his office and at the hospital in which I was a patient. He has an excellent bedside manner which is vital when you are stressed.
Great doctor! Performed my D&C today...excellent!
Very patient. Actually listened to me, and helped me.
Dr A is great! I switched to a female recently and it's been the best experience! I felt like she really listened to me and I was comfortable sharing my concerns with her. I've referred several friend to her and as a nurse myself, I've referred patients to her as well. She is a fantastic DO with whom I fully trust my healthcare!
As someone who hates going to the doctor I have to say Dr. Ashby made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She is patient and personable. Everything you want in your doctor. I would recommend her to anybody.
Dr.Ashby and her staff are friendly, caring and efficient. Dr.Ashby is an excellently skilled physician who provides great care.
Dr. Stone has rearranged her schedule for me on multiple occasions. She always listens and is honest and to the point. Her nurse is always very kind as well. I wish she could be my primary care physician.
Dr. Stone is the worst doctor I have seen in my life. She tries to fit so many patients into her day, that she doesn't take the time to properly give care. Sometimes when asking her questions, she made me feel stupid and would just give answers like "I don't know." Being a first time mom, I didn't feel she took time answer my questions properly and explain what was to be expected.
Strongly do no recommend physician. Bedside manner/fertility discussion style unprofessional/inappropriate (I work in Healthcare and used to banter/humor with difficult situations but this was uncalled for). I was so shocked that we did not end appointment early but wish I had. She completely missed my signs of fertility issues.
Dr. Davis is great! Very helpful and always friendly when I visit. Such a wonderful doctor
Gentle, caring, compassionate, great listener, great bedside manner, and an outstanding, knowledgable physician!
It was my first time seeing her and she was wonderful. She tries to get to know you and seems very genuine.
Dr Reutinger is the best! He's patient, gentle, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about his patients. Has the best bedside manners and always makes time for you.
My visit was for my annual exam. It was a very good experience from start to finish. Everyone smiled and genuinely seemed to like/ enjoy their job. I would definitely recommend Dr Reutinger and this facility in general to everyone
Does not listen to patient concerns. Had many difficulties after surgery and continued to see him but he kept blowing me off saying I was fine then he eventually said I need psychological help and meds. Ended up having to go to GI doctor for medication for stomach and another doctor for treatment of post op infection. Will not go back to see this physician nor will I recommend him.
Love Dr. Paoloni. He always listens to your concerns and questions. He has the best nurse Stevie. His bedside manner is great and they always call and check on you after you have a procedure done..
Takes his time explaining things and listens to concerns. Very personable and likable, as well as extremely knowledgeable.
The Best in the world! He wasn't just a Doctor he was a FRIEND he Listened! He was my Doctor in early 2000
Dr Stone was impersonal and hurried. She did my exam without any other staff in the room. Very unprofessional.
Over the years, Dr Broocker went from being a great doctor to one I don't trust. My experience is that he treats a patient with his ego instead of listening and having a conversation about a patient's concerns or health issue.
Dr Reutinger has been my doctor for over 10 years. He has delivered both of my children and it is apparent that he truly cares for his patients by providing evidence-based medicine and quality care. Thank you!
He was very condecending, as a first time mom my husband and I wanted to be knowledgeable and active in all health decisions. When I asked Dr Hyde what he thought about natural birth, he likened it to cancer, natural disaster....things that occur naturally but were not good. He seemed to be irritated by us not just letting him do what he wanted and asking questions. We tried to find a new dr but went into labor early. We specifically told him to keep us informed and he broke my water w/o telling
Explained diagnoses very well. Great doctor
The absolute worst doctor I have ever seen. I had to schedule a same-day appointment due to a problem I was having that needed immediate attention. She came in and was immediately rude, abrupt, patronizing, and did not listen to any of my concerns. I kept pressing for information about my issue and even asked if she could call my regular doctor to clarify, and her response was that's my answer. If you don't like it you can talk to the office manager. WHAT?! What doctor says that?
She's an expert at what she does.
Have been going to Dr. Paoloni for 5 years now. Love him and his nurse Stevie! She is so sweet and understanding as well as him. Takes time listening to my concerns. Would highly recommend!

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