First off I showed up early for my appt, and had to wait about 45 minutes before I saw anyone. Second I asked for a prescription for an ulcer medication, which they forgot to call in. When I called them about it they told me I would have to wait 5-7 days to actually get it sent to the pharmacy, because they are "specialist". I would avoid this practice. Poor customer service, complete lack of compassion. I recommended another practice.
Due to his carelessness (or maybe even negligence) in performing a colonoscopy caused me to have internal bleeding and issues continuing months after the procedure and that I never had before. Then I had to schedule to have that issue fixed (by him no less) I wrote down the wrong date and his automated system did not correctly work with my voice mail system. I missed that appointment and was dropped without any recourse after the thousands of my dollars, and my insurances, were taken...
You will wait at least 1 hour past your designated appointment time, you can only see an actual Dr. after seeing the PA. They will order every test imaginable. After finding no results Dr. Mastri wanted to do an endoscopy (which I suggested they do at the same time as the colonoscopy but they refused.) I was grossly overcharged for my copay. (I waited 6 weeks to be reimbursed.) I will NEVER go to this practice again. I expressed all of these concerns directly to Dr. Mastri to no avail.
My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Monahan for over 20 years. His judgement has been accurate and reliable and he's always taken the time with us to discuss any issues thoroughly. I recently had an issue which required short-term hospitalization. Dr. Monahan was visited me late evening and early morning to discuss my status and treatment as well as get input from the staff nurses and physicians. Midday he called my bedside phone to ask how I was doing. I cannot imagine any better care.
Was referred to review abdominal CT scan done because of high bilirubin levels. Made appointment with Dr. Mastri 3? weeks in advance. Arrived early (with broken hip) and advised staff that I had previously had a colonoscopy by one of his partners. They gave me forms to fill out, made me wait an hour, then told me doctor would not see me because their policy was that a patient could not see more than one of their doctors. They never asked if I had been there before when I made the appointment
Never met Dr. Boniface. I completed his forms and was scheduled for a Colonoscopy. After drinking the first 7 8oz. glasses of prep, i vomited profusely, the entire prep that I attempted. Since this obviously voided the procedure, I hoped his staff would reschedule with a different prep. Instead, he sent me a bill for $500 for cancellation fee.
Simply the best! Never a problem the this doctor.
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