What a great experience. Very personable and genuine. So glad I finally found a GP that has a specialty in athletes.
Excellent. She is a wonderful doctor and a wonderful woman. Very considerate and capable.
She is one of the best! You cannot go wrong with Dr. Bhatia.
Just saw Dr. Kelley on Dr. On demand, and she was very patient and through. She listened well and worked with me to take care of my issue
She's the only one who gives me the right medicine. I don't go to urgent care anymore.
Excellent level of Medical professional, great communication, excellent treatment.
To be fair she states right from the beginning that treatment is a hit or miss. But she is not a good a good listener and did not work with me. I will not go back to a doctor that does not value my opinion. Especially I am the one she was treating and doing the research to my own problem , talking to pharmacist and other doctor. She seems to busy to do any research her self , when she stated I do not know what to do with you . She was honest when she stated those words.
OMG Dr Dekker was my doc 30 years ago i was a young girl pregnant and afraid and i was expressing how afraid i was to my mom and a lady over heard me talking and ask my mom to make appointment with Dr Dekker and the rest is history!!!! I've looked for Dr Dekker for over 30 years to say THANK YOU Dr DEKKER!!!for all that you have done to help the girl whom was pregnant and afraid ps i had 3 more kids and doc delivered them to and one of my sons whom birthday is the same day as Dr Dekker 8-31
Dr Garner is an absolute professional who makes visiting your doctor as pleasant as possible. She knows her stuff while always putting forth a friendly face. Thanks for taking care of me!
Dr Guerguerian saw my daughter in the Ft Belvoir ER for an allergic reaction and use of an epi pen. Dr G has nice way about her and made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease. Very professional, thorough and pleasant.
I have been seeing Dr. Henry for years. I have always enjoyed speaking with him and feel he really understands me.
I love this Dr. He is thorough and wont stop until he finds out what is going on with you. Best specialist I have seen yet. Thanks for caring!!!
I was referred to Dr Skopic by my PCP,from the initial call from the office(which came before I even left my PCP)to meeting the staff and the doc was a wonderful experience.As nervous and sick as I was feeling between the doctor himself and the great staff I felt so very comfortable.That just shows how thorough the office is run.The staff was very friendly and the doctor spent a lot of time not only listening but also helping diagnose my problems. I was able to get an apt that wk for testing
The office is terrible about returning calls. Both my husband and I have never gotten calls with the results of biopsies, as promised.( 3-4 times) We were told the "Dr would call" nobody called, not even a secretary. The overall patient dealing is poor. The Doctor didn't even come talk to my husband after his last procedure. We waited an hour afterward. The nurse finally told us to go ahead and leave.???? plan for at least three hours if you use his dr.
I am in CT for school but my gastro doctor is in NY. When I saw doctor Skopic in the hospital, he kept insisting that I go on humira and wanted to proceed with an invasive procedure even though my doctor at home told him that we didn't need to do anything invasive. He kept cutting my mom off while she was asking questions. I had a follow up appointment with him at his office, I was surprised at how outdated the equipment was.. They couldn't even run my credit card at the office
Dr. Skopic is one of the best doctors I have seen. He took the time to explain everything to me so that I understood what was going on. He called me directly to tell me my results!
its a commercial place... if u got a good insurance go with him
Rude staff. Got a colonoscopy and endoscopy with no follow ups. It's been over two years and now I am going to another doctor for the same problems. Never go here. Hard to get an appointment to be rechecked. He said there is no need to go back. Never explained my results either
First of all, the staff is extremely rude and constantly bickering and making fun of patients who call on the phone. They have a terrible attitude but you can't blame them seeing as who they work with! Dr. Skopic is hard to understand and ALWAYS late for his appointments. If you have an appointment for 330 be prepared to wait until 4-430 for him to even arrive! On top of that he is short with his patients and barely explains what's going on!
He is hard to understand, talked very fast and talked in circles around himself. I recorded our office visits and no one could understand what was being said. there was no follow up to my appointments, just a good luck. . . well I'm in pain and bleeding so there needs to be some answers. I had my primary dr call and he prescribed medicine to her to give to me but when I was in the office the day before, he said there was nothing to do. I feel blown off and disrespected.
Would not recommend going here. The office is disorganized. Dr Scopik is nice but his staff is so disorganized and they are always bickering and don't work well together. They have horrible follow up and sent me to get blood work done without ever faxing the paperwork to the Quest office even after multiple follow up calls from my end to make sure they did send it. expect to spend lots of time following up yourself and getting an attitude.
DO NOT GO HERE! Lack of experience and organization. Never keeps track of any tests results, and barely explains what's happening, assuming the patient knows all the medical terminology he speaks of.
I had a colonoscopy with him - very careful and methodical. I saw the photographs and talked with other staff at the facility (who do not just work with him). I went to Dr. Skopic through a personal recommendation. I would recommend him. Dr. Skopic seems very careful about establishing the *cause* of any problems. I feel very confident with him.
Dr. Shropshire is an excellent doctor and I could not ask for more. He listens, has fantastic manner with children, and explains things in easy-to-digest ways which is more than welcome when you have a child with special needs; it can be difficult to navigate all of that. He gave me a list of resources and support groups in the area, too, which helps put my mind at ease. If I could give him 10 stars, I would.

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