Dr. Modlinger is very thorough, thoughtful, patient, and kind. I would recommend him to anyone. Not only did he make himself available at VHC, but he also practices in Fairfax, allowing easier access to refer a friend. He made me laugh quite a bit as well, so that didn't hurt!
He doesn't manage blood work well and don't sound too confident when managing the levels of the blood test that is needed. His wording to me doesn't appeal to me as he tries to "treat" me.
Dr. Lowery has the hand of a top star surgeon. Highly recommended.
Complex health issues mean that I now have ten doctors in various specialities, and the exam and consult given by Dr. Sothinathan was by far the most thorough and helpful. Therefore, I am a patient of this practice for life. Best of all, she is kind.
Dr. Sothinathan is one of the most knowledgeable and comprehensive doctors I have worked with. She listens to your issues and then connects the dots. She is not one of the boiler plate doctors. She uses her brain, which is rare these days, unfortunately.
Dr. Lowery has my complete confidence; he takes an extraordinary amount of time explaining your situation and his thought process behind his recommendations and treatment.
Ease of approachability. Takes the time to provide detail information. Considers the overall health of the patient.

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