He is absolutely the best. Listens and very good with children. Very fortunate to have him as my sons Doctor. He addressed every medical issue and was spot on. Highly recommend him and his staff.
I had a vasectomy reversal done in the first part of this year . Since that time I have had exactly zero conversations with Dr Costabile . My surgery has been a complete failure , no results only several weeks of pain and thousands of dollars spent . My repeated calls to his office have gone unreturned, I do however get to speak with extremely apologetic nurses who make promises of calls to be returned by the good Doctor . Find another Doctor , this one doesn't care !
This man is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and patient with children. He also took the time to reassure us as parents and respond to all questions and concerns we had.The best decision we have made is to have our son treated with Dr. Corbett.
Terrible doctor.
Rude above all, but also lacks any semblance of compassion
He a lie he not a doctor he is disrespectful to his patients
Diagnosed and treated bile duct cancer.
She is now at Emory Healthcare and I received little interest from her or her staff. I am a senior and needed follow-up to deal with some urological issues. She and her PA never followed up and I have resorted to finding a much better doctor in another clinic in Atlanta.
Amazing MD!
Dr. Dameron is a compassionate person who has helped me through some terrible situations. He is a good listener. Listens to me. Remembers all important issues. He is a good teacher. All in all, he has saved my life, and I now have a new appreciation for my new life.
Kind, honest and straight forward and very friendly. Answers all questions and explains procedures in detail. He knows his work and and is dedicated to it. A wonderful man and doctor. His work on my wife for breast reconstruction due to cancer was art at its best. My wife and I are grateful to have had him as her surgeon. Always has smile on his face and always looks satisfied and in control when he enters the room for an appointment and after surgery. We need more doctors like him.
Dr Barnes is easy to talk with and gives and honest approach. I love him and so does my son, his patient.
Dr. Calland is absolutely amazing! Absolutely the best doctor with whom I have ever come in contact. His bedside manner is absolutely superb in putting patients and their families at ease. I am honored to have had the opportunity to meet him and have my father in his care. He deserves a well earned pat on the back!
I highly recommend Dr. Costabile. He is friendly, takes time to ask you questions, and gives you a plan for treatment. He has a great attitude, and his staff is very friendly. He is the one to go to. I will recommend him to anyone who needs to see a Urologist.
He did a very complicated procedure on me that few doctors can do and it turned out great! I liked his personality and his ability to answer questions.
Dr. Drake reattached two severed tendons and a nerve in my hand and I will be forever grateful for the amazing job he did. He is an amazing, talented surgeon and I am very fortunate to have gotten him as my doctor. If I ever needed surgery again, he would be my first choice.
Will never choose this surgeon again nor would I send anyone else to him.
Very very poor doctor just interested in sergery wait for month doctor not take more than 5 minutes don't waste time with that doctor.
Dr Fu seemed to have diagnosed me before he walked in the door. He was a very poor listener. When I tried to explain my symptoms he cut me off mid sentence and even went so far as to say I was not being truthful. I was shocked by his arrogance and complete lack of empathy. At one point during the exam he twisted my hip so hard that it hurt for days afterwards. Do not ask him technical questions, he will likely just insult you.
Dr. Fu spent an amazing amount of time with me and reviewed my entire medical history, which was extensive. I have dealt with continued loss of mobility for almost two years, with no relief. I was beginning to give up hope. Dr. Fu was able to diagnose and treat me for something that countless other doctors did not recognize, so I am VERY thankful for him! He is very straightforward in his approach, but he knows his stuff!
He was disrespectful and did not listen
I have had the worse experience with dr Helm ever. His lack of compassion and way of examination were remarkably bad He did not spend more than a minute examining me, looked uncomfortable talking to me His assistant was no difference
During my one visit with Dr. Gampper, he asked what my husband did for a living and other information not related to my skin issue I was seeing him for. I was very surprised to learn he scheduled me for the OR under general anesthesia for this issue. I was told by my dermatologist that this was a routine procedure that could be easily be completed in the office. I was stunned. I cancelled the operation and had my skin issue taken care of in 10 minutes in my regular dermatologist's office.
I just had the pleasure of Dr. Helm doing a very difficult operation on my spine. ( ACDF). I had starting to get uncontrolable pain in my right arm and I lost the use of it . After finding I had a ruptured disk at my C6-C7 in an MRI. Dr Helm wasted no time in getting me lined up for surgery, just 12 days after my first visit with him. He did a great job. I can never thank him enough. I have already told people how good and how happy I'm with Dr. Helm. I will never be able to thank him enough.
Dr.drake took care of my ex husband in 2003 .as a burn patient he had 60percent of his body at 3rd degree burn.they didn't think he was going to live only having 1percent to live. Dr Drake saved his life.to me dr.drake is an angel with god by his side. So I know how he is as a Dr.and a person himself. I trust him with my life.
Dr. John Jane, Jr performed emergency surgery (Eyebrow Craniotomy, and Third Ventriculostomy) in 2014 to relieve a hydrocephalus condition by creating a drainage path for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) being blocked by a tumor located in the pineal region of my brain. I am thankful to have had a skilled physician with the knowledge and expertise required to successfully perform this delicate operation. I was flown to UVA Medical Center via helicopter, and am grateful Dr. Jane, Jr was in attendance.
Excellent. Competent, kind, professional and caring.
I've been suffering from headaches due to multiple brain injuries for several years. Dr. Jane dismissed the headaches as practically nothing, saying I needed to see a headache specialist to have them evalauted. Do not trust what MRI's says because they aren't accurate.
He did not even meet me but was even on vacation and looked at my scans and was willing to work with me and he is the best doctor I could have asked for.
He is compassionate, highly skilled, and was willing to help me when no one else would. He placed my transverse sinus stents, to alleviate intracranial hypertension. My quality of life has improved drastically!
dr.Liu knew how many drs ive been too in 3 year and the pain i was in eith psuedotumor cerbj.He looked at all the papework & wanted me in the ER to evaluate the situation that night he made sure i was comfortable & his staff & nurses were amazing too and i didnt forget his FNP &his inters or resends .I got admiting i got the vp shunt i needed aug 15th 2016 he said,my spinal fluid was high which i know but other drs didnt seem to care,I love dr liu,& wouldnt change him for another dr Ever,Thanku
I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get an appointment. He spent an hour with my wife and I at the initial appointment. He asked us numerous times if we had questions. When he said the next step was a surgical test, I was afraid it would be months. He said he would do it in less than a week. He is fantastic as is his entire staff!
Dr. Lin has an excellent bedside manner. He's very compassionate and caring would highly recommend him. We have just started our journey together but I know when everything is done I will feel the same way.
Straight forward approach to the serious procedure I am about to have with him. He instantly generated trust with his frankness and confidence yet compassionate approach. He took lots of time to explain it to me and he set back and waited for me to stare at the images and think of more questions when most Dr. would have used the silence to dismiss themselves. While I am not looking forward to the procedure I am confident in the surgeon I have chosen. Kristi on his staff is also great.
Dr. Liu is amazing. He knows what he can do and what he can't do and is conservative in doing unnecessary tests or treatment. He took a chance on me and I'm so glad to have found him. He genuinely cares about his patients and personally followed up with me for weeks after post op. His staff are also great and go out of their way to help you and make your appointments as easy as possible.
Diagnosed with syrinx. Dr old field did surgery last July 2016. Before I was going paralyzed in lower extremities; loss of sensation etc. symptoms were getting worse weekly. Doing great ; surgery did very well for me, I thank god that dr oldfield came into my life at that time. I will be forever greatful for him. I would recommend him and his team. Very knowledgeable and professional. UVA hospital; best I have ever been to.
Dr Oldfield is one of the best neurosurgeons in the world,his expertise in Pituitary tumors is outstanding.He operated on my pituitary macroadenoma twice with excellent results.Highly recommend him to all complex pituitary tumor patients
I received a liver transplant at Dr. Pelletier's hand in November of 2014 in a smooth an uneventful operation. From the very beginning my care was superb. His obvious competence helped to soothe my anxieties, he answered my questions in a way I could understand, he made clear my expectations for the future, and has since been proven correct. I'm fine, in great health, thanks largely to this gifted man. I can't imagine a better surgeon; UVA is lucky to have him--I lucked out having him.
He is the greatest Dr. I have ever been to. He is extremely thorough, kind, patient and has a dry but amazing sense of humor! I drive from Blacksburg to see him and have been a patient for over 20 years.
I MUST give Dr. Edward H. Oldfield my highest possible praise and heartfelt thanks! He was my neurosurgeon at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 1993. Having suffered with Cushing's Syndrome and Major Depression for 16 years, getting into Dr. Oldfield's hands was like a Christmas present I had waited for for 16 years. After two months of research, Dr. Oldfield performed a Transsphenoidal Pituitary Adenomectomy on me, removing my Pituitary Adenoma - a procedure he had developed.
The Best Doctor Ever!!
I had the Da Vinci Robotic Laparoscopic Hysterectomy w/BSO (tubes & ovaries) in July 2016 by Dr. Modesitt. Of course, one is anxious their first visit and sometimes information can be overwhelming. I can tell you by the time I was interviewed by the residents, NP and Dr. Modesitt - there was not many questions left to answer! They were extremely knowledgeable, informative and candid my diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Modesitt and surgery went great!
when a dr is no longer genuine and becomes patronizing towards his patients, its time to call it a day. He and Vance play tag team and he follows behind her and "closes the deal". They're quite a pair ;) He as not prepared for my appt and it was painfully obvious.
This guy is a pretentious jerk who thinks he is perhaps a celebrity or that people should be bowing down to him. He seemed to look down on me during my initial visit with him and questioned me with a sort of subtle hostility. Will not be using Edward Oldfield as my neurosurgeon nor will I be going to UVA.
After two failed pituitary surgeries, Dr. Oldfield successfully removed my tumor that was more or less hiding. I am so grateful to this man and the gift he has for finding tumors others can't.
Dr. Rindos takes time with her patients and she really listens. She is professional and very knowledgeable. She has a warm and accessible personality, which I really appreciate. She is one of the best doctors I've ever had.
This doctor presented himself in a fashion that made me feel I was wasting his time. He spent less than 2 minutes in the room with me and then ordered a treatment that did nothing to help the pain I was having in my hand. I continue to have pain in my hand and will not return to this practice.
I was treated by Dr. Modesitt for endometrial cancer. She performed a complete hysterectomy. I liked her very much and have total confidence in her. I recommend her highly.
Dr. Mark Shaffrey performed a craniotomy (suboccipital craineotomy at rear of skull) to remove a benign meningioma (brain tumor) located in pineal region of my brain in February 2015. This required eight hours of surgery in a very delicate region of the brain, and I am thankful to have had such a skilled and dedicated physician performing this procedure. In addition, his entire staff is a tremendous asset that ensures the comfort and well being of patients at a time when reassurance is vital.
Dr. Shaffrey is the best doctor that I have ever visited! He is kind and caring. His skills and knowledge are amazing! I am so glad that I was referred to him.
I trust my life with Dr. Schrimer. I have 100% confidence in this doctor. He is intelligent, has experience, and a superior concern for his patients. He doesn't hesitate to take action if there is a problem. All of his student medical team expressed what a great mentor he is to each of them. I would trust him to care for my family. Thank you Dr. Schrimer and staff.
I flew from Michigan to Virginia to have brain surgery with Dr. Sheehan at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Dr. Sheehan is a gifted genius who has assembled a talented team of professionals. I owe my quality of life to Dr. Sheehan. Thank you for zapping my Acoustic Neuroma brain tumor to smithereens.
Very kind. He asked alot of questions and took time to weigh the answers. He communicated clearly what my issues could be and shared with me his complete treatment plan for me. He did not leave the room until he was sure we were on the same page.
Dr. Schirmer performed Niessen Fundiplication surgery on me a month ago. He is a wonderful, compassionate man and is brilliant in his field. I had been told "there was no cure for a Hiatia Hernia by a local Gastro doctor." That may be true but there sure are ways to correct it. Dr. Schirmer has both the demeanor and the skills I was seeking.
The best Dr I had the privilege of knowing and treating me.
Highly professional and able to solve problems no one else can. I am so happy that I finally found someone that could help me
In the past 7 years I have had 3 spine surgeries performed by Dr Smith. He has always made sure I understood what the problem was, how he was going to treat it, what to expect during and after recovery and all risks involved not just with performing this type of procedure, but also without it. I have not had any unforeseen problems or surprises with the end result but always exactly as predicted. Very knowledgeable in his field and makes himself available in short amount of time.
After more than 10 years of fighting my pituitary tumor, Dr. Sheehan helped me to finally beat it. He is great!
After having to go to the ER by ambulance prior months, on the third time, I begged them not to send me home again, that something was terribly wrong in my "gut". The ER docs called surgeon, Dr. Tache-Leon, who actually listened to my desperate calls for help, paid attention, and by the next morning I was in surgery. It was a "tough" 8-hr surgery, but I came away from it being so grateful that Dr. Tache was able to take care of the problem. Excellent surgeon, excellent person!
I went for a consultation with Dr Sheehan, right before Hurricane Matthew, hit. It was to discuss my options for treating my essential tremor (severe) He is AWESOME!!!!! He was so kind and concerned. He gave me my options. Gave his opinion. But, left the decision up to me. The Lord Willing, I will be going back soon to get started on this journey. (I was diagnosed in 1984, at the age of 23). He appears to be a truly Gifted and genuinely caring MD. I feel EXTREMELY Blessed !
Extremely prepared, patient and caring
Dr. Shaffrey recommended testing for my horrible back pain but said I could not take the pain medication that my primary Dr. Had prescribed for me during tests. Although there are many meds that I could take, he refused to prescribe a substitute. The man wanted me to suffer without medication for FOUR days. There are no substance abuse issues. If you are looking for a Dr. That cares, this is not the man. He also did surgery on my neighbors back and this poor man is having to have surgery again
Dr. Schirmer was excellent and willing to sit down and answer all of my questions as soon as I had them. I had my gastric bypass and have lost a lot of weight with no complications so far! Mary, the kind lady who works in the office, was very honest and made me feel at ease when I was first thinking about surgery. I owe my life back to these two individuals in particular. I have followed all the instructions and am going to be thin enough to fit into my old high school clothing again.
He was a godsend to me when I was diagnosed with my brain tumor
I met Dr. Schirmer in 2011 and had open gastric bypass along with hernia repair. Then in June 2016 I had to repair my hernia again by Dr. Schirmer as of this writing I'm doing good and look forward to a speedy recovery. My experience has been great with this doctor. He will explain and answer any questions you have.
Dr Slingluff in all likelihood saved my wives life. True professional including his incredible team.
I flew into uva on 1-15-12 by helicopter and arrived in critical condition with multiple stab wounds! 1 stab wound in each lung,1 in my intestines, 1 in the inner side of my knee, and 1 on my hand! the 3 to the torso were the reason for the surgery in which Dr. Tache-leon did an outstanding job! My family was told I wouldn't make it, but thanks to the grace of god and this outta the world doctor i am alive and able to continue to be a father to my children so Thank u Dr. Tache-leon! Ur a genius!
Dr. Sheehan and his team are very professional and compassionate.
I first met Dr. Schirmer in 2004, my weight was 337. He is without a doubt the most sincere physician I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Everything he told me was true from the first encounter to the last. I have made multiple referrals for his services. I've told those if they were not willing to do everything he told them to do they would only waste his time. I would love to have an appointment to thank him and for him to see that I continue to follow his instructions to the letter.
Chinese, Mandarin

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Inguinal Hernia Repair, Open
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Cardiac Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
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Fecal Occult Blood Test For Colorectal Cancer
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Jaw Reconstruction Surgery
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Limb Salvage Surgery
Liver Resection, Total Left
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Liver Surgery
Lung Cancer Treatment
Lymph Node Dissection For Endometrial Cancer (Uterine Cancer)
Lymphadenectomy With Robotic Assistance
Mechanical Ventilation
Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
Neurological Testing
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Open Thymectomy
Open Tumor Ablation, Liver
Pacemaker Insertion Or Replacement
Pain Management
Partial Cystectomy With Robotic Assistance
Partial Mastectomy
Patch Testing
Percutaneous Tracheostomy
Peripheral Nerve Block
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement
Post Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery
Posterior Lumbar Fusion With Robotic Assistance
Pregnancy Ultrasound
Proctectomy, Open Or Laparoscopic (Incl. Swenson And Duhamel Procedures)
Psychiatric Medication Therapy
Psychotherapy And Psychophysiological Therapy (Incl. Biofeedback)
Pulmonary Function Test
Pulmonary Procedures
Removal Or Revision Of Pacemaker Or Cardioverter And-Or Defibrillator
Repair Of Anal And Rectal Defects (Anoplasty, Repair Of Imperforate Anus, Sphincteroplasty, Rectal Graft)
Repair Of Pigmentation Defect
Resection Or Ablation Of Bone Tumor, Partial Or Complete Resection Of Bone, Debridement Of Bone
Restylane® Injections
Right Heart Catheterization (Swan-Ganz)
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Skin Biopsy
Skin Tag Removal
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