Dr. Binder is an excellent practitioner. He gave my mom top notch care and kept her alive and in good shape for several years with her CHF and also auto-immune disease. He performed an ablation on her which fixed an irregular heartbeat. She was always well treated, and she liked Dr. Binder a lot.
Dr. Burns is an enormously proficient neurologist. In addition to being an expert in his specialty, he is patient-centered; he is fully present and listens to his patients, affording them dignity and allowing them to participate in their care and decision-making. And he appears to be a great mentor. He and his Fellow/Residents have done a remarkable job of managing my myasthenia gravis.
Dr. Burns is a very thorough Doctor. He makes sure you understand what he is telling you answers whatever questions you have in language you can understand. Makes you feel at ease with whatever the diagnosis is. Like him very much and would recommend him very highly.
He is very professional and kind. He gives a lot of information about patient's condition and how it will be treated. He's my family doctor's dermatologist. That says a lot to me.
Dr. Burns is one of the most caring and knowledgeable doctors I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of doctors! I suffered from neuropathy from complications with ovarian cancer. He was not my regular doctor, but he was recommended to me and saw me the same day, fitting me into his busy clinic schedule. I cannot say enough about how thorough he was and what a gifted listener. He was able to give me excellent guidance so that I could make an informed decision about my treatment.
Dr. Burns offered excellent care and treatment when I saw him for reoccurring nerve pain. He was thorough in his analysis, and his diagnosis and subsequent referral, led to a speedy recovery and a return to pain-free daily tasks. I have recommended him to others, and consider him a valuable resource for treatment in Virginia.
I have a very difficult disease to treat called Myasthenia Gravis. Dr. Burns has increased my quality of life by carefully identifying the many treatments available and successfully treating my particular case. His knowledge of this mysterious disease is incredible. I am very grateful to be one of his patients, even though the plane flight is over two hours in order to see him!
Dr. Ted Burns is an amazing doctor. He actually is my second opinion, in a way. He consulted with my other neurologist (who doesn't work at UVA or even a facility related to UVA) for many hours and many times before I even became a patient of his. He takes the time to listen and do much research even after hours. He has a wonderful bedside manner and treats you like a person and not a number. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a neuro doctor.
Wait for over an hour and twenty minutes to see the physician to only have him in the patient room for 5 minutes. A complete waste of time and copay. A big disappointment for an appointment that we waited for over a month to go to.
I've been a patient of Dr. Greer's (when I can get an available appointment with him!) since I was in high school. He's hands down the best - uses humor to engage the patient and is very knowledgeable in his discipline. While I now live in Northern VA, I continue to drive down to remain under his care.
Best Doctor to go to!!
Very personable and informative about procedures to be done. Calm doctor who makes you feel calm too during very stressful times. My surgery went well and I am thankful to Dr. Ghanta.
Very nice doctor, but he left my room twice for periods of time for unknown reasons and kept looking at his pager. When he was offering up testing, it seemed like he was asking me what to do rather than recommend what to do; that made me uncomfortable because I wasn't sure which one was more necessary or if I needed to do either at all.
Truly excellence and poise at its best. She posses the knowledge you need and is ready to adress any condition that is set out before her with stride. Her and her nurses are a fantastic team.
Met Dr. Seto on my first visit to the Charlottesville VA office where he currently leads Team #4 . This visit was unlike any I have had with a physician and all I can say is he has one heck of a great personality and I found him to be one of the most compassionate and understanding doctors I have had to deal with in my 70 years of life. If you are assigned to him through the VA or otherwise need his services you will be happy and lucky to have him,
More interested in reading her laptop than looking at the person in front of her and getting to know a new patient.
Dr Binit Shah is a caring and thorough Parkinson Disease specialist. I have been tested and my medication plan has vastly improved since I became his patient.
He and his resident removed a melanoma successfully. He stayed in the room the whole time of the surgery and closely supervised the resident. He and his staff treated me very well and took care of me medically and emotionally. I'm very happy with the care I received. Also, his scheduler worked me in early when there was a cancellation. I really appreciated that!
Dr. Mehrad is the best doctor I have ever had. I was diagnosed in 2014 with Hypersensitvity Pneumonitis with about 40% lung capacity. Dr. Mehrad then ran tests and procedures before starting me on a regimen of drugs to halt the progress of my diease. As of my last visit, 4/4/17, Dr. Mehrad told me that if he didn't know my medical history he would say I had normal lungs! Unfotunately, Dr. Mehrad is leaving for the University of Florida, he will be missed.
Dr. McDaniel is an excellent doctor. He is honest and straight forward.
Dr. McLaren's helped diagnose and treat my daughter during a complicated and lengthy illness. Her willingness to listen and trouble shoot was terrific, but her access is what is really astonishing. She has been available via email well after everyone thought the problem was resolved and my daughter returned to college. She stepped in immediately to assist in getting a prompt appointment with an out-of-town specialist necessary to resolve my daughter's continued issues. Excellent doctor!
Caring and compassionate and incredibly practical. Sad when ever had to move away!
He LISTENS. That's the important part. He doesn't come rushing in the room stay 5 min and leaves. Your time is important too. Very knowledgeable about sarcoidosis. Doesn't leave any stones unturned. Has all your labs, test etc ready to go over without hesitation. He will ask you how you feel about any treatments before just telling you this is what you need to do. Overall since my experience with sarcoidosis in 6 years. He rates #1.
he was a very wonderful doctor he performed surgery on me when i was 10
Terrific physician.....very thorough with great bedside manner and care.
Cares about patients and is very knowledgeable Explains procedure very well and spends time with patients family till they are comfortable with the surgery
Dr. Wilson was excellent. He took time to carefully explain options and was very knowledgeable.
The issue:our son's food sensitivities/inability to digest food properly and lack of growth at age 14. Dr. Sutphen explained how our son was a slow grower and would grow as he got older, no further testing needed. He didn't talk with our son but focused his conversation towards my husband. He said food sensitivities were not usually true and taking a lactaid pill before eating dairy should be fine. Gas is the result of breathing air and chewing food or gum. We were very disappointed.
Long wait. Extenuating circumstances with patient ahead of me. Friendly, good Q & A. Excellent referrals.
Dr. Young made my first pregnancy a breeze! She was so friendly and answered any questions that I had.

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Tilt Testing Or Cardiac Event Monitors
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Chest Ct (Incl. Heart And Lungs)
Cardiac Catheterization (Incl. Coronary Angiography)
Cardiovascular Stress Test
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Cardioverter-Defibrillator Or Pacemaker Insertion, Removal Or Repair
Ablation For Treatment Of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Cardiac Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Coronary Angioplasty, Atherectomy And Stent
Pacemaker Insertion Or Replacement
Peripheral Artery Catheterization
Cardiac Mri (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Of Heart Or Chest
Eeg (Electroencephalogram)
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Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy), Laparoscopic
Hepatitis B Virus Screening
Hepatitis Screening
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Non-Coronary Angioplasty, Atherectomy, And Stenting
Non-Cosmetic Chemodenervation
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Splenectomy And Splenorrhaphy
Valve Repair Or Replacement (Aortic, Mitral, Tricuspid, And Pulmonary)
Vascular Duplex Ultrasonography And Plethysmography
Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (Vats) Or Thoracotomy
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Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, And Sigmoidoscopy
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Electrophysiological Study
Enterostomy (Laparoscopic Or Open)
Foreign Body Removal
Gallbladder Removal
Hepatitis C Virus Screening
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Aortic Aneurysm Stent Grafting
Aortic Repair, Open Or Repair Of Arterial Aneurysm, Open
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Bone Marrow Biopsy
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Endotracheal Intubation
Endovascular Repair Of Aorta
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