Lots of miss diagnosis
He's the best found i had kidney cancer after i was miss diagnosed by another physican in his office
My mother in law spent 3 hours waiting to see Dr Johnson!! Before he came in to examine her he told the nurse outside the door "I've seen 12 patients since 9:30am, don't bring any more back here for me. I'm done!" 2:30 rolled around and she hadn't had anything to eat & her blood still hadn't been drawn for her lab work. In addition she hadn't taken her BP med as she takes it with her lunch...needless to say her BP was elevated. It's too bad bc she's a long patient of Dr Johnson & loves him.
Dr. Peterson has been very good to me and my husband if we need to see him he was always there. We are sorry that he left Bluefield Office but we wish him the very best were ever he goes best of luck
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