Dr. Siegel was very clear in his explanations and extremely courteous. I highly recommend Dr. Siegel and am very thankful for what he has done for me.
I would recommend Dr. Gardner to anyone who needs a great Dr. I had 2 knee replacements done by Dr. Gardner and he took great care of me.
Attentive and experienced. I went for a second opinion and will be using this doctor as I feel he better understands and can meet my needs. Thanks doc elbow feels great after a year of pain.
I heard several very good comments about his work and his personal care and bedside manner.
Dr. Gardner is not only a good doctor but physician as well. I have had the chance for him to perform two surgeries on me; right ankle ligament repair and a left knee scope. Recoveries have been wonderful.
I personally would highly recommend Matthew Shortt and his services to anyone that has any Orthopedic or Spine injuries or complications. He takes the time to listen to your needs and cares about his patients. He explains what needs to be done to correct an orthopedic problem and offers suggestions.
I continue seeing Shane for my cortizone injections. He is friendly and personable. I prefer him give me my shots because they are almost pain free. He answers all my questions and I would recommend him to anyone. I generally don't have to wait more than 10 minutes to get my shots.
My first interview with Dr. Shortt was an excellent experience. In less than 45 minutes, I met Dr. Shortt, was introduced to dr. Gardener, and decided on an operation. Had X-rays, scheduled the operation and all the necessary supporting appointments, gave my history, signed papers, and expressed my concerns that I had from a previous operation. He responded to my concerns. Everyone was sympathetic and kind during the visit.
Dr Siegel was courteous and took time to explain my problems in a manner I could understand. Made me feel comfortable throughout the visit. Will definitely recommend him to family and friends
Chris has been caring for my 'bad' knees for about 6 years, since Dr. Carr passed away. I have received the most compassionate and honest care from Chris. Getting shots in your knees is not fun but Chris made it seem 'not so bad'. In January of this year I had the left knee replaced by Dr. Rowley and Chris. Chris has done my follow up. He is thorough and professional and made a difficult decision much more acceptable!
Chris treated me kindly. Asked appropriate questions and acted accordingly. Gave me a prescription, a cortisone shot and an orthopaedic boot. This course of care has worked and he asked for a two-week follow-up. Very pleased.
He is excellent. Highest recommendation. Kind, knowledgeable, and genuinely concerned about patients' well-being.
I recently had hip replacement surgery. I would just like to say that the staff at your office is wonderful! Everyone who was involved in my care - the doctors, and nurses.
I have been to many hospitals and had many surgeons see me, but Dr. Gardner is by far the absolute best. He has a wonderful bedside manner, he cares about the patient as a person and not just a number. He called me at home after surgery. His staff is professional and all are very nice. I highly recommend Dr. Gardner! Even though hip replacements are tough, I'm honestly looking forward to having my other hip done by Dr. Gardner in November!!
I would highly recommend Dr. Gardner and his services to others. He has expressed much care, compassion and dedication in his work. Prior to surgery, he was patient and thorough with any questions I had. I am now two weeks post-op from having an anterior approach total hip replacement; recovering well. I have been very pleased with my experience... thank you Dr. Gardner and staff!
Matt is a wonderful provider, I recommend him to everyone I know when they need and orthopedic provider.
Matt is knowledgeable, careful, compassionate, trustworthy, has knowledge of each patient's issues, is a good listener, and is deeply invested in the care of each patient.
He was compassionate, confident, encouraging, and made the surgery almost totally pain free for me. . I would highly recommend his service to anyone. A very skilled surgeon.
First meeting. Was courteous, treated me with respect. Very professional and knowledgeable. Great smile and made me feel comfortable and relaxed.
Dr. Gardner is a great doctor. He is a skilled surgeon and always answers my questions. He has done one knee replacement for me and is treating one of my hip joints. I am 69 years old and still lead an active lifestyle. Without the expertise of Dr. Gardner I would still be limping around. Thanks Dr. Gardner.
I would highly recommend Matthew Shortt to family and friends. I was looking for a new orthopedic provider as mine had retired. I was referred to Matthew Shortt, PA-C by my personal medical care provider. I couldn't have been more pleased. The entire facility was so comfortable and friendly. I tend to stress when going to a medical appointment, especially a new facility. But this was a wonderful experience and I was treated with respect and I didn't stress out at all. Matt is terrific!!!
Dr. Steven (Shane) Williams is professional, knowledgeable and answers all my questions. The wait time is very short compared with other practices. I highly recommend.
very friendly, gave me a shot in knee and I hardly felt it.
My wife and I can't say enough nice things about Matt. He is professional in every way, but has compassion and empathy with what one is going through. He and his office staff are a Class Act.
Matt is a great provider. He listens, explains, and genuinely cares about his patients!
Matt Shortt is one of the best providers I have seen. He is compassionate, friendly, and has great bedside manner. Matt always takes the time to explain things to you and makes you feel important.
I always recommend Dr. Krason, she's our first choice!
I highly recommend Matt Shortt. I've seen him several times and he always listens to my concerns and asks questions as well. He is very personable plus Matt knows what he's doing.
Matthew Shortt is a caring professional provider. He is helpful and always makes me feel welcome and not just another patient he has to see. I will refer all my friends and family if the need arises. I will return again if further care is needed. This was a positive experience despite the circumstance of my visit.
I have 2 bad knees. Every time they start bothering me, I make an Appointment to see Christopher Guth PCA. He always works me in to help me in a timely manner. He is straight forward with me all the time. He told me that I really need both knees replaced. But as long as his Injections work and I'm able to get around, that's what I'm going to do. So thank you Mr.Guth. For keeping me walking.
Knowledgeable, straight forward in dealing with the problem
I read one excellent and one bad review about this doctor. The one thing they had in common was the fact that Dr. Jarrell is very to-the-point. I did not find him rude at all like the person who left the negative review. Dr. Jarrell was very professional and got right down to business and even assured me I'd be fine, as he could clearly see how nervous I was. His surgery schedule was full so he quickly set me up with another surgeon for the following week. I very much appreciate Dr. Jarrell.
I think my knee has been ruined by Dr. Gardner. He first gave me a scope which caused pain and didn't work, and now I'm 15 months post total knee replacement and my knee is still in terrible pain and I'm still in physical therapy for it. It seems like it will never be right. He also doesn't care and won't do any tests to find out what's wrong. He insists there is NOTHING wrong and told me to get a second opinion if I want tests. He seems like the nicest man until after surgery. Then he's uncarin
One of the worst experiences I've had with a doctor in my entire life. The minute he walked in the door he was blatantly rude and disrespectful towards my mother and I. He didn't seem to care about my situation at all, he did however criticize/judge me for injuring myself so badly. I will never be seeing him again.
matt is a wonderful orthopedic dr. he explains everything to me and is always there for me when I need him. I always ask for him as he understands and listens to what I have to say I would never think of seeing another orthopedic dr. very sweet and kind.. what can I say? he is the best in my eyes takes the very best care of me if I was to have to rate a 5 star I would give him a 10 stars
Matt is very attentive & listens well. He pays attention to developments in his field & uses that information to minimize discomfort for the patient and to clearly inform the patient about what is going on. I am so glad I found him. I wish he was a surgeon so that when I have to go down that road I could have him, but alas, no. R ;-)
This is the first time seeing Dr Krason. She is a awesome, caring Doctor. She explained everything very very well. My sweet little girl was so sick and Dr Krason and her nurse was so helpful and just so so sweet.
We are long-time patients of this practice. We saw Dr. Krason for a sick visit and she was great. She was personable, spoke directly to my child and asked for her input and checked for her understanding of treatment and return to school. She was efficient and professional.
Dr. Krason was the pediatrician who checked on my son in the hospital after he was born. We have seen her ever since for the last four years. She has been great with both of my son's. Always very informative and explains everything thoroughly. She has also given excellent recommendations for specialists when needed. We don't mind the thirty minute commute for such great care! Highly recommend!
Everyone in the office is so friendly and accommodating. I have seen Matt several times. He has been excellent every time. He listens and is very perceptive and caring. My recent visit was for a broken wrist. This, as my previous visit, was horse related. He knows that my main question is always "when can I ride again?" I was very happy when the option for the broken wrist was a new kind of cast that is more like a brace and is even removable. Impressed that he stays up to date with tech.
Dr. Krason is a great. She is very thorough and caring. It will be a very sad day at Lewis Gale Pediatrics should she decide to leave.
Outstanding, professional, personable, knowledgeable, most helpful!
Laurie Moyer doesn't just exam you and prescribe the treatment. She talks to you about what your physical problems are and the means for treating them. She also remembers not just me but also my wife who also sees her on occasion and always asks how both of us are doing and what's going on with us.
I was referred to Dr. Siegel by my PCP for severe left knee pain that i have had for over a year. Dr. Siegel did the usual minor exam asking if it hurt and looked at an xray. He then says there's nothing wrong with my knee and sends me on my way. Didn't offer any other possibilities for the pain. 6 months later, my PCP was able to get an MRI of the knee. MRI showed multiple tears in the meniscus. Obvious this doctor doesn't care about the patient and doesn't want to take the time to investigate
Go there, get x-ray, Dr. Mcpherron sees me for about 5 minutes which cost almost $400, says x-ray looks normal, I show him the lump, he asks how I found the lump (if an area is in pain you usually look at it and feel around I thought??? ) , I ask if an mri would give better clarity of what it would be, he agrees and orders an mri with contrast, get 30 minute mri for almost $6,000. Call the doctors office for over 3 weeks asking what the results were if it was anything serious or not. Hi
Does not listen to parents telling her what is going on, completely misdiagnosed my child and cost us an ER visit...we will never see her again.
Caring, informative and straight to the point
Professional, highly experienced, courteous and prompt. Approaches injury in a cautious, sensible way, offering least expensive and invasive first. Fully explains what is going on and next steps. Took the time to show me my x-rays and what was going on. He is genuine and truly cares about his patients. Did not rush through my appointment at all.
Worst experience ever. Words can't describe how odd the visit was. For a Physician who is in process of finalizing my medical education, I feel sad that years of practice has not done this physician any good.
I absolutely LOVE her! She is very direct without being mean. She has worked hard as well as her nurse to get my little ones acid reflux under control without making me feel like an overworried first time mom
He's the best! Told me what he could and could not do. Made no promised that he couldn't keep. Basically did what he planned and more!
Very nice and caring doctor. He did the surgery to repair my broken hip. Before surgery and after surgery he came several times to check on me. I felt very much in good hands. Results of surgery could have not been better.

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