I went to see Dr. Pham based on good reviews online. The entire experience was horrible and he seemed pushy with sales tactics. Not sure if he's after patient care or generating revenue for this practice. I asked him for a referral for some lab work, more specifically 16 or so things to be done, as per my previous lab results. He checked off about 6 or so, took the only copy of my previous lab work and tore it up and took to his office. I'm 100% certain that I will never go there again.
Dr. Murow has an amazing knowledge of drugs and their efficacy. His consults with a patient create a clear step by step plan for treatment. His pleasant and engaging manner puts one at ease during the most difficult of times. He has been my primary health care physician for over 30 years, and I have complete trust in his diagnoses and excellent referals.
My husband and I were patients of Dr Murow for 11 years. Best Internal Medicine Doctor in the profession! I wish he would move to Oregon with us! He sets the professional bar and truly cares about his patients. Once you go to Dr Murow you'll go no where else.
Chinese, Cantonese

VA, Alexandria, VA, 22306
(703) 799-0602
8109 Hinson Farm Rd Ste 504