Dr. B. has removed my skin cancers and taken care of my other skin issues. Highly recommend this practice to anyone.
Dr. B. has been my Mohs surgeon and taken great care of my skin cancers. He is my guardian angel.
Best doc and staff!
Top notch practice.
The practice has taken very good care of my skin issues. Highly recommend!
Has done an amazing job with the 3 Mohs for the skin cancers on my nose and face. Had been to prior Mohs docs. Can hardly see the scars. He is superb.
Have been going to the practice for fillers on the face and Botox for several years. Dr. B is truly at artist and has kept my face looking natural. Love my treatments.
Dr. Bajagohli is a very outstanding doctor. I have had many skin cancers to be removed and he is exceptional in experience and concern for my welfare. His staff is always helpful, professional and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone.
I would recommend Dr. Bajoghli very highly for dermatology and Moh's surgery. He has treated my elderly father very well. However, don't use him for botox injections. I have had six successful botox treatments in the past with other MDs. Unfortunately Dr. Bajoghli didn't take into consideration the aesthetics of my face; although the wrinkles of the forehead & crowsfeet were improved, my eyelids are now drooping slightly instead of being very subtly raised.
Friendly staff and excellent physicians.
Highly recommend the office.
A great listener and practitioner. Explanations are clear and treatments are friendly, professional, and effective. Time spent with patients is perfect and the technologies employed are at the forefront of the industry. I would recommend, and have, Dr. Bajoghli to relatives and friends.
My experience with Dr. Nelson was horrible. She had terrible bedside manner, would not let me get a word out, and was very condesending in the manner she spoke to me. She dismissed my experiences with other medications, how well I knew my own skin which I had been dealing with my whole life with numerous doctors. Dr. Nelson assumed what I was dealing with without even properly examining me or asking me how I felt. I regret not reading the reviews beforehand and wasting my time seeing her.
Going to the practice for 12 years. Had seen several other dermatologists before that. The best one around.
Great practice
Great office, professional and honest. Very nice staff.
My husband and I were both patients. Dr. Bajoghli and his staff are top notch. He is a wonderfully skilled dedicated and warm physician. We could not have asked for better care and follow up care. We highly recommend him too anyone in need of these type services. We are sorry to leave him and his staff as we are moving.
Doctors need to treat their patients the way that he's treated me. Diagnosed my skin cancer promptly and did a great job. Called me at home to check on me after the surgery. Superb!
The service was simply not performed in a manner that was appropriate, and then the questions I had about the charge were either not answered or were addressed by a very rude and curt doctor or office aid. This heaps insult upon injury (almost literally in this case). To say I will not be returning to this practice is a given. The procedure was unacceptable, and the service was even worse. It was an awful experience from beginning to end
Takes his time and listens to all concerns. Limited wait time.
HORRIBLE!!!!! I waited for over an hour after my scheduled appt, she rushed in and gave me MAYBE 5 minutes. I felt like she didn't address my concerns. I had more questions and I thought she said she be right back but in comes the nurse with my paperwork to send me on my way. The information on the paper was different from what we discussed and the nurse says well she is with another patient so if it is incorrect we will call you. In the meantime she told me my RX were already faxed but weren't.
Been with Dr B from almost the beginning of his practice. Always professional and personable and most of all very proficient. His staff reflects all of that but especially Janice Rasmussen.
I have been seeing this dr. for over 10yrs. I have had many lesions removed successfully with no complications. Because of his expertise & knowledge he saved my life 9 yrs. ago. He dx a rare skin cancer that can be fatal in many cases. Because of it's aggressiveness & missed dx on time it is too late for treatment for many pts. Many physicians have never heard of this type of cancer because it so rare not mentioned in talks about skin cancers. The name of this cancer is Merkel.
Very professional and excellent results despite the extent of the lesion. Office staff was great and always responsive. My highest recommendation!
First visit????horrible experience .Careless and irresponsible doctor I have ever met .
Dr. Bajoghli has done Mohs Surgery on my husband 7 times in 10 years. He is an outstanding Mohs Surgeon leaving virtually no scars. He is honest and compassionate; his staff is very caring. Dr. Bajoghli and staff will always go the extra mile for the patient. I have had some cosmetic procedures done in the past with Dr. Bajoghli. He always does an an excellent job. I would go nowhere else for skin care!
Always excellent. I find Dr Bajoghli to be attentive and thorough without recommending excessive treatment. The wait is never long and the waiting room is a model of comfort and civility with great magazines and coffee. First rate!
first time there we had to wait outside the office for an hour past our appointment time. than an hour in the waiting room then 30 mins in the back for the dr to walk in and look for 2 seconds and scripted all sorts of creams and antibiotics. with out even explaining or asking how i felt about it. and there is so many other issues we have had with them. they never respond to you in a timely fashion they are impersonal and constantly messing up. this office should be shut down.
Dr. Bajoghli has treated my various skin conditions and cancers. His demeanor, upbeat attitude and personality and medical care has been splendid.
It's always been good.
He is very knowledgable and works with your needs.
Dr. B was fantastic! Very thorough. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top dermatologist!
I am very happy each time I have my visit. Specially when I have my treatment with Carnen. Highly recommend the treatment De Bajoghli for all medical and cosmetic treatments.
Dr. Bajoghli immediately recognized the reason for my visit and referred me to a geneticist for confirmation so he would know for sure what he was dealing with. The genetic testing backed up his conclusion. He took the time to research his suspicions immediately while I was in the office. He has shown me compassion and every courtesy. A previous dermatologist said.Looks like you got the bad skin gene. Bajoghli correctly diagnosed a much more dangerous condition I will go nowhere else.
I was very excited to see this doctor as she was conveniently located and seemed to have an impressive background. I spent more time filling out my paperwork then the doctor spent with me. She questioned whether my melanoma diagnosis was accurate 10 years ago. I had to tell her that Dr. Peck, from the Melanoma Center, didn't usually misdiagnose these things. I wanted a thorough screening. She spent five minutes looking at my entire body ,froze a couple of spots on my arm....not a good appt!
The staff did not inform me that their office had changed locations. It took me 45 minutes to be seen and was very unorganized.
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