I used to be on high dose narcotics along with xanax, ambien and soma from my previous pain doctor. I never felt quite well and Dr. Kim took time to explain why I should not be on narcotics and xanax and soma together as the combination can kill by affecting my heart rhythm and also cause sleep apnea and difficulty sleeping. He also explain that the medications I was on caused me to gain weight and make me sicker than my spouse for same cold. NO other doctor ever explained this to me before!!
I've been seeing Dr. Heller for the past 3 months and couldn't be more pleased with my progress. He has diagnosed and treated my ailment with the utmost care and compassion. I would recommend Dr. Heller and his group to anyone! Very pleased.
He did NOT even listen to anything I had to say. He was Extremely Rude and NOT concerned with my pain or what was wrong with me. I DO NOT RECOMMEND !!!
I'm not sure why Dr. Heller is in pain management or even a doctor at all! He's an awful doctor who treats EVERYONE like a drug addicted criminal!! My disabled mom who is in her 60's & has never been in trouble her whole life was referred to Heller after her longtime family practice dr retired. In the 5 mins Dr.Heller spent with my Mom, he treated her very badly, he was rude, cold & focused on addiction instead of her medical issue! He clearly needs to be in another field of work!
Today I am celebrating my second "Happy HipDay", thanks to the excellent diagniostic and surgical work done by Dr. James R. Ramser, Jr., MD. Each step I take without pain, each time I participate in deep water aqua aerobics or swim, each time I do a gentle yoga stretch, each time I get into or out of a car without pain, I feel a great debt of gratitude to him, his excellent staff, the fine people at Fauquier Hospital, and my patient and encouraging physical therapists. Thank you, Dr. Ramser!
Dr. never called back after calling for him 3 times in one week, until the mention of a possible suit. Even then when he called back, his 1st concern was not to address my concerns over the last procedure performed (which has negative consequences) or to apologize for the delay in response. His 1st concern was the possible suit. Really??? Where is the patient care that needs to be provided?
Dr. Smith recently performed partial knee replacement on my right knee and cleaned up some other issues, and I can only say that the surgery was excellent. Prior to my surgery, I was in horrible pain; the day after my surgery, I was walking with a walker with minor pain. The third day I was walking without the use of any devices. If I could give him ten stars I would and can't thank him enough!
Second time I saw Dr. Heller. 1st time all of 1 min and No help with my pain. 2nd time 30 seconds, so impersonal, rude and still no help with my pain. They did'nt have any records of me being in physical therepy for over 3 months. So Medicaid denied me. He focused more on pain addiction that's not real instead of helping me. Terrible Doctor
What an amazing help Dr. Seal is. I can sleep again, have lots of energy with my wife, and hang out with my buds at the golf course. Dr. Seal took his time to understand my back issues and now I feel brand new. I recommend DR. Seal to all of my family and friends. Also, what a cool guy! Thanks again DR. Seal.
Dr Heller seems to focus too much on addiction that isn't real and not enough on pain that is real. As a pain management doctor he is horrible. Went for SI joint pain. He did an MRI of my back. Said he couldn't see my SI joint on the MRI. Recommended physical therapy after I refuse due to let him insert a spinal stimulator but didn't write up a referral. He treats me like an addict looking for pills as opposed to a business owner, homeowner, parent, and veteran that I am.
Dr. James Ramser went above and beyond to answer my questions, deal personally with a problem with my insurance company before my surgery date and he did a wonderful job correcting a leg length problem I had prior to him performing a THR of my left hip. I expect a wonderful recovery and would highly recommend Dr. Ramser to anyone considering the anterior approach total hip replacement. All of his patients that I have met through this journey have expressed that they are totally satisfied too!
Very logical, thorough and methodical. I went to him with a knee injury and what I thought was shoulder and hip pain caused by limping. Turns out it was an autoimmune disorder (PMR) which was determined from MRIs, X-rays and most importantly blood tests he ordered (eliminating Lyme disease and RA). Highly recommend him.
I am a cancer survivor and have post chemo neuropathy, Dr. Heller was treating this with Percocet and Lyrica. I got a phone call today saying I was being discharged due to noncompliance. The 1st noncompliance was that I consumed a 1 marijuana cookie for the pain which I was completely honest with Dr. Heller and now they are saying that Vicodin has showed up and was not prescribed by him. If you want to treated like a criminal by a uncompassionate dr that spends 3 min with you see Dr. Heller
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