I count on Dr Ahmad. I love my primary provider but too often I cannot obtain a timely appointment when I am sick. I found Dr Ahmad by accident several years ago and rely on him and his office for times when I need to be seen quickly. I am a nurse and Dr Ahmad's background in academic medicine appeals to me. He is evidence based, meaning if you don't need it you won't get it. He's kind but matter of fact and explains things well. His staff love him which speaks volumes. Highly recommended!
Horrible. The most rude doctor ever. I was there for Sinus and Cough and asked for cough medicine to help me sleep since I have a 15 hour drive coming up in a few days. He grilled me like I was a crackhead...yeah, us military folks who get tested all the time. He looked up my prescription history. I had a root canal 3-4 weeks ago. That dentist gave me 3 prescriptions of Percocet (only 10 each) due to pain and he walked in the room and said I was basically only there to get drugs.

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