Dr. Cherrick is talented, devoted to relieving pain and insightful. It may be hard to get an appointment, but that is because he is in demand. He may seem brusque but if you ask him to slow down because you have more questions or you do not understand , he will turn on a dime and return his focus to you. Note: National Spine and Pain has a rigorous accountability standard for Rx meds, soif you are drug shopping, you had best keep looking.
I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Dr. Mahboobi and his office staff. Specifically, Amy! They listened very well and provided various options to assist with getting me some relief from radiating pain I was experiencing on both sides of my legs. After 2 years I'm very optimistic about my quality of life. It's only been a few hours since my first injection but again, I'm very optimistic.
Was a patient of Cherricks and then took mom in law. Left his practice because his nurse at the time...but he had the audacity to send me a letter of discharge! Could not talk my elderly mom in law into leaving because she became addicted to the charm he put forth and the pain meds he gave her. By the time we got her to leave and see another doctor it was too late. She died believing all of those pain meds were her salvation...not wanting physical therapy, etc.??
My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Mahboobi when she decided not to manage chronic opioid patients. I've got chronic back and hip/le pain, am in a wheelchair, and am a palliative care patient. He comes in, shakes my hand, and says, "So, you've been in pain 20 years and have arrived at an opioid dose that's much too high. The deal is, if I am your doctor, you will taper both your long-acting and immediate release opioids in half. And I am worried that you are 0.5 mg of Atavan." I said no.
Dr. Mahboobi is the best doctor I have ever been to with regards to my back and neck/shoulder pain related problems. His staff is very professional, and care deeply about your health progress. I will recommend Dr. Mahboobi to anyone with neck, shoulder or back related pain problems. He changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful for his professionalism.
The first two years were fine. The office staff have been kind, understanding and efficient. Saw him for my annual visit with the the doctor on Tuesday. I was in a LOT of pain. Out of nowhere, he verbally attacks me like a pit bull. Repeatedly, he displayed the temperament of a bad two year old who needed discipline. Then, he plays the victim. Nothing was wrong! All of his staff was mad at him for making me sob for 20 min. As an adult woman I demand to be treated with respect at ALL times.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Gordon. He truly cares about the comfort, well-being and overall health of his patients. After spinal surgery, I was still experiencing pain, so I saw Dr. Gordon. Dr. Gordon repeatedly called and texted my neurosurgeon to communicate his thoughts and advocate on my behalf. I have never experienced the type of genuine concern that Dr. Gordon shares for his patients from any other doctor. I highly recommend him.
Great experience with Dr Davis easy to talk to and answers all of your questions in terms your understand.
Highly competent and well versed in paint elimination. Good bedside manner.
I have had back pain for the last 5 years and have been to many doctors who haven't been able to help. I first went to see Dr.Mahboobi in the shirlington office. His staff there was very rude and incompetent. Dr.Mahboobi on the other hand was gracious, understanding and knowledgeable. He informed me that he also worked in the Mount Vernon office, which is where I have been seeing him since. The staff there is courteous, friendly and knowledgeable about insurances. I would not recommend elsewhere
I like Dr. C personality and care-wise, on the rare event I can actually get in for an appointment. After years with him I'm giving up this practice after waiting 3 months to get in with acute, acute pain. Now I can't get a call back regarding test results, which is holding up my care even more. Time for a new doc.
He is the doctor that I can trust. He was very friendly, take time to listen and explain everything and never been in rush for injection. My low back pain goes away in couple of days and I am so happy with the result. His staff are also very friendly and always in good mood.
It may take time to get an appointment with Dr. Davis, but once you do, he is very direct in his approach to your pain issue; explains what is going on and recommends treatment but makes sure you are part of the final decision. He is compassionate, making sure you are comfortable throughout treatment.
Very friendly and humble. He helped me with my lower back pain and leg pain. I had previous injections at another clinic which were painful and I felt rushed. But with Dr. Mahboobi he takes his time and I can feel the difference with the injections. His staff also loves him which makes it a pleas to office to visit
I recently saw Dr. Mahboobi and couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome of my care. During the first visit he examined me and instead of going in blindly to do an injection, he sent me to radiology for an MRI an x-ray. His staff called me almost immediately after having the study done and put me on the his schedule for a steroid injection which helped tremendously! I have one more injection to do and will hopefully only see him for maintenance. He and his staff are wonderful!
I have been seeing Dr.Mahboobi for the past year and can say that it has completely changed my life. I have been suffering from chronic pain since I was 16. I came in and he gave me a series of injection that has taken my pain away completely. He has the greatest bedside manner and is very kind compassionate. The front desk staff is wonderful and full of smiles. After visiting them, I would not recommend going anywhere else. I will always be grateful to Dr.Mahboobi and his staff.
My experience with Dr. Davis was very good. My experience with his staff was NOT. I went in for a visit knowing my insurance covered the procedure. I get a bill a year later saying it's not covered. I called insurance and was told that the staff did not file my claim correctly and they need to amend it. I called the staff they refused to help or admit any fault whatsoever, so now I am stuck paying a $2000 medical bill or risk going to a collections agency. Very unprofessional staff
Dr. Gordon was initially quite nice to me, we mapped out a plan for me to be off of my pain medication by going down ten percent per month. Then on my second visit he decided to insist that it would be better if I went into rehab! I couldn't believe it! How insensitive! When I said what about our plan, he finally agreed to take me down slowly. I am not thrilled to be working with him!!!
First office visit with Dr. Cherrick and and his assistant was enjoyable and made you feel comfortable about being there, but was there to get the source of the problem.
I,ve had mulipy complications, and was put on all sorts of weird drugs. I,ve seen him for Two months now and He is a for real a comprehensive DR...the reason some people need to see him is most Dr,s will foccus on ONE problem, they cannot comprehend multiple injuries; thus I highly recommend to anyone that has more than one serious ailment ; most Dr,s just push u off, he is highly recommend!! Linda Levi I already have more confidence than I,ve had in years of being pushed around, Thank
Reasonable wait time but most importantly his injections in my back cleared my intense lower back pain immediately. The next day I felt so good that I immediately wanted to go to the gym for a heavy duty workout! Dr. Gordon is the best.
I suffer with lumbar disc degeneration and severe sciatic pain both down my Back & legs. The orthopedic dr. said there was nothing he could do and referred me to National Pain and Spine Centers where I started treatment with Dr. Mahboobi. He recommended steroid epidurals in my lower spine. I get the injections every six months, nearly 3 yrs now. I have the utmost respect for and trust in Dr. Mahboobi. The sciatic pain is virtually eliminated. Thank you for improving the quality of my life!
Took the time to answer my questions, and asked me a lot to understand what was going on
Waited for an hour. He was distracted entire length of visit & left room twice during visit. Didn't really take the time to explain options & plan of action. Very pleasant person but didn't present as genuine.
This doctor is awesome: High energy personable care; very intelligent; extremely funny; when the office visit is over you'll feel you've got a powerful ally in your corner. I ran into a woman there I've known at my office for almost ten years...she said I've picked a very good place and added that she'd experienced pain for most of her life and now it's almost completely gone. And his PA Sarah is also AWESOME. She's really in the right business with her caring listening talents.

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