Mr. Parker is extremely professional , engaging and is also very compassionate. He definitely cares about my son's well being. I did not feel rushed as he answered every question and concern that I had. Today was our first visit and I am looking forward to his care for my son.
Dr Sawyer takes the time with each patient, she never rushes through with a child.
Dr Bill is AMAZING! He listens to our concerns and actually takes time to discuss any questions or concerns. He is absolutely great with my son and my son loves him.
I felt like during my child's visits Dr Dolvane was very dismissive and condescending. I left feeling bad I brought my child in for a fever without any good explanation.
Dr. Fox has been the pediatrician for both of our daughters since they were born, the eldest of which is 5 years old. She has been a great resource and has provided excellent care for our girls, and we cannot recommend her enough!
She is hands down the most accessible, helpful doctor in this practice. We have two friends who go here too and both independently came to the same conclusion. She is thorough, thoughtful, non-judgmental - and really engaging with the kids.
My daughter is eight-years-old and has been seeing Dr. Hong since she was born. We have followed Dr. Hong twice to new offices because I appreciate her calm and practical demeanor. I always feel that my concerns are heard and the plan of action is appropriate. She takes time to answer my questions and I never feel rushed.
Dr Bill is my girls favorite doctor. He's patient and very good with the girls. he doesn't just recommend a prescription right away. He wants to be sure before we actually get medication and not OVER medicate our kids. Thanks Dr Bill.
She is friendly and easy to talk to. I didn't feel rushed. Her appointments ran on time. Can't complain.
Like all the other doctor's in the group, Dr. Hong was attentive to all our questions and concerns. She is thorough and kind. We'd see her again.
She is not super smiley and does not get cutesy with the kids, so maybe that is the issue that people have with her bedside manner. I've had at least 2 sick appts with her and found her to be straightforward, to the point, and good at listening to my concerns about the children.
Extremely smart, but not condescending -- just clear. Knows what she's doing, and is rightly the most sought-after doctor at this CAP office.
Not very helpful! Even I can read up on the internet most of the facts.
Thoughtful and responsive. Conservative on treatment, which is what we prefer.
Dr. Dharia has been incredibly insightful, supportive, and resourceful in evaluating my son's development and social issues. She has gone above and beyond in offering written support for school meetings, recommendations for therapy and other programs, and a willingness to understand the whole child and not make a hasty diagnosis. I can't imagine a better physician for our son, and we are grateful that we found her. Her staff has been pleasant and helpful, as well.
I wasn't very impressed with her bedside manners nor her fund of knowledge in basic pediatric medicine. As a physician myself, I would not recommend any of my colleague family members to this practice as a whole if she is representative of the group practice. We changed practices after immediately once I realized her inadequate care and lack of professionalism. We are very pleased with our new practice pediatrician who couldn't be more approachable and clearly well versed in pediatric medicine
I have seen her twice for my newborn son. The first appointment was less than stellar, but not bad enough to have me look for a new practice. The second appointment was horrendous. From the bottom of my heart, I find her to be the most arrogant, irresponsible, condescending doctor I have ever been to. I believe she is in the wrong industry entirely- shouldn't a pediatrician actually like babies? She's undereducated and very out-of-date with her information.
She had a very bad attitude and was not friendly to her young patient. She also play a hospital game, where she would determine which patient she would see first, while my kid was coughing so hard and puking everywhere. My kid got even more sick waiting for her like 30 mins with diaper only on, because the nurse instructed to us to be ready. She was not apologetic at all and acted high and mighty. The nurse actually seemed more experienced and seasonal than she did! Wlill never see her again!!

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