Dr. Cherrick is talented, devoted to relieving pain and insightful. It may be hard to get an appointment, but that is because he is in demand. He may seem brusque but if you ask him to slow down because you have more questions or you do not understand , he will turn on a dime and return his focus to you. Note: National Spine and Pain has a rigorous accountability standard for Rx meds, soif you are drug shopping, you had best keep looking.
Wonderful doctor, my mother is now pain free. This is where I would go if had pain issues. Staff is so nice. Vickie.
I came to the Spine and Pain Center with a lot of pain and weakness in both legs with pins and needle feeling. Dr. Balint gave me 3 injections and a huge amount of opioids. After 4 months of taking all of these, he got me hooked on this and then indicated he did not want to see me any longer. He did not even try to get me off of the opioid withdrawal with smaller doses of pain medicine or with Zubsolv or Suboxone. I had 10 days of the worst pain I believe a person could ever have.
Was a patient of Cherricks and then took mom in law. Left his practice because his nurse at the time...but he had the audacity to send me a letter of discharge! Could not talk my elderly mom in law into leaving because she became addicted to the charm he put forth and the pain meds he gave her. By the time we got her to leave and see another doctor it was too late. She died believing all of those pain meds were her salvation...not wanting physical therapy, etc.??
Dr. B and her PA staff are awesome. The receptionists and front office however need lessons in not rushing the patient and being so curt and abrupt. Dr. B has a gifted set of hands and is extremely good at her job. Scheduling is tough but that's because she's in high demand, so make appointment well in advance.
I don't think I could ever express how much I love going to see Dr B and his staff. They are amazing. He is very compassionate, caring, easy to talk to and if you have a problem and you don't know exactly where its coming from, he will find it and help alleviate it. Such an amazing practice. I will never go to another office for my pain management
Terrible patient care with zero follow up for critical care issues. All questions are vetted through her office assistant, Cara which leaves no opportunity to have conversations outside of appointments with Dr Baig directly. Specifically, I had an accident which resulted in my admission to ER where standard imagining was performed. I was assured by cara that images had been reviewed and we were ok to proceed with surgical center appt. the day of that appt still hadn't reviewed and had to cancel
I've had it. She is always at least an hour late without apology and rushes through exams. Last time I was there, she was 2 and half hours late. In the waiting room, a woman who'd been there as long as I had began sobbing and contorting her body in pain because she was so exhausted. In the exam rooms, they blast oldies music, like Shake Shake Señora and We're Not Gonna Take It and REFUSE to turn it down. I am extremely sensitive to light and sound, so this was basically a living hell for me.
I was a patient here and Justine gave her patients there script early because she was going on vacation and dated when to be filled i lost my script it was not filled and she refused to give me another one and refused to even talk to me not know what's going on or what happen her assistance told me thete was nothing she cold do and refused me to even talk to the doctor i think it was very un professional of her i decided that i may need to go somewhere else.very disappointed
The first two years were fine. The office staff have been kind, understanding and efficient. Saw him for my annual visit with the the doctor on Tuesday. I was in a LOT of pain. Out of nowhere, he verbally attacks me like a pit bull. Repeatedly, he displayed the temperament of a bad two year old who needed discipline. Then, he plays the victim. Nothing was wrong! All of his staff was mad at him for making me sob for 20 min. As an adult woman I demand to be treated with respect at ALL times.
If you are already on pain meds get ready to be treated like a drug addict. You have to bring in your pill bottle so they can count how many pills you have. They interrogated me about pain meds I got from other doctors when I fell. They make you do urine tests even if there is no reason to expect abuse. The doctor wouldn't even see my brother. who also has multiple chronic pain issues, because of the meds he is on. In my opinion she has a God complex. She knows she can give and take away.
Very courteous staff! De. Coleman was very easy to talk to. He explained everything before and during the procedure. His staff followed up with a courtesy call the next day. I am so glad I chose Dr. Coleman as recommended by my doctor.
Nurse is so rude and mean. More pain after injection than when I first came to him. Go else where
I like Dr. C personality and care-wise, on the rare event I can actually get in for an appointment. After years with him I'm giving up this practice after waiting 3 months to get in with acute, acute pain. Now I can't get a call back regarding test results, which is holding up my care even more. Time for a new doc.
Dr.Bakhit has a wonderful bedside manner,listens to your Q's,very knowledgable in ALL PAIN ISSUES- IF searching for a DR. that can help w/your FIBROMYALGIA-HE's the 1! He Assisted w/my disability approval! I've been going for 5+YRS, He's taken on new patients~another Pain Dr.closed,SO HES BUSY,MISS Xtra face 2 face w-him thou! Staff changes A LOT-as long as he never leaves, I'm ok w/that! Wait can be long~so worth it though :-) -Follow rules on contract w/him & have patience- 10+STARS <3
Dr. Bobcock adjusted me three times, then sold me a prolotherapy injection, not covered by insurance, for $750.00, which she assured me would eliminate my pain for good. When my pain persisted, she then sent had her associate, Dr. Delisser do a facet injection. She adjusted me once more, but my back issues are the same. On two occasions, they scheduled a "follow-up" with someone who just asked if I needed drugs. Phone calls for nearly months to the doctor and she has never responded.
Extremely rude and non-punctual. I had a 8:15 appointment today which wasn't until 9:30. This so called "doctor" is not knowledgeable in her supposed expertise. Gave the clinic an entire month to get my MRI's and information from previous doctors and no one did anything to obtain my old MRI's or any other paperwork. Tameta Clark told me it's my responsibility to drive out to all my old doctors and bring them my paperwork.
I had an MRI. I got a copy that showed I have two bulges and lesions on my ovaries. Bakhit said there were no bulges and didn't mention the lesions on my ovary. He treats me like a drug seeker when I'm in constant pain. Lesions r polycyclic ovarian. Causing pain he doesn't think I have! Why don't Drs listen? I just want to have my life back!!
Dr. Balint & Deb Nelson have cared for me since August 2012. I have moved to Colorado and terrified of seeing a new doctor. I have so much respect for both Dr. Balint and Deb, his trustworthy PA, and it's difficult to my care over to a new doctor, especially one who is 20 years+ younger and less experienced. But, one horrific injection that I desperately need, it's truly a "one shot" deal for the new doc and if it doesn't work, I'll return to VA or pay out of pocket for his CO recommendation.
I was kicked out after many years there for testing positive for a drug dr bahkit perscibed and knew i took. They woukd not take my calls, i left messages that a mistake had been made and noone ever returned my call. I was heart broken i trust this doctor and he failed me after a lot of years.
Worth the wait. She sometimes runs late, but is effective and really spends the time needed with each patient. She has been able to really help my daughter reduce her level of pain in just a few visits. Really happy with her progress so far.
On two occasions, my appt. was abruptly cancelled. I had to reschedule and wait again to see her despite being in pain. After waiting two hours to see her, a new nurse practitioner came in for the evaluation and then told me Dr. Babcock was unable to see me. Instead, thru this nurse, I was told to have an epidural with someone else I didn't know with no reason why. Two days later, she sent me an order in the mail for an unrelated radiology test, again no explanation or exam.
Dr . Bakhit is a Wonderful Doctor and a patient of his for 8yrs. Staff is rude. They don't listen to patient or Doctors orders. As a Single mom to 3 the Office Manger Cristine M. Decides she is going to discharge me because she doest know how to return calls and I owe a small balance. Which I have no income at this time. But they want. One of my family members credit cards on file. He needs a new office staff. Its sad when you have to call Main head quarters.
I have decided to no longer use this provider. The doctor is significantly late for all of my appointments. The longest I have waited was three hours, if you do not count my early morning appointment for which the doctor didn't show and no one called to cancel beforehand. Additionally, the doctor continues to advocate for experimental treatment despite the fact that I have expressed that I am not interested and it is not covered by my insurance.
I hate this doctor , she appear to have issues and is ALWAYS late .
I am torn. I like the work that she has done but the office staff does not appear to be competent. In addition, she has been late several times and rescheduled several times. One time I was pulled into the exam room 45 minutes after my scheduled apt, where i waited another 2 hours with noone coming to check on me. I had to stop someone passing by several times to get an update. They should have told me that she was that late to begin with and let me decide to stay or come back.
I'm a current patient of Dr. Balint. I have been seeing him for 4-5 years now with a chronic back issue (L4-L5). I travel from another state to see him because he's the only one I will trust giving epidural injections, he's that meticulous. I love his nurse, Victoria, and the Billing people are always helpful and efficient. I've been able to avoid risky back Fusion surgery by seeing him, and I'm also able to remain active. You want to avoid surgery? This man works wonders.
Staff totally incompetent. Gave wrong time on appt. cars. Dr would not see. me.
Dr. Baig provided excellent care for my shoulder pain. I previously experienced extreme pain and am now completely pain free. She was extremely kind and understood my concerns. She went over her plan in detail and provided great care. The office staff was friendly as well.
3 minutes of the 2.5 hours I spent at his office were spent with Virgil. 2 of those 3 minutes were spent asking the same questions his assistant had just asked, also answered in my pre-appt forms. The final minute was spent by him demonstrating that he wasn't listening & the only options he offered were in-house procedures. I spent more time interacting with his billing staff than with him and his assistant combined. Highly recommended you go elsewhere.
First office visit with Dr. Cherrick and and his assistant was enjoyable and made you feel comfortable about being there, but was there to get the source of the problem.
I,ve had mulipy complications, and was put on all sorts of weird drugs. I,ve seen him for Two months now and He is a for real a comprehensive DR...the reason some people need to see him is most Dr,s will foccus on ONE problem, they cannot comprehend multiple injuries; thus I highly recommend to anyone that has more than one serious ailment ; most Dr,s just push u off, he is highly recommend!! Linda Levi I already have more confidence than I,ve had in years of being pushed around, Thank
I have been seeing Dr. Bakhit for over 3 years now. I have had level 3 fusions in my neck and my low back. As one who has had these surgeries knows, the discs above and below the fusion can cause problems years after. Dr. Bakhit helps me keep moving with the many procedures he can perform to stop pain or at least get it down to a manageable state. He's very kind and caring but he isn't one to linger and talk. He gets the job done and answers all of my questions. I highly recommend him.
I have been seeing Doctor Bakhit for 13+ years. He is excellent. Very smart, kind and intelligent. Answers my questions very to the point and I appreciate that. I'm not a child. I drive an hour and a half to see Dr. Bakhit, but it is truly worth it.
Dr.Closson is pleseant,attentive and knowledgeable about pain and the lastest treatments to help eliminate pain. He takes his time to listen and is sincerely honest. He saved my life, and increased my mobility. His staff shares the same dedication.- Nina
Took the time to answer my questions, and asked me a lot to understand what was going on
I found the staff (nurses) totally inconsiderate. Dr. Balint didn't treat me like a patient. Did not ask any follow up questions. During injection and after injection I was extremely in pain and could not stop my tears; not even once Dr. Balint or his nurse asked me if I was ok. Instead they had personal conversation while I was receiving injection. Sadly I must say this was my second visit and totally different than my first experience. I will never return to that office.
This doctor is awesome: High energy personable care; very intelligent; extremely funny; when the office visit is over you'll feel you've got a powerful ally in your corner. I ran into a woman there I've known at my office for almost ten years...she said I've picked a very good place and added that she'd experienced pain for most of her life and now it's almost completely gone. And his PA Sarah is also AWESOME. She's really in the right business with her caring listening talents.
This is one of the best doctors I've been too. He explains in detail what's going to happen when given a injection. So thank full for his kindness & professional manner. Gratefully, Mrs. DeHanis
I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Dr. Mahboobi and his office staff. Specifically, Amy! They listened very well and provided various options to assist with getting me some relief from radiating pain I was experiencing on both sides of my legs. After 2 years I'm very optimistic about my quality of life. It's only been a few hours since my first injection but again, I'm very optimistic.
I was a self pay patient I had to pay 250 deposit just to make an appointment then at the appointment I was told I had to pay 345 more, I was not told this when I made the appointment. Holland said he could only give injections and that would be thousands more. What am I supposed to do since I do not have that kind of money? He would not even give me a small rx to carry me through till I could figure out what to do. I'm in terrible pain AND broke because I gave this office ALL my money!
I have gone to Dr K for years! Probably since he first joined the group! He is the best! He has treated me from my neck down helping to allow me to move and to be pain free for periods at a time. Can't say enough good things about him! Funny, caring! His staff is great too! Be prepared to wait as he has a lot of patients. I always take my Kindle to see Kendall. Both of his PAs are great too! Always have smiles on their faces.
My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Mahboobi when she decided not to manage chronic opioid patients. I've got chronic back and hip/le pain, am in a wheelchair, and am a palliative care patient. He comes in, shakes my hand, and says, "So, you've been in pain 20 years and have arrived at an opioid dose that's much too high. The deal is, if I am your doctor, you will taper both your long-acting and immediate release opioids in half. And I am worried that you are 0.5 mg of Atavan." I said no.
Wish I would have learned of Dr. Kendall years ago. Pain relief is a breath of fresh air. Highly recommend him and his staff who care for the patients. Only thing they could improve on is the waiting room experience. Invest in seating that is as comfortable as possible for those who are sometimes coming in experiencing severe pain. Or offer alternative wait area where those who need it can lay down wasn't my experience but saw others. Wait time can be long but worth it.
My back problems started three years ago. I was recommended to National Spine and Pain Centers which I recommend highly. So I finally met Dr. Holland after a move. Dr. Holland is a rare, gifted Doctor. There are no pain in procedures ever. Doctor Holland truly cares about his patients. I am stunned that I get RF procedures, as well as others and drive home. More importantly the procedures work. This is a fabulous Doctor I recommend very very highly.
Dr. Holland is a fantastic doctor with an amazing bedside manner. He is very knowledgeable and answers questions in a professional order. His staff on the other hand is very unprofessional and do not follow through on insurance related issues or other request by patients. I only refer people for Dr Holland and not for his less than helpful staff.
Dr. Mahboobi is the best doctor I have ever been to with regards to my back and neck/shoulder pain related problems. His staff is very professional, and care deeply about your health progress. I will recommend Dr. Mahboobi to anyone with neck, shoulder or back related pain problems. He changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful for his professionalism.
Dr Kendall has done well by me. I am 65 and love to workout, big mountain snow ski and do active things....when my back cooperates. Since I have been seeing Dr Dan my back has felt 100 percent better and allowed me to continue to the things I love with strength and without the pain I previously had. Very pleasant demeanor and explains things very clearly. His office staff is super friendly and courteous. Highly recommended.
I have a nickname for Dr Kendall....Painless. He has done wonders for my back. His treatments have made me feel 100% better since I have been seeing him. Even the proceedures are precise and painless. His staff is knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Dr Kendall has an awsome demenor , excellent personality and a nice way of minimizing any nervousness or apprehension about the treaments. This doctor has knowledge and personality in my opinion. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Great doctor, evaluated my symptoms, recommended a plan and that plan has allowed me to continue my day to day activities. He is kind and considerate and concerned about my well being. Great staff and great location too
I have been a patient of Nat Cap Spine's for several years. A couple of moves landed me into Doc Holland's office. My first impression was the staff who were up beat, and very attentive. Dr. Holland is so proficient in his procedures and with my scoliosis use to have a tendency to make some procedures so difficult, and painful. Neither is the case with Dr. Holland. I so appreciate him. I would follow him anywhere. He is an extremely skilled physician and a good friend.
I have had back pain for the last 5 years and have been to many doctors who haven't been able to help. I first went to see Dr.Mahboobi in the shirlington office. His staff there was very rude and incompetent. Dr.Mahboobi on the other hand was gracious, understanding and knowledgeable. He informed me that he also worked in the Mount Vernon office, which is where I have been seeing him since. The staff there is courteous, friendly and knowledgeable about insurances. I would not recommend elsewhere
He is the doctor that I can trust. He was very friendly, take time to listen and explain everything and never been in rush for injection. My low back pain goes away in couple of days and I am so happy with the result. His staff are also very friendly and always in good mood.
Dr. Kendall's practice is a farce. We left it, as after increasingly escalating attempts at pain relief, nothing worked. We were scheduled for appointments for no apparent reason but to talk to his PA. His front office staff are illiterate. When trying to reach the doctor or even the PA on travel for a pain threshold break, over 3,000 miles away, they said no....that's not our policy. You must come in. We asked to talk direct to the Doctor or the PA.....they said no, that's not our policy.
Dr. Kim went above and beyond to help relieve my pain. He is a concerned and caring professional, not afraid to inform you of the research he does in order to offer the best individualized treatment plan to meet your needs.
Very friendly and humble. He helped me with my lower back pain and leg pain. I had previous injections at another clinic which were painful and I felt rushed. But with Dr. Mahboobi he takes his time and I can feel the difference with the injections. His staff also loves him which makes it a pleas to office to visit
I recently saw Dr. Mahboobi and couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome of my care. During the first visit he examined me and instead of going in blindly to do an injection, he sent me to radiology for an MRI an x-ray. His staff called me almost immediately after having the study done and put me on the his schedule for a steroid injection which helped tremendously! I have one more injection to do and will hopefully only see him for maintenance. He and his staff are wonderful!
I have been seeing Dr.Mahboobi for the past year and can say that it has completely changed my life. I have been suffering from chronic pain since I was 16. I came in and he gave me a series of injection that has taken my pain away completely. He has the greatest bedside manner and is very kind compassionate. The front desk staff is wonderful and full of smiles. After visiting them, I would not recommend going anywhere else. I will always be grateful to Dr.Mahboobi and his staff.
Staff was incompetent and rude. Did not have reports that were faxed the day prior to the appt, even though they had confirmed receipt. Waited 2 hours to see the doctor. The front desk receptionist was appallingly rude, unprofessional, and patronizing. Find another provider.
She was patient, listened and thought. Unlike the last 4 MDs visited to address my issue. They were the opposite. You may have to wait a bit since she takes whatever time is needed with patients.
Without question the best in his field gave me treatment that cured my condition. He had bedside manner that eased my concern with getting injections, and was very thoughtful in his approach. He has excellent staff around him. I was in severe pain and he saw me the same day I called.
Excellent! He knew exactly what I needed. He was upfront and honest. Great communication.
She doesn't seem to hear any thing I say ! I had a treatment a week ago and I had a bad reaction it has made my pain worse .I have called four times in two days and left messages but no one returns my calls ! My last appointment I was placed in an examination room and forgotten about for an hour .I got an apology from Doctor Lagosky she left the room and forgot about me again and I sat there for an other forty minuets when I walked out to leave that's when I had my appointment !
She is nice but doesn't listen to me. She decides what she I'd willing to do and refuses to listen to my level of pain
Dr. Kendall is a popular doctor and you will get to see his medical assistant most of time. He only show up for a brief few minutes with you for major treatment.
This doctor was terrible. He treated me like a drug addict when he is the first doctor to ever regularly prescribe me narcotic pain killers. He lied on in my records trying to shuck responsibility for introducing me to these same strong pain killers. I went to him because I was in horrible pain. My disc in my lower back had just gone from bulging to herniation which was proven in my very next MRI.
I suffer with lumbar disc degeneration and severe sciatic pain both down my Back & legs. The orthopedic dr. said there was nothing he could do and referred me to National Pain and Spine Centers where I started treatment with Dr. Mahboobi. He recommended steroid epidurals in my lower spine. I get the injections every six months, nearly 3 yrs now. I have the utmost respect for and trust in Dr. Mahboobi. The sciatic pain is virtually eliminated. Thank you for improving the quality of my life!
Outstanding and is he is tirelessly working to find a cure or comfort for the pain in my feet.
Dr.Wagner and his staff are excellent. I was seeing another pain management doctors who exhausted all treatments. I called Stemcell arts office, they fit me in the schedule that day. I received a platelet lysate injection and avoided surgery. Thank You Dr.Wagner
I want to personally thank you and your staff for the amazing service I received on Tuesday, June 6th. The receptionist, Michelle (your PA), your assistant and you gave me the utmost respect, undivided attention and overall care that meant so much to me. Thanks again and continued success. Tashi delek (auspicious blessings),
Dr. Whittenberg has no interest to actually solving the patients problems, she just wants to keep on accumulating patients. She would never see you except for the first evaluation and if the Nurse Practitioner (btw Nurse Michelle is wonderful) or the PA decides that you need an injection. She rushes through the injection without waiting for the anesthesia to work and as a result causing major pains. Stay away from this doctor. She does not provide with working solution.
Dr. Whittenburg is great but the office is very unprofessional. The scheduled appointment is rarely kept. I have wajted over an hour at some appointments. The average wait time is 45 minutrs. Not an ideal customer service experience. I wiuld not recommend the pain and spine center
Stay as far away as you can from this woman, she no matter what problems you have never takes more than a couple minutes with you she could care less about any of your problems and will not listen to them. She will tell you one thing on one visit and then on your next visit says she never said that, even if you tell her to write it down she never will and then the next month you get in trouble. She was at the National spine in Hagerstown before going to Frederick & ppl fought to not see her
Dr. Soudan is a miracle worker. I didn't think I would ever move without pain. After physical therapy failed he performed a procedure that numbed the nerves in my neck. So after two years of chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture all failing I can get on with my life. I highly recommend!
Giving only 1 star is a real compliment! His PA's take the time to explain stuff, but he is totally useless, less than 5 minutes the few times I've see him. He sets the amount of pain meds ridiculously low, with no respect that each patient's needs, tolerance, pain level, metabolism, etc. is different, and so you cannot set an arbitrary amount. He dismissed me because I finished my meds 2 days early (which was not enough to start with) after a surprised urine test. AVOID HIM AT ALL COST!!!!
He is only concerned with booking multiple procedures for the $$ at the expense of his patients health. Uses strong arm tactics of withholding meds if you refuse these dangerous procedures. RUN
Don't go here if you don't already have a definitive diagnosis or are under the age of 50. He will say you're too young to feel pain that isn't backed up by pictures and tell you to stop taking whatever medicine is helping you. Then he'll tell you that you just have to "decide to get better" without taking the time to get to know you or what you have tried. He is aggressivly skeptical of you if you're not an easy, cut and dry case. His type of crass behavior is people seeking help commit suicide
I understand he is seeing fewer patients now and doing more administration. But, when I was seeing him, I found him to be pleasant. Unfortunately, you generally don't get to see him, but a PA.
Awesome doctor who cares about his patients getting better. He is totally honest and transparent about treatment options and lets his patients lead the way in their treatment plans (doesn't push you into anything you are not comfortable with). Appointments are not rushed through and he answers any and all questions you may have. The office staff is very professional and nice as well. I recommend Dr. Wagner to everyone.
He listens. And when you're in constant pain, finding a knowledgable doctor who cares and who wants to help, really wants to help, feel like nothing short of a lifeline.
The office said they run between an hour and an hour and a half behind all day every day. How is that acceptable when you are seeing pain patients? Why not change your scheduling to deal with the issue? Then they were hurried and said they were short on time after I waited over an hour.
He made me feel very comfortable telling me what I needed to have done and took plenty of time like I was his only patient. Also, since I am close to his mothers age, he told me what he would recommend for his mother, if she had my shoulder problem. That made me feel very good. I am returning for the procedure he recommended. Sincerely, Peggy Rigsby
He seemed to be knowledgeable and his actions were done well and made sense. My #1 complaint is that after receiving the series of cortisone shots -- he stopped seeing me and deferred me to his Physician's assistant and left me will no really good treatment options other than just getting medication and I was left with the pain and no real answers or closure with Dr. Soudan. This is why I rated him lower -- he left me hanging without advance communication that he was going to stop seeing me
If I could give this doctor no stars I would. The staff is a little to be desired. Called to make appointment due to extreme pain and would not make appointment, they advised me that I had a appointment scheduled in two months and would see me then. Only spent 5 minutes with doctor and PA did all dignososes and medication treatment. Would not recommend if you have CRPS / RSD.
I saw Laura Ricard (PA) twice at the Fairfax, VA location. She spent 5 minutes examining me, did not order an MRI and even after hearing my medical history, misdiagnosed me. She was rude, not at all compassionate and seemed very impatient. As a result of her misdiagnosis, I received a very painful injection which was in the wrong area and a complete waste of time and money. Her diagnosis cost me weeks of additional pain and delayed proper treatment. This place is a factory.
My experience with Dr. S is little as you rarely see him it's usually one of the PA's. Not quite sure why that is. The time I saw him last he convinced me to have another shot in my knee even though I told him it has not been bothering me. That night my knee hurt worse than it ever had. He is always in a hurry so you don't get the opportunity to ask questions. No worries cause I am taking my business elsewhere. This office is full of rude staff and providers who really don't care.
Dr. Whittenberg was very thorough, asking plenty of questions and actually listening to the answers. She was concerned with how things were going, what I have tried that didn't work and what she thought we could do that might work. She was very honest, knowledgeable and caring. She did a series of cervical epidural's to help with neck pain I had been fighting for over 20 years, and thus far has been the only thing to help me. She's the best!
Finally a genuinely kind, caring, considerate, and knowledgeable pain doctor. He took almost an hour to review and consult on my first visit. My condition causes severe chronic pain in my mid back, where it is extremely difficult to treat. Dr.Soudan has done a fantastic job of treating me and improving my daily struggle with an array of different procedures, referrals, and medications. His staff is also caring and compassionate, especially Marilyn Seashole, the Nurse Practicioner. I'm grateful!
Dr. Wagner talked with me prior to the procedure and explained again what he would be doing and really made me feel as though I was his only patient! He answered any questions, didn't rush me and then during my procedure he was super comforting and told me what they were doing each step of the way.
The doctor and his staff are outstanding. I have had two procedures and both gave me immense relief without having to resort to painful surgeries. Excellent bedside manner and extremely professional. Highly recommend.
At a scary and frustrating time in my life, Dr. Whittenberg has been a rock for me to learn on, and a guide to show me the path forward. I cannot thank her enough.
Made appointment for my mother visiting from AZ. She had seen a pain specialist there, but no relief. After visiting with Dr. Whittenberg, she determined previous Drs were treating the wrong area to reduce her leg pain. She and her staff worked incredibly fast to get my mother in before she returned to AZ. The pain management worked. And she talked my mother and I through the entire procedure. Great ability to communicate medical procedure so those of us without medical degree understood.
Total Quack ...
I've seen Dr. Singla for an initial office consultation followed by 3 injection procedures to ease the sciatic pain down my right leg caused by my lumbar spine compression. The procedures seemed to ease the pain, but has now returned. Dr. Singla has good bedside manners and his office right off of Rockville Pike is convenient for me. I would give him a 5 star rating if my sciatica pain was resolved. Scheduled a follow up visit to discuss future treatment options. Will update my rating later
When I looked at the bill, $1500, and what he provided wow. Avoid this place.
I highly recommend Dr. Nicholson to anyone who is searching for an experienced pain specialist that understands more than just pain, but also the conditions that are contributing to the pain. He sets realistic expectations and I have never had a doctor who truly just listened first and then provided options. He got me to step outside my comfort zone and try something I held off on for years. He sets his patients at ease and truly cares. Not to mention, his staff is wonderful and are a great team
I was seeing Dr. Sloan for several months when I was having a terrible low back flareup. He is always too brief during our appointments which never lasted longer than 5 mins and sometimes were as short as 3 mins. I would say that if you want to get an epidural and they have worked for you in the past, this doctor is extremely good at this procedure, the staff for that is very good. But the front desk staff is awful, they don't notify you of any delays or problems while ur waiting like an idiot
After major neck surgery (fusions) a few years ago, I continued to have extremely painful neck and upper back spasms. Dr. Schneider finally helped me with 30 to 50 Botox injections. It finally calmed down. This past Fall I had had lower back pain for almost 8 months. He gave me injections in my lower back and I was playing golf in three days. It has been 4 months and I am pain free. Thanks Doc...
This person is the worst DR I ever met in my whole life, he doesn't care about his patients health and he also very clever humiliating them as well, instead he cares only about money only money. Shame on you. If you have some dignity return my whole money back.
The worst most uncommunicative, pompous doctor. Very poor procedural skills and abysmal patient interface.
Agree staff friendleness is very poor. 30 Minutes ahead of appointment just tells me they have no respect for my time but I'm supposed to be there on time because their time is more important then mine.. Never has the appointment been on time.
Great Medicine! Narges is friendly, very knowledgeable takes her time to explain she always has a plan how to take care of your pain. I traveled from New York to get treated by her and Doctor P. What a great team. I would highly recommend the team at Spine Center in Reston,VA Great Healers!! Thank you
The office staff is very unfriendly. The office schedules your visit expects you to arrive 30 minutes ahead of schedule and has never saw me on time in 8 months. The past 3 months they have called me in less than 24 hours before my scheduled appointment to change the date due to someone out sick, someone no longer works there, and just yesterday they called in the afternoon to cancel my appointment this morning they were going to close the office today due to potential snow.
I really wanted to give Dr. P a higher rating. I have been seeing her for 8+ yrs and have had good results. However, I think her practice has gotten too "big for their britches" as they say. I went back to see her several weeks ago for neck and shoulder pain. I went and got my MRI an Xray. On my follow up I was only able to see the PA who offered zero insight into what is causing my pain. She did offer to give me an injection in my shoulder to "see what happens". Very Disappointing.
Doctor is very condescending and hard to speak with. The office staff says they call back but do not. Even offering an opportunity for them to correct their mistake they are ones in the field that I imagine BURY THEIR MISTAKES!!! So glad I found a new doctor that is compassionate and real!! Sorry I wasted money and healing time on this practice, HORRIBLE!!!
Best PA for Pain Management i have found in MD. incredibly knowledgeable & COMPASSIONATE. Knows her stuff. She can help you like you are a family member.
I was referred by two doctors to Dr. Patel, one of them the surgeon who performed my last spinal operation. Previously, I was quite nervous about getting epidurals. I found Dr. Patel very knowledgeable and easy to talk to...the best of any bedside manners I've found. He put my worries at ease. The office is friendly and very helpful. Very happy patient.
Unable to shoot a basketball in the driveway with my kids! After being told I have to live with my back pain by 4 other doctors or risk surgery, Dr. Singla said, "I have a procedure for you, and we also have a simple test to see if it'll work first." 4 days after my procedure I went snow boarding for the first time in 20 years. I've started a new life again. That was 10 months ago.
I found Dr. Shanbhag & his staff friendly & professional. I enjoyed Dr. Shanbhag's light sense of humor as it was a good ice breaker. There was very little discomfort for my 1st treatment & I would recommend him. ?4 was due to hang up in sending military documents & no fault of Dr. Shanbhag's office.
I started seeing Dr. Patel a little over a year ago when I developed severe neck pain. He was wonderful. He took time to answer all of my questions and put my mind at ease. After only a few treatments my neck is 100% better. If you are looking for a doctor with a good bedside manner, truly cares about his patients and will give 110% to your care, then Dr. Patel is for you. I have recommended him to friends and family and they have all had the same experience. Wonderful physician.
Great doctor. I had an injection in my elbow and back pain from powerlifting and division 1 football. Dr. Patel quickly fixed my problems. He is very knowledage and I highly recommend.
Dr. Patel is simply amazing. I have had back pain for years even after 3 surgeries. He is the only Dr. that has been able to remedy this issue and get me normal again. Highly recommend. Staff at the office is the best!
I have seen Dr. Patel several times for shoulder and elbow pain. He has always been extremely responsive and talks through all my options with me. He has always provided an immediate solution and always does this with extreme care and importance. I highly recommend him! The staff is also amazing!
Sara is a wonderful provider for patients with pain conditions. She is treating me currently for chronic pain and always has a smile that makes me feel better. She always listens to what I have to say and guides my care with her suggestions as well. I have felt much better under her care and the care of Dr. A. Cherrick.
This guy's ads say "Failed back surgery syndrome ? " I went to see him, having constant severe back pain following back surgery 2 years ago. After waiting an hour after, i got to see him. I explained my issue. His response was, verbatim, "what do you expect me to do about it?" I'm not sure why he would advertise this way if he doesn't want to try to help. My conclusion is that it's purely money driven. Pros: None Cons: long waits, zero empathy, waste of time, terrible bedside manner, etc.
No bedside manner and pushes procedures
Dr. Singla is a very kind, caring doctor who listened to me and answered all of my questions.
For years, previous Dr.'s have only provided temporary relief via manipulation or medicine, none of which worked. But Dr. Patel specializes in the anatomy. He ordered an MRI, diagnosed my problem and discussed the available options. I faithfully place my life in his hands each time he administers a shot in my neck or spine. There is no other Dr. I would trust as much and am so very grateful for his expertise and professionalism.
Dr Shamghag is arrogant, rude, condescending and strange. Each time I jumped because of pain during his exams (2) he'd shout out to me, don't touch me! I would never refer anyone to this doctor!
Unfortunately, Dr. Ashish Shanbhag and his nurse practioner, Michelle, look at there patients as numbers and not people. Their general lack of knowledge of the patient chart personally placed this patients life in danger when medications were prescribed that would interfere with present medications and would have caused a severe increase in current symptoms (ie, seizures & TIA's). This was all done without a thorough appointment.
Dr. Patel is outstanding. He has excellent bedside manner. He truly cares about your well being. I arrived on my first visit with #7 level pain. I am virtually pain free!! He's very thorough & patient while explaining & discussing all aspects of your problem. He exudes compassion with expertise. In addition, Hasna his assistant, Is outstanding as well.....caring, compassionate, & knowledgeable.
Dr. Patel is positive, knowledgeable, and willing to spend time with you. I have been suffering from chronic, debilitating back pain for over 6 years. He continued to think of possible ways to treat my pain when it felt like every other doctor gave up or just kept doing the same thing. The staff is friendly & top notch as well!
Nice guy but not good for a pain management doc. I totally wasted my money. Never going back here again. They don't help you. I left crying
Due to degenerative disc disease, arthritis and stenosis in L4, L5, Dr. Patel recommended 2 cortisone injections. It was actually a nearly painless experience as I felt only little pin pricks when he injected lidocaine to numb the area. I barely felt the actual cortisone injections and the results were 100% improvement within 48 hours. I returned 2 weeks later and when I expressed how pleased I was and that I had minor pain only on the right side, he did 1 injection only on that side. THE BEST!!
This doctor wouldn't even shake my hand and told me all I needed was bengay for my back and diagnose me with spinal joint nerve issues. He recommended I take some vitamins and wear a back brace! I'm not impressed, plus I was charged a outrageous price for the consultation and the urine test he collected on the first visit.
I have been going to Dr. Shanbhag for three years. Him and his staff or wonderful. I relocated to Virginia Beach and still make the drive for my follow ups because of the care I get.
I have been a patient of Dr. Patel's for a little over a year now. I saw him originally for hip pain that has been crippling at times. After an exam and sending me for a MRI he quickly determined that it was a lumbar issue that was causing my pain. My treatment plan was fairly straight forward, he recommended PT and a series of injections. I have a somewhat irrational fear of needles, Dr. Patel was great at listing to my concerns, and fears. I had my first injection and felt better than ever. In
I was referred to Dr Shanbhag by another Dr for a consult to see if he thought I was a good fit for a specific procedure. He hastily examined me & then quickly went over what he was going to do (I'm not even sure if it's what I was sent for - it's much more than my Dr explained). Since the first appt I've never seen his face, a tech preps me & calls him in, he sticks several needles in my spine and leaves before I'm even sitting up. No time for questions, no patient concern, feel like cattle.
Terrible. Poor communication. He does t care. In it solely for the $
I was diagnosed w/ spinal stenosis/sciatica that was causing severe pain in my left leg. I was afraid of getting an epidural because I knew it was a big needle and a friend told me when she had one she almost levitated off the table from pain. did a lot of research and was fortunate to find Dr. Aneesh Singla who made it almost painless. He is an experienced, caring and kind doctor. He answers every question, never makes you feel rushed and uses the most up to date techniques. I feel so lucky
I feel that Dr. Friedlis is totally committed to helping me regain better functioning of my left knee and pain reduction as well. I'm looking forward to stem therapy with him and his P.A. Annum Khan. They are a great team. The office staff are wonderful too. I really appreciate all the information and education I'm receiving prior to the stem cell procedures.
Dr. Delisser has been treating my daughter for several years for back pain due to herniated disks as a result of a car accident. She is competent, compassionate, and action oriented. She will do everything possible to help you become pain free without surgery. And when surgery is the only remaining solution she will personally get you in with the best surgeons in the area when it's time critical. I really can't say enough good things about her and don't know what we would have done without her
Office staff is inconsiderate and rude, and the woman who is supposed to obtain insurance authorizations does not do her job. Twice authorization has not been obtained prior to my husband's injection visits. Humana stated to me authorization had not been requested until the day prior and it takes 3-4 days to receive. So here I sit with a husband in excruciating pain, and I'm now tasked with locating a reputable pain specialist ASAP, as we will not return to Dr. Gu.
My initial appointment with Dr Freidlis was positive, comfortable and reassuring. His recommendation to procede with stem cell treatment as well as full explanations of the procedures, durations and healing outcomes left me feeling confident and reassured to begin treatment this August.
The staff is absolutely horrible. My PCP made me an appointment for an urgent situation. After calling to say I was 5 minutes late, they said I would have to cancel because I should have arrived 30 minutes early. These people are the most inconsiderate and unhelpful people I have ever encountered. DO NOT USE!!!!
Dr. Dade rocks. I was on crutches 2 years ago and with his help, just came back from climbing rocks in New Mexico. He doesn't sit there and hold your hand, but explains things and does a great job. I think he has a great energy about him and for me, he's been a great inspiration as to what it means to stay physically and mentally fit.
I will go back to Dr. Dade, and have recommended him to friends. He attacks the problem, relying a lot on information gathered by his staff before you see him, and the patient form you have just completed. While not curt, he isn't prone to personalized "get to know the patient" small talk. Seek pain relief, and don't expect to make a new friend. When he comes in the room summarize what you just told his staff, about where you hurt, for how long, how severe, and what might have caused it.
After more than 6 visits where Gu treated my husband with injections, my husband still has no pain relief. In fact the injections have resulted in subsrantial additional pain for several days after each set of injections. How long will this doctor insist on torturing my husband with injections that provide no pain relief, but instead cause more pain?
Outstanding professional!
I have been treated by several pain doctors in the past 12 years. Dr. Hassassian is the first physician who listens to me, is caring, has a wonderful bedside manner. His level of knowledge in his field is excellent. I have recommended him to several people who were in need of pain management. He is the only physician who has treated my pain successfully. His office staff is professional and caring, as well. I cannot recommend him more.
There are few times in your life when you are the most vulnerable, on top if not near the top of the list is when you are in pain and must rely on who just 5 mins ago was a complete stranger. But it only took a nano second when Dr Dade was a stranger no more. He absorbed the volumes of medical reports I brought before he came into the room. When he arrived, he did something almost rare, he asked me specific questions and then HE LISTENED! His plan works and my pain is dramatically reduced.
Horrible! Office staff shows no concern about you being in pain --only getting paid. Out of pocket balance owed must be below $200, before you can be seen again. I went to receive more injections and was denied service because my balance was over 200, even after I told them the insurance already sent the payment. BTW- The money owed was for injections I received a month ago, which did absolutely nothing. I was asked to reschedule--earliest being some time next month. Stay clear of this mess
Dr. Friedlis is one of the best doctors i have ever had. I would be in extreme neck pain all the time without the procedure he performs called PRP. I tried everything else including cortisone, etc., but nothing really helped until I began seeing him and getting PRP. Besides being an excellent doctor, he is a top rate person as well. I really wish, though, that insurance companies would cover this procedure! It ultimately would save them money and save people a lot of pain and suffering!
I work in an area near his office. I was told to see him after a friend recommended him. I am so GLAD I did! I suffered from excruciating back pain for a long time and needed someone to help me. I had three different back surgeries before. He helped me by placing a nerve simulator in my spine. I sleep better and and can enjoy my life again. Thank you Dr. Hassassian
Don't waste your time here. This is where negligence meets incompetence in an all out battle for which will be the dominate trait for this practice. This man is only out to sell pain pumps. You'd think he gets a commission on the like a used car salesman. After screwing up my wife's oral meds we wouldn't dare widen the margin of error by getting a pain pump installed even if she were eligible for that procedure. I would be driving my wife to a morgue if we did.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Gordon. He truly cares about the comfort, well-being and overall health of his patients. After spinal surgery, I was still experiencing pain, so I saw Dr. Gordon. Dr. Gordon repeatedly called and texted my neurosurgeon to communicate his thoughts and advocate on my behalf. I have never experienced the type of genuine concern that Dr. Gordon shares for his patients from any other doctor. I highly recommend him.
I've been seeing Dr. Daly and PA Han for a couple years now, and I find him to be compassionate, straight forward, and his office is usually running on time. I appreciate all of these qualities in Pain Management. He seems genuinely interested in the status of my autoimmune disease, even though that isn't technically what he sees me for. I will definitely keep seeing him as long as my insurance covers it!
This is an excellent surgeon who is dedicated to solving his patient's pain issues
Great experience with Dr Davis easy to talk to and answers all of your questions in terms your understand.
I saw this doctor for a spinal injection. He has the WORST bed side manner EVER! He was condescending towards me and treated me as though I was not a person in pain. I too have an education and I may not have gone to school as long as he, but I did not deserve to be talked down to as though I didn't understand his medical "jargon". NOBODY, educated or not, deserves to be treated that way. I would not even trust him to see any of my animals.
Highly competent and well versed in paint elimination. Good bedside manner.
The past 6 months he has put us thru financial and physical hell. No break thru meds. Labeled my wife an addict. Emergency staff tells you dig into your own tool box, we aren't doing anything for you. He's hell bent on pain pumps since it takes significantly less medicine to achieve pain relief. They can't even prescribe pills properly and his idea is to make a wider margin for errors. Asked them to fix pain meds so wife can sleep then was told change my lifestyle & sleep on the couch.
Very kind and compassionate. Diagnosed actual problem quickly and accurately. Willing to collaborate with other healthcare providers.
I would not recommend my dog to Dr. Gu or lack there of to carry the title of being a doctor. He is rude, nasty, doesn't answer questions and only wants to treat patients with esi's even though they have had the injections twice and it didn't work for them. His bedside manner is atrocious, and he barely opens his mouth to speak the same broken English that cannot be understood. I drove over an hour to his Glenside office to see him at 8:15 and it was a total waste of my time!
It may take time to get an appointment with Dr. Davis, but once you do, he is very direct in his approach to your pain issue; explains what is going on and recommends treatment but makes sure you are part of the final decision. He is compassionate, making sure you are comfortable throughout treatment.
I have been with Dr.Gu for almost two years now. I was in pain management at another clinic and they just closed down (Very shocking) with little or no help in finding another doctor. After telling my friend they mentioned Dr GU and I called the Glen Allen office right away to make my appointment the staff was wonderful . I got my first appointment within the time I needed it and when I met Dr. Gu he was amazing really cares about your pain and quality of life. Amazing staff and doctors.
I can tell that he takes time to learn about upcoming breakthroughs in medicine. He explains things in a way that most physicians cannot! I know I am getting the best care possible. He is a delight!
I definitely would recommend Dr. DeLara. His personality is such that he puts you right at ease the very first time you meet him. His explanations are at a level I can understand. I have recommended him to my 93 year old friend who has a bad hip and she thinks he's worth his weight in gold.
Dr.Gu. is very professional and prompt listens to you problem and takes immediate action.
Dr. Gu was not interested in hearing about the doctors I had seen for my condition prior to seeing him. He didn't care about all of the treatments I've been through, none of which worked. He offered to do more of the same injections I already had, which did not work. He refused to consider any other treatment. He refused to take over where my previous pain doctor left me when he closed his practice. He can do one thing, and if you don't fit that one thing, you're out of luck. Then he up and left
I'm a spinal cord injury patient and I've seen various pain management Dr's, there has been only 1 other that has shown the care and concern of Dr. Gu and his staff. I'd easily recommend Dr. Gu to family, friends and anyone who suffer from long term chronic pain.
Dr Friedlis, along with his assistant Matthew Oh, was an inspirtion to me and completed my stem cell knee procedure in a timely manner and was most helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. It is important to note here, this procedure was handled in a most professional manner and certainly worthy of emulating . Great job well done, Will always give referrals to Dr Friedlis and the magic work he did on my knee. Again my personal thanks. //S// Gary Benoit
I am writing on behalf of my sister who has multiple sclerosis and can not. She suffers with severe pain from both the Ms and scoliosis of the spine. She was enthusiastic about seeing this Dr in hopes that he could help her. She is wheelchair bound and had to schedule a pick-up from medical transportation. Once there, she paid a copay was seen by an assistant for approximately 2 minutes. Dr Hu walked in for about 30 seconds. They then told her that they don't see patients like her
After my first visit I find that Dr El-Muhandes is friendly, knowledgable and makes you part of your own treatment, encouraging input while presenting options. You do have to agree not to get pain meds elsewhere and submit to drug screens as with any doctor prescribing opiates but he is sensitive about your pain and willing to prescribe the necessary meds. He preforms many procedures right in his office. My impression is that he is very good at what he does while having a great bedside manner.
Dr. Dade was actually very professional and I felt like he was understanding in listening to my concerns about my sciatica and recommending a course of treatment. The steroid shots did not help, but I knew that might happen going in. His billing staff however was completely unhelpful and confusing. They tried to overcharge me $170 for something my insurance denied because the used to the wrong code. It took me a great deal of time to get this corrected, and I still had to pay a portion of it.
My lower back and hips are a wreck with joint issues...stenosis, bursitis, arthritis...you name it. The pain is terrible, especially when I want to walk some distance. Over 2 or 3 appointments, she gave me shots that made me completely pain free!! I'll never see anyone else. She's smart, sensitive, a great listener, and most importantly when it comes to pain, she's a problem solver.
My experience with Dr. Davis was very good. My experience with his staff was NOT. I went in for a visit knowing my insurance covered the procedure. I get a bill a year later saying it's not covered. I called insurance and was told that the staff did not file my claim correctly and they need to amend it. I called the staff they refused to help or admit any fault whatsoever, so now I am stuck paying a $2000 medical bill or risk going to a collections agency. Very unprofessional staff
No nonsense and professional. He knows what he is doing.
Dr.Gu did not listen to me. He ordered repeat MRI and XRays. Did an epidural that today still hasn't given reliief. After repeated calling him begging for help he decided he could do nothing for me. If you are going to see him make sure you have money because regardless of pain level you will be told to reschedule and go home. Also there are several doctor's names on the door but he is the only one. Wish I had done my homework before paying for nothing.
Did not listen to me. Actually made my pain CONSIDERABLY WORSE. Would not prescribe medication that worked for me. Injected my back and actually made it WORSE. I felt like the dirt beneath the earth and that he did not care. Will never go back again.
Dr. Gordon was initially quite nice to me, we mapped out a plan for me to be off of my pain medication by going down ten percent per month. Then on my second visit he decided to insist that it would be better if I went into rehab! I couldn't believe it! How insensitive! When I said what about our plan, he finally agreed to take me down slowly. I am not thrilled to be working with him!!!
I have peripheral neuropathy that is treated with opioid medicine I have been treated for many years and have tried other medications that do not work I called the doctor intake nurse she told me that I would be treated with opioid medicines and that is what he does for peripheral neuropathy When I got to the office I was denied any treatment I was told that I would have to go to someone else. The nurse athe doctor abruptly left the office. The doctor offered no other treatment for my condition
Dr Gu is very , caring, patience, and very thorough with each assessment and diagnosis. He knows his job and does it very well, definitely a people person who takes the time to talk and explain and explain the best course of treatment for you. Outstanding bedside manner which speaks volume! AWESOME DOCTOR!
Reasonable wait time but most importantly his injections in my back cleared my intense lower back pain immediately. The next day I felt so good that I immediately wanted to go to the gym for a heavy duty workout! Dr. Gordon is the best.
I consider his level of care is appropriate in my case. He is bright and in my case as a therapist, he does not seek to bond with patients. But does eventually warm up after a few sessions as he did with me. His care I cannot compare as he is the first one to see regarding my back problems.
After my Doctor of 18 years retired I found myself searching for a new Chronic Pain Physician. That was when I found National Spine & Pain Centers and Dr Gu at the Glen Allen Virginia office of National Spine and Pain Centers. Dr Gu is wonderful and the staff in the office are top notch. I am VERY glad to have found them and look forward to a long relationship. Regina Myers, Aylett, VA
Dr Hassassian, is an very well specialized, caring & compassionate doctor. He really cares about the health, welfare, medical condition and always takes the time to listen to his patients unlike other so called doctors I've gone to in the past and communicates with knowledge, skill and awesome professionalism 7 excellent customer service in his office staff as well! I highly recommend this doctor who has also won the Washingtonian award for the Metro/VA Best Lists of Physicians!
This practice is un-professional and adversarial. They require pain Contracts?, expensive drug screenings. They use any excuse to force you into a compliance program that requires multiple monthly visits and even more expensive drug screenings. This practice only cares about the money from you and your insurance company. I have filed an insurance fraud complaint against them because they forced me into this Compliance program and are now refusing to give me the medication that I need!
Waited for an hour. He was distracted entire length of visit & left room twice during visit. Didn't really take the time to explain options & plan of action. Very pleasant person but didn't present as genuine.

Trigger Point Injection
Epidural Block, Facet Blocks
Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
Spinal Nerve Block
Nerve Destruction By Neurolytic Agent
Nerve Block, Somatic
Joint Drainage
Nerve Block, Sympathetic
Steroid Injection
Facet Joint Injection
Peripheral Nerve Block
Viscosupplementation With Hyaluronate
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Joint Injection
Lumbar Epidural Nerve Block
Emg (Electromyography)
Lumbar Medial Branch Radiofrequency Neurotomy
Epidural Steroid Injections
Stellate Ganglion Block
Celiac Plexus Block
Cervical Medial Branch Block
Lumbar Medial Branch Block
Non-Cosmetic Chemodenervation
Sacroiliac Joint Injection
Epidural Injection
Nerve Blocks
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (Omt)
Pain Management
Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation
Botox® Injection
Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection
Epidural Block
Lumbar Selective Nerve Root Block
Medical Branch Block
Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection (Prp)
Radiofrequency Denervation
Spinal Injections
Cancer Pain Management
Cervical Facet Joint Injection
Chronic Pain Management
Facet Block
Lumbar Discography
Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection
Lumbar Sympathetic Block
Occipital Nerve Block
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
Prolotherapy Injections
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National Spine & Pain Centers - Richmond
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National Spine & Pain Centers - Richmond
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VA, Alexandria, VA, 22306
National Spine & Pain Centers
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National Spine & Pain Centers
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Silver Spring
National Spine & Pain Centers - Silver Spring
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National Spine & Pain Centers - Silver Spring
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VA, Manassas, VA, 20110
National Spine & Pain Centers - Manassas
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National Spine & Pain Centers - Manassas
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Berwyn Heights
National Spine & Pain Centers - Greenbelt
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National Spine & Pain Centers - Greenbelt
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National Spine & Pain Centers
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National Spine & Pain Centers
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