Refused to help me because I couldn't afford the shoe insert he wanted me to buy. Told me that my "legs are too thicknow for a cast"! Really? Casts are built per the person. He should have referred me to an ortho who could have built one for me but instead he told me "I can't help you". Absolutely thessential WORST "Doctor" EVER!!!!
very highly to come back when foot problems comes back, very pleased
My husband is in rehab after undergoing surgeries earlier this year at a nursing home in Orange,Va.He needed his toenails trimmed so Dr.Schustek was recommended .When Dr.Schustek arrived to trim my husbands toenails,he discovered an ingrown toenail on one of his big toes. WITHOUT ANY TOPICAL PAIN ANESTHETIC,the Dr. proceeded to dig out the ingrown toenail,even after my Husband was practically hollering inpain!!! In my opinion this,is barbaric treatment ,for anyone,let alone on an 86yr.old man!
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