Great experience with Dr chang she has really helped me. Thanks
I would like to highly recommend Dr. Lee and would advise anyone in need of therapy to seek him out. I suffer from low back and hip pain; and as man of a certain age there are no magic cures to reverse the damage father time has done. Dr. Lee is very understanding and clearly explains how the body works and what can be done. He has excellent bedside manor the makes the treatment very easy to deal with. The treatment has made my condition better.
Highly recommend him for your Chiropractic Doctor. Especially, he is proficiency dual-language speaker (English and Korean), so anyone who speaks either Korean or English, I definitely suggest him more. Most of Patients need to hear and follow Doctor's direction to prevent serious injury and to care after any hurts. He is the one who can explains you very well and knows much more. Only a disadvantage is limited space of waiting area in his office.
I have been going to Dr. Ziegler for several years and he has helped me tremendously. My pain is gone and I have a normal life again. His staff is exceptional and he is one of the best chiropractors I have had. He is easy to talk to. He takes time to talk to you and he is never in a hurry to finish with you. Takes as much time as you need and explains everything in terms that I could understand. Would highly recommend him and I have.
Highly recommend. I was truly impressed with his kindness, attitude and smile!. I was welcomed with friendly staff and doctor answered all the questions. Dr. Kyung Lee really cares about the patient and problem I had. I had a wonderful experience with him and will continue visiting him! Thank you so much for providing such wonderful service Dr. Kyung Lee!
I have been seeing Dr. Lou for over 10 years now. He and his entire staff have always exhibited the utmost in professionalism and expertise. I don't know how I will replace him if I ever leave Northern Virginia.
Dr. Zeigler is the best that is out there. He is not only a great doctor but also a great person. Despite his wealth of knowledge and experience he is humble, treats his patients with respect and has a great jovial nature. Visiting Dr. Z is not just another doctors visit ! He treats you like you are important , right from walking up to you to shake your hand with a broad smile and making you feel comfortable at each step. Dr. Zs staff is equally wonderful, and a pleasure to work with.
From the day of my initial appointment I felt ripped off and inconvenienced. I thought my initial appointment would have included a physical and blood work.Instead the first appointment was filling out paperwork for the doctor to read back to me. I was charged for that visit and told I had to go to a DIFFERENT facility for blood work and then schedule ANOTHER appointment to review bloodwork and have my physical. I was told that follow up visit would be a preventative care visit but I was charged
Dr. Ziegler and the team at his office are great. His staff is friendly and easy to deal with. I never feel rushed when talking to the Dr. like so many others. I would recommend Dr. Zeigler and his practice to anyone. Tom Z.
Major back surgery last spring and was well on my way to recovery. When I tripped and fell while holding onto a 2' cube. As a result of the fall, my back arched backwards as far as it could go!!! I had totally undone ANY recovery I had made and added worse as well. I could not even drive. I came back to Arlington to visit mother and thought "just go across Glebe Rd and see Dr Ziegler." In one deep treatment, I was up, walking & driving With NO PAIN at all!! Miracle Doctor!
Dr. Ziegler is wonderful and I have seen a major improvement in my overall health and quality of life. When I started with Dr. Ziegler I had some health issues that needed to be addressed. I was tired all the time, and sluggish. Through my treatment of acupuncture and vitamins, my blood work has improved substantially and I feel so much better. I totally trust him with my health!
I have been a patient of Dr. Ziegler for more than 5 years. He is a polite, extremely compassionate and gifted chiropractor. He is the most gifted physician/chiropractor I believe you will find. I continue to go to his practice for the top quality, comfortable surroundings and convenience.
He had helped me with a chronic conditions and was always there to talk to me about it. Thanks
I saw Dr. Ziegler following a car accident. He continually talked about getting ripped off by insurance companies, which should have tipped me off. After seeing him 3 times a week for 3 months, I suddenly learned that both my car and health insurance had run out. He just handed me a bill and expected me to pay out of pocket his full rate for the unpaid visits, far more than he had received from my insurance. He showed no compassion for my continuing pain, and simply dumped me! Don't go!!!
I would recommend anybody to Dr. Shafai.. She literally save my life for years ago. In time of 4 1/2 years of research and going from doctor to doctor I could never find out what was wrong with my body until I sat across the table from Dr. Shafai. You know The doctor is good when she sits across the table from you and listens and don't look at you like you're crazy person. And try to find out the roots of the problem.
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