Horrible place. Dishonest Doctor and dishonest staff. They do not run the appropriate tests and they try to get people in and out as like a fast-food restaurant. Do not use this place!
Spent 3 1/2 years doing ivf cycles. Advanced maternal age, and the end result is my(own egg) amazingly intelligent and beautiful child that just started preschool. My success story, but my wish for everyone. K.L.
This is not just a case of a few unhappy patients. If you want to actually get pregnant and have a child, RUN to another clinic.
If I could rate the them below a #1 I would. The doctor I used quit directly after my procedure, doctor Asmar was involved in my procedure. I have had a billing issue for 3 years that is still unresolved. The billing coordinator Shaun and Lan are extremely rude. They keep sending me collection notices with different amounts for the same service even though I provided a receipt that my account was paid in full on time. The stress from this office delayed my process in getting pregnant.
I completed two IUI cycles and 3 IVF cycles with Dr. Asmar. I would be told time and time again that Angela was going to call for my insurance approval only to find that it had not been done....one time she snapped, "I haven't had time for that." Each time I was delayed. Dr. Asmar was great until my benefits ran out and then he turned and said we had no hope and should consider adoption. We went to Shady Grove and on the first cycle conceived our twins. Check SART data!
Dr. Asmar is SO caring and takes so much time with his patients. He explains everything. The entire office staff is so sweet and doesn't rush you- whether in the office or on the phone. Ms. Angela especially :) I have seen other reproductive endocrinologists in this area, and I can vouch for Dr. Asmar being significantly more involved in my actual health history. I am very pleased with Dr. Asmar- I am an RN and and have dealt with so many doctors & he definitely has a wonderful bedside manner!
Dr Asmar is very caring. Every time I visited the Annandale location the Staff was extremely friendly, like family yet professional. Lan was he best with drawing blood. Dr Asmar takes his time to explain everything. Never felt rushed. You can really feel that his work is his passion. Always honest and knowledgeable as to what works and what may not. Entire staff is supportive during this stressful time. I have referred many patients to him that have had the same experiences as myself.
I wouldn't recommend going to this practice. I have to agree with recent comments. Dr. Asmar raised his prices unexpectedly and refused to honor his quote for IVF agreed on the day of consultation on Feb 2016. I was shocked with the high price the month I was supposed to start stimulation 04/2016. Carol was kind to us during this entire ordeal, and spoke to Dr. Asmar but he refused to honor the price because he wanted to keep a competitive fee. Extremely disappointed by this unprofessionalism.
Office intentionally misrepresents fees at beginning, making treatment sound cheaper than really will be, then spring MUCH higher charges on pt & threaten to cancel IVF if not paid immediately. They won't explain WHY charges are higher, questions posed to dr are ignored. Dr pretends to be unaware of how office is mismanaged, but he DOES in fact know! Nurse doesn't know anything (barely speaks English), receptionist refuses to take messages, & entire clinic is a SHAM- patients are just $$ SIGNS!

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