I really liked her at first. Then she started telling me to go to weight watchers every time I went into her office. Hello I didn't gain this weight by munching down at McDonald's. I gained it within 6 months after my thyroid went to crap. 100lbs. Yet here's this endocrinologist treating me like I ate my way fat... The last time I saw her I'd gained 20lbs in a year from quitting smoking. Btw the previous year I'd lost 40lbs, but she didn't care. She treated me so bad I left in tears.
I was excited for a new endocrinologist in Carson City, NV. After the first appt. I was quite hopeful...even though she had to take a call during our visit. My second visit to go over labs was 6 weeks later...hmmm. I am a thyroid cancer survivor and not interested in waiting that long. Anyways, during this appt. not only did ahe take a personal phone call, she told me she wouldn't need to see me...ever. again. ???? Angered and appalled, I will now travel to see my old dr.
Dr. Rodrigues is amazing! He has done a few procedures on me and I have been very pleased. Juan Manuel
I have Dr Maturlo as my endochrinologist in Carson City, NV. She is extremely competent, inciteful and helpful in managing my health issues. She takes the time to explain issues and alternatives in treatment. I really value Dr Maturlo as an important component of my overall care. She has improved my health management more than any other physician in 20 years.
I saw Dr. Rodrigues for a hand surgery. He is very nice and professional. He explained everything to me and listened to my concerns. He did a great job on my hand. I am impressed with the staff also. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Casull rushes through appointments, does not take time to explain things, and was unwilling to talk about my concerns with me. At my last appointment, after a 5-minute exam when I still had questions for her, she straight up told me, "I don't have time to talk to you." She said I would need to schedule another appointment if I wanted to ask her questions. It was obvious that she didn't care about my well-being--she barely gave me the time of day.
A simple reconstruction turned into a significant infection of sepsis, staph etc. A two week hospital stay and bleeding from a nicked artery for 2 days before he would come to the hospital to see me. I have pictures as well from start until the day the took my reconstruction out and removed what little breast i had left. Now i have perm kidney damage.
I have been to Doctor Rodrigues for 2 procedures in the past 3 1/2 years. He is super professional and I love that he errors on the more conservative side he is honest and tells you what would be more flattering for your body type instead like most doctors who are just there for the pay check.. I've sent multiple friends to him for their second opinion and each friend told me that he beat the first doctors quote by not a few hundred $ but by thousands. He is a great doctor and I do recommend him
Dr. Rodrigues is an amazing surgeon. I was extremely pleased with my breast augmentation. He listens to his patients and gives his professional opinion and together with his patients making the best decisions possible. I am very pleased with his work and would absolutely recommend him to my friends and family.
Dr. Rodrigues is amazing! He has done a few procedures on me and I have been very pleased. Some of my friends and family have also seen him and have been very happy.
I had a great experience with Dr Rodrigues. He spent a lot of time and explained everything in detail. He is very caring and so was the staff. I have referred 2 friends to him since and they were very pleased as well. I would highly recommend him.
Dr Rodriguez is concerned about getting your money not what happens after. Passed out, in emergency within 12 hours after w/ low blood pressure. Had fever, chills, dizzy, upset stomach. He told us "was nothing to do with his surgery". Was severe "staph" infection. Reopened, scrubbed out twice. Most PAIN ever been in. Open for 10 days while we packed wounds daily. He ignored our plea for help and I had to endure severe pain.$500 surgery turned into $3000. Won't help with bills. Have photos.
She has been an excellent PCP. Takes time listening to my concerns and opinions, is very thorough in her treatment/diagnosis, and answering my questions.
She was very nice and thorough.
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