I work with drs/anesthesiologists and surgeons all the time. dr davis is not only very knowledgeable but has an excellent bedside manner. He takes his time to come up with a plan to get the most relief without just throwing medications at the pain. He is also very receptive to your suggestions or concerns. I am lucky to have found him and will be referring to family or any patients who would benefit from his care.
Dr Davis has always listened to me. He has taken the time to talk with me about my condition and to help me find ways to improve my pain. I understand that I will never be pain free again but he has helped me get through several surgeries. I value his opinion and I feel that he has treated me well overall
Dr. Olsen is fantastic. He is very personable, professional, and was good about making sure I understood everything regarding treatment, costs, etc. However, there's more.As I described my symptoms, I mentioned one that I thought was related to my allergies. He stopped in his tracks, and spent 10 minutes discussing this issue, which he thought was cardiac related. He went so far as to have a receptionist see if another doctor could see me that day. Dr. Olsen genuinely cares about your health
Dont wast your time or money he wont help u . he will treat u bad.. any one that has hard ware in your back knows u have pain all the time .
Dr. Allen has been great with treating me and he seems to make sure that I get the testing that I need. He's very personable and listens to my concerns.
I injured my rib and Dr Oliver took great care of me!
I loved Dr. Olson! I felt like he spent a lot of time with me, and was very thorough. He really got to know me, and answered all my questions. He recommended a lot of things that would help. And he very friendly! I would recommend him to anyone! In fact, I just made an appt. for my husband.
Dr. Davis has been a Dr. who listens to what you have to say. He tries to understand what the problem is and with his knowledge evaluates the best way to get the best results for the individual.
He was kind but unfortunately not helpful at all. He couldn't offer any advice or explanation of my pains. He just simply charged me for xrays, shrugged his shoulders, prescribed me miscellaneous medicines, and referred me to a specialist. You would think after 30 or so years of experience a person would be keen to provide actual help.
This doctor worked a miracle for me in just minutes. I have been in severe pain 24/7 for 31 years from a TBI. On my second visit he made it all go away. I have actually had pain free days. Initially I was worried as there is a bunch of stuff the former surgeons put in my head , because so much bone was destroyed. But Dr Davis just did the procedure and went around all of it. He is amazingly good.
We Love him!!!!
My daughter is doing the OIT peanut allergy program and we are so thrilled to be able to finally do something to treat her allergy. Dr Olsen is very nice and all that a doctor should be. We have had quite a few bad experiences with doctors and it is great to work with a good one
Very Knowledgeable. Takes his time with you and never makes you feel rushed. He has been my doctor since I was little and I would never change. Cares about his patients.
Very caring and genuine.
I would recommend Dr Olsen to anyone who has food allergies. He is very skilled at treating food allergies. He offers treatment options that other allergists don't offer. He is very friendly and easy to talk to.
My 10 year old twin sons just completed the OIT program for their peanut allergies and we are thrilled with the results! We started the program at the Layton office and then transferred to the new Murray office about half way through. I found both Dr Olsen and Dr Jones to be kind and knowledgeable. The staff in each office were also great to work with. I would highly recommend the OIT program to anyone with life threatening food allergies. We will be back for round two (tree nuts) soon.
Dr Allen has always met or exceeded my expectations. When he sits down with me he is very attentive; listens to my questions and answers them in a manner that I can understand. He always has follow up questions for me that bring out potential issues that I had not thought about. I am happy with him as a doctor and his overall care for me.
Dr Allen does not follow up well. He does not know your medical history and does not seem to care much about routine care. Have had bad experiences with prescriptions getting messed up. For instance, wrong strength called in. If there is a question I feel they should contact you to find out. It is as if Dr Allen either does not sign off on the prescriptions being sent in or the staff just sends them in. Whatever the problem, they need to be more attentive to this. It could be very serious.

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