What a great dentist.
My kids were super nervous about getting their wisdom teeth out but their experience went really well and Dr. Christensen was great! We will definitely be going back for my next child's wisdom teeth.
Dr. Christensen is fantastic! Not only is he good at his job, making sure you have a quality product, but he is kind and has a wonderful staff. I've worked with Dr. Christensen more than once and will go again if there's ever a need. I highly recommend his good work!
Dr Christensen is an excellent oral surgeon! He performed a dental implant on me. I had difficulties due to past sinus issues. Dr Christensen did a phenomenal job and went far beyond my expectations! I'm highly impressed with both his skills and compassion. He truly listened to my concerns. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!
Great experience! I went in to get three wisdom teeth pulled, was put under anesthesia, woke up about a half hour later, and was on my way. Now here's the awesome part...I felt minimal pain the first night, then woke the next morning to NO PAIN. NONE!! I have never, ever had a dental procedure where I felt no pain the next day! I called them to share how utterly shocked I was, then called my dentist to thank them for the referral! Dr. Christensen is the best oral surgeon I've ever been to!!
Dr. Kyle Christensen is your premier Oral Surgeon in South Jordan. Whether it's dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, tooth extractions, corrective jaw surgery, re-constructive jaw surgery or any other complicated oral issue we can help.
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