Excellent doctor. Friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Hepworth is the bomb!
I highly recommend Dr Hepworth! I went to Dr Kurt Hepworth before my PRK surgery and had a great experience with him and their clinic. My eyes became very irritated from over wearing my contact lenses, and Dr Hepworth did such a great job getting my eyes back to full health. Davis Vision has great staff and creates a comfortable and professional environment that offers industry leading vision solutions. Having PRK eye corrective surgery at his clinic has been such a blessing! Thank you!
Dr Davis and his staff are amazing! I am so happy I chose to have PRK corrective eye surgery at Davis Vision Center. To now be able to live contact and glasses free feels amazing! Dr Davis has a ton of experience and uses industry leading equipment and technology. The day after PRK corrective eye surgery, I was able to read the letters on the exam chart at 20/20 with my right eye and 20/15 with my left. Man, does it feel great! Thanks Davis Vision Center! Mike Oaks Herriman, Utah
This doctor took my legally blind eye and after the procedure it tested 20/20. And it was almost painless. I was totally impressed with the care I was provided after the surgery. It was amazing.
Not only an amazing doctor, but caring considerate and takes the time to teach and educate patients. I would strongly recommend him to all.
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