Dr. Gremillion is one of the most thorough doctors I have ever met. He spent an hour and a half with me and answered all my questions and concerns. He ordered a full panel of blood tests, and gave me suggestions for my arthritis that actually worked. SO thankful there are doctors like him that still care!!
I found the office staff at South Valley Rheumatology to be very efficient and affable. Their policies are very fair and understandable. I saw the doctor quickly (despite waiting many months to get in), and he was very thorough and listened intently to my comments and history. He performed a full examination and then explained my diagnosis to me in terms I could understand. He has a very pleasant personality and even enjoyed a joke with me. It was a very rewarding visit .
Available, Affable, and Able. Great experience
I went to Gremillion today. In January he did not order 2 arthritis panels that he was supposed to and his nurse lied and told me they were normal . Because of this, We ruled out arthritis and went to several other Dr's because my pain was getting worse. Thanks to one amazing dr who finally saw the mistake and ordered labs to find out I do have rheumatoid. I went in today and Gremillion was upset I saw other Dr's and instead of helping me sent me back to my pcp. Total jerk. Do not go here!!
He spent time to hear my concerns and to try to figure out what was going on with me. Great experience!
I did significant searching to find a new doctor when my old one retired. I picked him based on reviews for the type of negative ones as much as the positive ones, at the time he was rated at a 3.5 just like my old one. I wanted someone who would tell it to me strait! I've read that he's arrogant on a 1 Dr. Dolittle to 10 Gerg House scale he's a four Dr. Mark Sloan from "Diagnosis Murders". A doctor needs a healthy ego or they won't survive internship. From visit one my quality of life is better
Dr. Lundberg is consistently interested in my opinion about my condition and the effectiveness of the treatments. He is careful to monitor for any side effects of the medication. I have confidence that he is current in his knowledge and careful in his practice (especially after experiences with a different rheumatologist).
Dr Gremillion's staff is less than awesome. But Dr. Gremillion is above all expectations in care and concern. I waited a long time to get an appointment with him because of the severe shortage of Rheumatologists in Utah, this is going to be an ongoing issue for the foreseeable future, be patient, he's worth the wait!
Dr. Gremillion has been a very patient doctor and spends good time explaining doubts and concerns. My husband and I have been very happy with his consultations and appreciate the way he gives a detailed explanation regarding the medicines he prescribes and how things go about with Rheumatoid Arthritis. His ratings in Healthgrades was a concern to us before we met him but all that got cleared from our very first appointment.
This doctor does NOT appear to care about patients in general beyond ones that can provide him with a diagnosis that would bring his office the revenue he seeks per patient. Very disappointing.
Hi blonde chubby nurse is moody and rude, his wait time to schedule new appoinents is ridiculous for the level of care given. He keeps prescribing the same medicine with no results.
He seems annoyed if I ask questions. He orders a lot of tests & his only solution for my rheumatoid arthritis is expensive biologics. After struggling to pay for these for the past year, I told him I can't afford to pay $1,645 every month for this one medication & asked him to find some other solution for me. He told me that if I can't afford the Enbrel there is nothing he can do about that & there isn't any other medicine I can take. He said I will have to go without any, which is not true.
Terrible! I had to see him after my rheumatologist had to retire. He basically shrugged me off and refused to help me because my arthritis is most likely related to my Crohn's Disease. My first rheumatologist diagnosed me with drug induced lupus, and Dr. Gremillion wouldn't even consider helping me. I would NOT recommend him, not now, not ever!!! Plus, years ago, my husband had seen him for gout and Dr. Gremillion was NOT aggressive with treating him and he now has permanent joint damage.
I never felt like I mattered to the doctor or staff. I was just a number they ran through the motions. I missed an appointment that I wasn't aware I had since it was scheduled 2 months in advance. I never received a reminder call and was still charged $50.00 for the missed appointment. I was lucky enough to get in to another Rheumatologist that is 100% better.
Nice enough of a person, but don't feel like he really cared that much about my case. Said it was interesting and then said there was nothing he could see to help me. Told me to quit my medication and call him if the symptoms come back. They came back, but can't get the Dr.to respond to my calls.
Dr Lundberg goes above and beyond to help his patients find out what is causing there problem. My husband has several things that cause his pain and immobility. Dr Lundberg went out of his way to figure out his problems. Thank You!
He was irritated from the start of my appointment. An appointment that I had been anticipating for nearly four months. He did not look at the very large packet I had to fill out explaining medical history and current sypmtoms. He also did not review my lab results or medical notes from the referring doctor although he did comment on the wasteful content of most of the papers he receives. He ordered in my opinion unnecessary tests that did not address my condition.

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