It would have been nice to know that I wouldn't be able to be seen for my ailment/questions at the time I made the appointment, especially since I have a HSA and I pay for the full balance of all my appointments. When I called to make my appointment I had 2 things that I wanted to have checked out it wasn't until I was there they told me I could only be seen for one.
After waiting 90 minutes in the waiting area and 90 minutes in an exam room, without being acknowledged. I decided to leave. I stopped at the nurses desk and the front desk on my way out. Not one person apologized or offered any explanation. The front desk was confused as to why I would cancel my appointment. Worst customer service I have experienced anywhere. Waited 3 hours past my appointment time. There are other great surgeons out there that actually care.
I had already been to a Podiatrist and went to him for a second opinion and he was wrong about his diagnosis. He spent little time, acted like my foot pain was not a big enough deal. I would not recommend this doctor.
Had high expectations after reading reviews and from getting recommended to Dr Johnson from another great, and highly recommended Dr. He barely spent any time listening to my concerns and comments to hear my side during his assessment of my injury. I was probably with him for only three minutes then got sent to get an x-ray. After that, he was only in the room with me for 4 minutes or so. He sent me on my way with little info. I left feeling like he wasn't very interested in me and my injury.
I saw Dr. Hammon for an issue with my hand. After examining me, and putting me through some painful exams, mind you, he basically told me I use my hands too much. Obviously, I do and I believed him, but when I went to elaborate on my symptoms, he shut me down and basically told me I was wrong and that there was nothing he could really do - all the while talking to me like a 5 year old. He also lost another star because IHC sometimes makes me feel like a number in a factory and not a patient.
Very bad experience with Dr. Gowski. Discussed some serious hand issues with three different staff (including Dr. Gowski). Never during the exam did anyone touch or examine my hands. Dr. Gowski provided me with no clear treatment plan nor did he seemed overly concerned with my pain. Advised me to return if it continues. I left more frustrated and feeling that I wasted my time. A diagnosis and treatment plan was provided by another Dr. that I went to see due to Dr. Gowski's lack of care.
My meeting with Dr. Gowski and his staff was not a good one. I met with his physicians assistant, took x-rays and then Dr. Gowski. I explained my pain and symptoms. Dr. Gowski seemed somewhat aloof and disinterested regarding my passion. No treatment plan was identified. There was no touch, manipulation or physical exam of my hand. I left feeling very dissatisfied and obtained treatment and surgery from another doctor for my condition.
He put me back together after a serious injury. He was always clear and professional. Thank you Dr. Hillyard.
Terrible doctor. He did my hand surgery without doing connectivity test. After the surgery I found out that I didn't have carpel tunnel, I actually had spine problem. This doctor waisted my time to an extent that now even after spine surgery I have some permanent damage to my hands. This doctor is a terrible doctor please avoid him.
Dr. Raemisch destroyed my wrist and neglected to provide urgent care which resulted in Septic shock & A Staph infection in the bone marrow. Because of his neglect I no longer have full use of my wrist. All together it took several other doctors, multiple additional surgeries, several PICC line episodes, extensive bone loss and ultimately my livelihood. I had to fight to survive for 2 years. That's how long it took for other doctors to get the infection to a sterile state.
Dr. Fyans is compassionate about his practice. He managed our time well with: prompt appointments, starting with a follow up questionaire, listened to my issues and offerred many solutions. He recommended an experienced PT and helped me with some injections. I'm grateful for his time.
He was suppose to fix a hammer toe and a neuroma (he claims a second hammer toe but I couldn't see that my third toe had a problem). After collecting 8500 from me and the insurance company, I still have a hammer toe and a neuroma. He did actually for 8500 severed some nerves so that I couldn't feel pain anymore (so thanks for that, I guess) but didn't actually fix any of the issues with my feet that I hired him for.
I went to see him for a 2nd opinion. i waited almost 2 hours to see him and when he entered the room he was put out that I was there for a 2nd opinion. He never looked at my x-rays. We discussed different options of therapy. He was extremely rude when I told him that the tens ultrasound treatment had helped, he said it doesn't work. He wouldn't perscribe anti-inflammatory med. it was the worst doctors appt I have ever gone to. He maybe a great surgeon but his bedside was terrible.
On 20 January 2017 Chardack performed a total hip replacement using the new anterior approach procedure without asking my permission and added a full 28 millimeters to the functional length of my left femur. He spent the entire follow up appointment attempting to convince me that his word was no more than thirteen millimeters, handed me a couple of foam heel lifts to place inside my right shoe and encouraged me to "see how it goes" I had multiple signals to find a different surgeon but I ignored
I was lucky that Dr. HILLYARD came by my emergency room after he finished with a surgery in the wee hours of October 6, 2016. My arm had been set by ER docs but not to the best functional alignment. He spent considerable time reviewing possible treatment outcomes with me. Dr. HILLYARD is a highly regarded surgeon but we did not choose surgery. He re- set my arm and saw me every day on the trauma unit. He saw me during each follow-up appointment. He was incredibly patient, kind and thorough.
I beg to differ on the comment on Jodi. She has always gone above and beyond to take excellent care of me. I have had both my hips done and a knee. I would never go anywhere else. The office is amazing. Jodi is always smiling and seems to love her job. Dr. Johnson is lucky to have a great staff. The person who posted the rude comment should be ashamed.
Dr Gowski was very kind and went the extra mile to do a few extra details to assure my hand was going to heal correctly. The part surgeon did not recommend. I am almost back to 100% after 3 weeks.
Dr. Raemisch displayed the x-ray and explained clearly where the healing was still taking place. I felt confident in him and appreciated his courtesy in explaining my condition in terms I could understand. He has my highest recommendation.
I was baffled by Dr. Hammon's unprofessional behavior. He was arrogant, rude, condescending, and I would highly recommend choosing a different doctor.
My son and I saw dr gowski about an elbow problem. He and his office were wonderful. I was so impressed by the time he spent w/ my son helping us understand a rather complicated situation. Really grateful for his time and knowledge. Thank you!
I have seen both Dr. Hammon and Dr. William Gowski, who both work in the same office and do the same work. I've had multiple wrist and elbow injuries and have seen both doctors multiple times, including surgery. My advice to you is DO NOT make an appointment with Dr. Hammon, choose Dr. Gowski instead. Dr. Hammon has been rude and unprofessional during 3 separate appointments during a period of about 5 years. This last visit he basically said he thought I was making up the pain in my wrist.
Dr. Gowski was referred to me by my hand therapist after a bone fusion surgery left complications. Dr. Gowski was thorough in explaining what was going on - and explained the length of time I could expect to spend in recovery. I wish I had gone to him first - but I will go to him from now on.
-Suggested alternatives prior to surgery -Described the injury in depth using a plastic model of the shoulder -Great staff that takes the incoming calls who are very helpful -Only had to wait 8 days for surgery once that was decided as the next step -Was very informative and helpful when updating and describing to my wife how my surgery went.
I was referred to Dr Brady after I fell and torn my ACL completely off with an avulsion fracture to my tibia Upon arriving, I waited an hour in the waiting room in pain from my knee injury. When I saw him, he was very rude He commanded that I stand and walk (I couldn't) He became angry when I couldn't tell him exactly where my knee hurt, it was swollen and hurt everywhere Then he jammed my knee up. When I yelled out in pain, he was angry about that. Needless to say I have another doctor
I have read some of these reviews and I cannot understand some patient's expectations. Dr. Brinton is very professional, wise, thoughtful, and careful in his prognoses and recommendations for therapies. He has never led me astray in 15 years of visits about various sports related injuries. Of course he is going to second guess what patients think is going on because he has a medical degree and thousands of diagnoses.
Dr Johnson did my hip replacement and very satisfied with the surgery. I take issue with his nurse Jodie, she treats patients as if their concerns don't matter and she talks down to patients. She doesn't seem to have compassion for those suffering. I hope her attitude doesn't affect his practice.
I found Dr Van Boreum to be a very good surgeon an did a great job with me he just doesn't smile a lot but hes good
Excellent doctor, surgeon, listened and let me decide when and if I would do the surgery. Explained everything well.
My total experience so far has been the very best I could have expected. The PA and nurses were well trained and smart. Dr Morgan was thorough in discussing alternatives and willing to answer my concerns and questions. The surgery (total ankle replacement) has been far easier than what blogs and warnings had been. There has been very little pain. Pain killers only during the first two days post op and I have only had to use Tylenol 3 times since then. I am currently 14 days post op.
I had a displaced distal broken clavicle injured in a mountain biking accident. My surgery was very involved and I was careful in choosing the right surgeon. Dr Johnson not only did a Great job, he and his staff took their time answering all my questions and concerns. I can't imagine having a better experience with a difficult injury.
He was excellent! He was very knowledgeable & informative. He was also very caring & optimistic.
If I could give this dr 0 stars I would. He was rude disrespectful and refused to answer questions about a procedure. Nurses were amazing but walked out because of his rude attitude. Would never return to this dr. Go somewhere else!
He did a fantastic job in fixing my broken thumb from a snowmobiling accident a few years ago. I have complete mobility now. He was professional and confident in his approach. I would recommend Dr. Hammon to anyone who is in a similar situation as I was.
My surgery and recovery was short and smooth.This is the second hip replacement Dr. Johnson has done for me and both were good experiences. I was back to work in 2 1/2 weeks. I referred two colleagues who were just as satisfied with their outcomes as I am. I also appreciate that he tells you all the facts and then lets you decide if you want surgery or not.
I would never recommend this Dr, to anyone. He doesn't explain anything. He didn't listen to my concerns. I went to him with a knee problem. I had a bad reaction to the cortisone shot he insisted on giving me. I called back, they reluctantly let me come in next day. He was very arrogant and condescending. Problem got much worse. Assistant called back and said I was welcome to go some where else for a second opinion. Worst experience ever had with a Dr.
Dr. Johnson sticks to biomechanical diagnosis if he is clueless to what is going on. My husband has been going to him for over a year trying to fix an issue he has when running. After begging Dr. Johnson to do an MRI, he looked at it and said there is nothing wrong. I forwarded the MRI to my general physician who determined I needed a test for Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome. Come to find out...that is exactly what it is. A limb threating issue if not cured. Dr. Johnson did nothing to help.
I went in to see Dr. Brinton because my regular knee doctor could not see me for about 2 weeks. I was pretty disappointed. I felt like he didn't really listen to me about what I thought was wrong. It was a knee that I had previous knee surgeries on, so I knew what to expect. He kind of brushed me off like it was just a flare up and then played with the idea that my meniscus could be torn. I got in to see my regular doctor and he said, It's not a torn meniscus. I left feeling very frustrated.
His bedside manners were absolutely terrible! He had me on the verge of tears while talking to me. He completely disregarded my pain and wanted me to take tests that had nothing to do with what I needed which he confirmed to me. He made me feel like I was dumb to come in at all. When I told him my symptoms he stated I was dramatic and was taking it to the extreme. I absolutely cannot believe a doctor would treat someone like this. I went to him for help and he left me out to dry
Worst experience I've had with any medical professional. I went to him in severe pain and his solution was come back in a month. I was waiting for him to follow that with something, but he just stopped there. I asked if there was anything else I could do in the meantime to start to find a diagnosis. He finally said, Well, I guess you can take a blood test. He sends me down to get a blood test that I was later billed $450 for. He won't even talk to me. How is he still practicing?
He took a long time and extra care explaining my options for treatment for arthritis in my thumb. He is more interested in doing what's right for you than how much money he can make.
The best.
I have not yet had my surgery, but Dr. West was extremely knowledgeable and friendly when I visited him. He was able to diagnose my issue almost immediately and seemed to know more about what was going on with my own body than I did! I can't wait for him to perform my surgery.
Dr wasn't honest about MRI results. Physical therapist was the one who went over what the MRI actually said and it was completely different than what the doctor said

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