I saw Dr Cooper after a skiing accident. First impression — he was uninterested and aloof, but I dismissed it because my top priority was good treatment. Surgery was enthusiastically scheduled for a chondroplasty, meniscal repairs and cadaver ACL insertion. Post-surgery was very frustrating. Weeks after surgery and intense PT, I was not healing properly, He didn't seem to care much — "let's see how it looks in 6-8 weeks" — over and over again. 5 years later, I am having his work redone.
I had both knees operated on 4 1/2 years ago. It was mostly to "clean out" some torn meniscus. I heard later, that there is no evidence that such operations make much of an improvement. And in my case, things only got worse. First, I developed bursitis above the kneecap. They removed a lot of the excess fluid once, but it came back and they refused to do it again. I also developed pain in my SI joint which they couldn't explain and I still have. And my knee pain has only worsened since.
Overall wonderful experience with this Medical practice, from the personable woman on the phone who helped me, to the check in staff, including the funny guy who called me "Sweety". Dr Cooper's caring PA. Sorry, I'm so bad w/ names. She was very nice to me and listened to my story. Dr. Cooper was wonderful! Explained my MRI and my shoulder situation so I understood. The whole staff was fun and happy. Can't forget Dr. Kirk and his assistant! AWESOME! Can't recommend enough!
He is cold and disinterested if you are not an elite athlete. I had no idea he was the team doc for RSL, which is immediately thrown into your face when you walk thru their doors. I was pawned off onto to his PA's after the first visit and they treated me like my injury wasn't worth their time. Several thousand $$'s and many worthless injections later, I found a doc who truly cared and actually FIXED my problem. Dr. Cooper needs some humble pie and lessons in compassion towards regular folk.
Coop has performed 3 procedures on me, all related to collegiate athletics. He is very knowledgeable, but great at explaining that on the level of his patients. Very professional, but great bed-side. I have gone months between visits and he still remembers what we talked about last time. My recovery from all procedures was flawless and I have no remaining signs of injury. I trust him with my life. Wish he did backs too ;) P.s. Salt Lake office is always busier than the Sandy office
My wife hurt her knee skiing at Solitude. The PA checked her out and said it was a low grade MCL tear and should start feeling better in 2 weeks. 2 months later she's having to go to another doctor. Also, they gave us a brace they said would mostly be covered by insurance. We ended up having to pay $380 out of pocket for the brace. I could have purchased the same brace online for $115. I felt like I went to a crooked Auto Mechanic.
Unless you play soccer for Real Salt Lake, don't expect him to care about you. I came to him when I had no luck with TOSH. I went into full detail and even showed him a video of what would occur with my leg. He was disinterested and told me I needed new shoes. I have been running for years, 60-90 miles a week. I run a 1:15 half and 2:40 full and this guy had the nerve to tell me to stop running. Come to find out from a doctor who cares, I have Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome.

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