My daughter tore her ACL playing competition soccer. Dr Meadows was great explaining the surgery and the rehabilitation from this injury. Everything from the office staff, to surgery, to physical therapy has been great and easy to work with. The injury was devastating for my daughter but 5 months later she is returning to the sport she loves.
Dr. Gordon is personable and explains medical issues and procedures in understandable terms. He performed orthopedic surgery on me and the outcome is so incredible I have been referring others to his practice.
Dr. Gordon did a sheath release on two of my fingers. I have had wonderful relief. My fingers are strong and they healed perfectly. I highly recommend Dr. Gordon.
At a time when you are unsure about your diagnosis & who to chose as a doctor I felt very confident after consulting with Dr Gordon on what my options were & what would be the best outcome for me. He was very easy to talk to because he knew how hard it was for me to have to do both hip surgeries & be down for that long, his staff were very helpful & patient also. It was a long journey & I'm feeling so much better & I can get back to my normal activities. Thank you Dr Gordon!
After waiting 45 minutes I was seen for a follow up. The PA spent 2 minutes and was not helpful. While the clinic may be qualified, there is no excuse for a 45 minute wait with a 2 minute follow up.
Dr. Meadows was kind and patient. He took time to explain my injury, the surgery to repair my femur and clearly described the time-course of healing. He was upbeat and positive. Told me that I would be able to ski next year, which I needed to hear. Took time to answer all my questions before and after surgery and at my post-operative appointment. An outstanding orthopedic surgeon. Empathetic and positive patient skills.
I am grateful that Dr. James Meadows, MD was on duty the afternoon of December 18, 2016 at Alta View Hospital. I had arrived at the emergency room, after falling, and fracturing my femur. I was very scared, and knowing I was in a great deal of pain, I was hoping to get the best care possible. I was very happy with his diagnosis, his treatment, his knowledge of my care, and the professional, and kind way he treated myself, and my scared husband. I couldn't have been in any better hands.
After having a terrible fall, that left me with a shattered shoulder, I was referred to Dr. James Meadows. He did a shoulder replacement. I was very pleased with the results of surgery, and after six months, I am doing very well, and have a lot more movement that I thought I would ever have. I would so recommend Dr. Meadows and his staff to anyone needing shoulder surgery!!
I've had a number of visits with Dr. Meadows and find him to be very competent and very direct, which I appreciate. I've also felt like he did an incredible job with my full hip replacement, and the periodic follow-up has been thorough, and worthwhile as my leg muscles are recovering and becoming stronger. There have been a couple of times where he seemed rushed and I would have liked if he would have talked longer, but that doesn't diminish my recommendation -- I think he's done a great job.
Dr Gordon is an amazing surgeon. I have been to few orthopedic surgeons for injuries over the years, and by far, Dr Gordon is the best! He takes his time explaining the injuries, the options that I have, the conservative vs aggressive options. He lets me decide how to proceed, depending on the amount of pain I am having. He is definately NOT surgery happy, but will schedule me for a surgical procedure if that,s what I decide. The staff is wonderful as well, especially his asst April!
Dr Gordon takes time to explain the options and was very helpful in letting me make the best decision for my care. He is the best doctor that I have had.
What I thought was good treatment, ended up being not good at all. He kept waiting and waiting on ordering an MRI for me until I finally told him I needed one, so I could determine whether or not I would be eligible to compete in my sport. Turns out I need surgery, something I could have figured out 3 weeks ago if he hadn't kept asking me to "just come back in 2 or 3 weeks".
Dr Gordon might be good but Alta Sport's business model is obviously based on making money from required excessive appointments and excessive x-rays. And the staff enforces this! Especially April, who seemed quite proud of her lack of compassion. Unless you want to follow their rules 100%, I'd suggest you go somewhere else because once you break a rule, forget getting any help from them. Either Dr Gordon condones the staff's behavior or he is unaware of it. Either way, not recommending him.
Dr. Meadows did complete shoulder replacement on my right shoulder. The surgery could not have gone any better. The recovery was better and faster than expected. I have already recommended him to friends and relatives. He is concerned about you as an individual and not just a patient . My wife will be seeing him for a shoulder injury.
I have already recommended him to a number of people based on the results I saw from my surgery and his professional but personable approach.
I tore my ACL MCL and meniscus he repaired all three perfectly! I play football and hurt my knee 6 months before my first game I was suppose to be out for 8 months my season would have been done! But doctor meadows got my surgery done and did it perfectly the first time! I played in the second game and my knee is perfectly back to normal! He cares about his patients and their lives! Thank you doctor Meadows!!!!!!!
Dr. Meadows performed an ACL Reconstruction on my knee about a year ago. I thought he was very friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. I would highly recommend him. In fact, a couple of months after my procedure I referred a friend to him.
We first met Dr. Meadows in the emergency room where he was on call. My son had broken his leg (tibia and fibula) and was in excruciating pain. Dr. Meadows was very informative and professional in how he handled my son's care. He was gentle, knowing how much pain my son was in. The after care was equally as exceptional. In my opinion, Dr. Meadows went above and beyond the care I have ever witnessed by a physician, even calling to discuss my son's care while en-route to his family vacation.
I recently injured my rotator cuff. The muscles were severely damaged and shredded. It looked like there might not even be enough healthy tissue to reattach them. Dr Meadows performed surgery on this shoulder. Dr Meadows performed a miraculous job in reattaching and repairing my rotator cuff. Post op I had minimal bruising, swelling, or pain with a very speedy recovery. Dr Meadows' work was outstanding and extremely professional. He took expert care of me throughout my healing process.
His office respects my time. Wait time was minimal. He gave options and explained each one in detail. Considering the complexity of this particular surgery, I am ahead of schedule with my recovery. His office finance person also gave me options and was considerate of my financial situation. His front office staff were always friendly, remembered my name on each visit and were accommodating with my follow up appointments. I look forward to my next broken body part. jk
Dr. Meadows was the on call orthopedic surgeon at Alta View hospital when I fractured my humerus right at the shoulder. Due to the severity of the injury I didn't have much time to shop for doctors. Dr. Meadows showed up the morning of the surgery, explained exactly what he planned to do, and assured me that I would recover well. It has been 4-1/2 months since the injury and I have near full range of motion, and am rapidly regaining strength. Great doc, who truly cares for his patients.
Dr. Meadows was excellent! My sons situation was unique with his broken collarbone. Dr. Meadows allowed the body to do its job first and when it failed, then he moved on to surgery. He genuinely had my sons best interest in mind and not his wallet. He wasted no time, once surgery was required he performed it the same day. Very thorough with us viewing X-rays and follow-up care. 100% satisfied! Great Dr. and highly recommended!
Dr. Meadows took time to explain everything that was going on and what the limitations of my injury would be or not be. He also explained all of the options. I appreciated Dr. Meadow's concern and care through the whole process. I also appreciated that he suggested a more conservative approach with therapy before I it was necessary to do surgery. He's the best and I would recommend him to anyone needing
Dr. Meadows was an excellent surgeon. I was very satisfied and happy with the procedure. He was very kind and considerate during the whole process. Even though he was totally booked, he was willing to fit me in for surgery that day. I would recommend him to anyone.
Excellent surgeon. Worked me in for surgery immediately even though he was totally booked that day. Very caring with great follow ups. Very willing to answer all of my questions and spent a lot of time with me explaining everything. Would recommend him to anyone.
Dr Meaows was amazing! I felt I was taken such good care of after I broke my ankle & had to have surgery. Definitely would recommend him to my family & friends!
Dr. Sybrowsky operated on my finger on March 14, 2016, and I found him to be energetic and witty. He removed 3 bone spurs and 2 digital cysts due to my arthritis. Both my husband and I are really impressed with the aesthetics of the surgery afterwards. You can barely see the mark! The office staff is very punctual and helpful as well. I would recommend this doctor to anyone!
The experience of meeting and seeing Dr. Meadows as been terrific. He has helped me with two different issues and during both, he has always been patient, pleasant and explains everything in very easy terms to understand. He is, in my opinion, an outstanding doctor!!
I had my ACL done this a few months back. He wasn't kidding it would be a little rough the first few weeks, but I've made progress and happy again with my knee.
Dr. Meadows was great to work with. He took the time to listen to me and was very informative in describing my X-rays and MRI with me. I ended up having surgery to repair my torn meniscus and have done great! I had a ton of questions and he answered them to make me feel comfortable with my decision.
I think he gave good advice, except that I had already performed all the given advice, as I had explained, so I was ready to do what he was proposing to do in a followup appointment. In other words, I felt he didn't listen to me, and gave me a pad answer to my complaint without listen to the remedies I had already performed.
Dr. Meadows want to go to corrective procedure when I fell and broke both ankles, dislocating my foot from my leg. His expertise enabled me to be able to fully function post surgery. He always explains to me in terms I can understand what my condition is, what my prognosis is, and what my chances of success are. He is very personable and down to earth. And, he is an excellent surgeon .
Terrible, money hungry, doctor. He charged me for an MRI in full after checking if my insurance covered this. They then charge my insurance and my insurance covered 90%+ of this. He got double the money for one service. In another instance, he had me come in for a follow-up after my MRI when he could have simply saved me some time AND MONEY and called me to say there is no tear. Also, he had obviously not reviewed my scans when I got there because he had no clue what he was looking at.

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