Dr. Lawlor is fantastic! She never seems rushed and always takes the time to really listen to me and answer my questions. I feel very comfortable talking to her about my medical. and sometimes emotional problems.
I love Dr Moore and her staff. I feel comfortable talking about anything with Dr Moore and her assistant, Diana. Dr Moore is so easy to work with and explains everything so well. She always asks me if I have anything else that is bothering me before we are finished.
So hard to get an appointment. They are always months out, then they say they are transferring you to a nurse to see if she can work you in. You then leave a message and don't get a call back. You have to start all over again and now the appointments are further out.
He has been my doctor for 30 years. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Herold is my only choice for my doctor. He is friendly and professional. His staff is pleasant and enjoyable. I feel they have my health and wellness on every visit. He has a great sense of humor and I can joke around with him and he jokes right back.
Compassionate and competent. So knowledgeable--I don't think she can be stumped! Whatever concerns I have she has recommendations and takes all the time I need. to explain them. She is thorough and efficient. This time she found a small lump, so small I would never have found it this soon, and followed up for me right away. I completely trust her medical expertise.
Dr Mina is the absolute apex of professionalism and so kind and precious, I was completely impressed with all aspects of my office visit. It was my first visit and I was totally at ease. That's saying a lot for me, since I'm one of the worst patients a Dr could contend with. I rarely, and I mean hardly ever, unless I have to, but I will go to this Lady and do what she suggests for my care. Thank you Dr for taking away the dread.
Dr. Harold is very personable and gets straight to the point with his explanations. I would recommend Dr. Herold. Mel is someone that make you feel at ease, I'm impressed with her perfessionalism. Dennis Mullen
Finding a knowledgeable, conscientious and caring physician is difficult in today's U.S. healthcare system. I am lucky enough to have such a person in Mina Gohari, M.D. She performs the most thorough exams, actively listens and really gives you the impression that you are her only concern. Her knowledge and expertise are top-rate, but the kindness factor goes so far as to make one feel cared for and cared about. Dr. Gohari's staff are carefully chosen to reflect her values.
He was rude to my mother. He said that she was failing the test (MMSE) miserably. She felt so bad about herself afterward. I was so disappointed. I had high hopes after finally finding a geriatric physician for my mom. He didn't offer any preventive medication or vaccines. Didn't tell us what to watch out for. Didn't give any insight into her medical condition(s).
Dr. Gohari is the most helpful and caring doctor I have had. She works with her patients to help them stay as healthy as possible. She genuinely cares about her patients. If you are looking for a doctor that listens to you and your health care needs, she is the best! I highly recommend her.
I have the highest regard for Dr. Lawlor. She takes the time needed to understand and explain what is going on with me. She is thorough with my check-ups and is concerned about my health. She listens to my issues and asks good questions if needed. The staff is great, they have a team spirit you don't often see in a medical environment.
Dr. Gohari is knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate. I'm fortunate to have her managing my health care. Her office staff is also commendable.
Excellent caring doctor with a balanced approach to treating seniors. I really can't say enough good things about her skill and compassion.
Best damn internist in the US. Got me out of trouble a number of times. Direct to the point and very knowledgable
Dr. Gohari was great, took a lot of time to review my chart and I was very comfortable with her. Everyone was very friendly and professional and took time to make me feel at ease. the office was clean and comfortable.
In addition to finding her to be competent and thorough as a doctor, I have found her to go above and beyond what I normally have experienced in past physicians. I have never felt rushed in any of our appointments. That is something that is very important to me. She takes the time to answer any questions I might have and she shows genuine interest in my health and concerns. I would recommend her without reservation.
Dr. Gohari is wonderful!
I would definitely recommend Dr. Rahimi to family and friends.
Dr Herold is very knowledgeable as well as professional. He takes the time to answer any questions and has a good sense of humor. His Medical Assistant, Mel, has very good customer service skills and puts you at ease. I have recommended Dr. Herald and will continue to do so.
Dr Harold was very attentive, listened well and seems to be concerned about my issues. His assistant Mel was awesome; a great asset to his practice. The two are a class act in the medical profession. Looking forward to my next visit. And I would deffinately recommend them to anyone looking for a attentive medical team. Anyone is welcome to contact me for more personal recommendations.
I had my first visit with Dr. Herold today. Excellent doctor! He asked a lot of questions, gave me some great advice and opinions, and made me feel valued as a new patient. My former doctor went into corporate practice, so I needed a new family physician. Dr. Herold was the perfect choice.
First visit as a new patient was scheduled with ease. The office staff were very accommodating and friendly. Dr Gohari was friendly, thorough, and caring. I was impressed, and feel my health care will be in good hands as she works me to manage my health.
I began seeing Dr. Rahimi when I turned 65 last May. He has been very thorough, understanding, and professional, as well as a person I could talk to about anything related to my health. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and has a great sense of humor. He has referred me to excellent doctors when required, and followed up with progress reports from his referrals. Great doctor, great guy, and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for care and compassion.
Dr. Gohari is easy to talk with, listens to your concerns and responds in language a normal person can understand. She follows up on any outstanding problems and treats you as an individual not a chart. The receptionist and nurse are professional, kind and friendly.
I found Dr. Herold to be very friendly and easy to talk to about my health concerns. He is obviously very well educated and up to date on various treatments and the effectiveness of drugs available today. He was quick to provide me his opinion and recommendations concerning treatment of my medical concerns from a senior's point of view. I found his medical assistant Mel to be very friendly and she did a great job drawing my blood without any discomfort. I'd recommend him to a friend.
I would very much recommend Dr. GO HARI TO ANYONE. SHE IS VERY thorough in her work.
My experience with Dr. Gohari was great. I feel she is interested in my health problems, and spent time with me to ask and answer questions. I would recommend her to my family and friends.
Dr Gohari is very thorough and interested in your health. She want to be able to know all she can about the things that you are concerned about....so you feel that you are being heard.
I've taken both my parents to Dr. Moore for 2+ years, both struggling with levels of aging and dementia. She's kind, attentive, thorough, understands medicine interactions, and doesn't through medicine at the problem. About six months ago, I recommended her to a friend who needed a personal physician while dealing with Parkinson's disease. She helped him regulate his medicine and coordinated with the Parkinson's specialist to improve his overall care. She's a great physician.
Mom is hard to get out to a doctor for a check-up and I anticipated the usual negative comments after her visit, but she was very impressed with him and is looking forward to having him as her primary care physician. It doesn't sound very exciting, but I'm thrilled she believes he has her best interests at heart. He was engaged and earnest, but has a very pleasant personality. I'm very happy she actually feels up-beat about a physician.
Dr. was easy to talk with and was direct in his diagnosis.
She explains everything in non-medical words. Her staff is wonderfully friendly and supportive.
Always in a hurry and doesn't want to take the time to explain things to you. You try to ask a question and skirts around it. Really doesn't answer it.
Probably the best family doctor/ general practitioner I've ever had. He's taken care of several family members including me. He has a great amount of experience and always listens to health concerns. If he is unsure of anything, he will refer you to a specialist instead of making assumptions. He catches a lot of things that other doctors may miss, and is thorough. He has quite possibly saved me from several health crises, and helped me avoid them for the future.
I took my 89 year old mother to see Dr. Rebecca Moore. We needed someone who could treat her diabetes more effectively and Dr. Moore was the perfect person. She was very thorough in her exam and testing and discovered that my mother had been over treated for her diabetes for years. Within 3 months of seeing Dr. Moore, she had my mother off of her insulin and feeling so much better. All of her testing is done right there in the exam room. She treated my mom with so much respect and kindness.
Finding Dr. Moore has been a godsend for our family and especially for my elderly mother (age 83), who is Dr. Moore's patient. I try to attend visits with my mom when I can, and first-hand I was able to see how pleasant the office is, treating patients with courtesy and respect. Dr. Moore is a top-notch geriatric specialist, and her encouragement and enthusiasm has literally turned my mother's well-being around, not only physical, but mental as well! I highly recommend her.
I go to Dr. Harold for yearly check ups. I have always appreciated his honesty. I feel I can talk openly to him about how I am doing.

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