It's interesting to see the other comments here - my experience was very similar. Such a waste of time and this guy was so rude and condescending. I was sent by my primary because of some lab work and Dr. Trachtenberg spoke to me like I was an idiot and proceeded to tell me that nothing was wrong with me. I finally told him he that we weren't getting anywhere and I wasn't going to be spoken to in that manner and left. Wish I hadn't spent $ on a copay for this guy.
Dr Oliver's is the best at what he does. He doesn't waste time but will get right down to the pertinent questions while still taking the time needed to help with my condition. He does wonders; seriously one of the most knowledgeable drs I've seen. If it's something he's not familiar with he'd reach out to colleagues or figure it out but that's a rarity. i've always been happy with my visit and would completely trust my life and my entire family in his hands.
Dr Lunt is such an amazing caring dr; I've never seen a better dr. I could go on all day about how caring and sweet she is. She is very personable and no matter how busy she is when she is in the exam room with you, you are her complete focus. She listens well and explains things in ways that are easy to understand. excellent communication if calling for something and wait time is short. Let's pray she never retires!
Thank you for the exceptional service you provided me resolving my various health issues. Good luck to you in the future.
Dr. Bhatt had an initial "get-to-know-me" visit prior to conducting my annual physical. She asked the right questions, listened to my answers and asked appropriate follow up questions. Then when I had my physical, she was able to provide some suggestions on my current health status, along with requesting appropriate lab work. I've been extremely impressed with Dr. Bhatt's level of care thus far.
Had a similar experience as one other reviewer. First meeting was great. She seemed genuinely interested, personable and caring. The next visit was with her PA even though she was in the office. The next visit, seemed rushed and not as genuinely interested. She didn't explain things as clearly. Seemed distracted. I'm sitting on the fence.
I have been seeing Dr. Chamberlain for over 15 years for my type 1 diabetes. I commend him for his expertise and guidance in aiding me to manage a 53 year condition.
By far, my favorite doctor! I love going to see him every year. He is not only the best doctor out there, but I love talking to him. He takes time to get to know you. He is very intelligent.
One of the smartest guys in the room. He is the Dr. House of Salt Lake City.
Rude staff, terrible bedside manner, didn't seem educated in what we were talking about. The worst doctor I have ever seen. Period.
He is always trying to find ways to figure out my medical condition!
I have a complex problem i had a couple of BAD doctors so my trust level wasn't high she listens to you in full before coming to right conclusion . i had more than one procedures from doctor that didn't read his own paperwork . and one from just jumping to a conclusion. not believing finally a great doctor, Even when a new patient has white coat syndrome, from having a bad doctor in the past .All i can say is if you need a great doctor you came to the right place She is FAN-DAHM-TASTIC
Dr. Lunt has been my primary care physician for 20 years. She is absolutely exceptional. The most impressive thing about Dr. Lunt is her diligence to find the underlying cause of health challenges. She is thorough, caring and extremely competent. My wife and I absolutely trust her care.
Very knowledgeable, personal and attentive. Responds to my questions with information and discussion. Very efficient, responsive and clear with prescriptions and refills.
Dr KUO has been such a great person. Been with him for about 3 years. Caring, trusted, very helpful. Would definitely recommend him.
dr. bahtt is one of the most caring dr's we have ever met. she really listens to everything you say and you can really tell how much she cares about you as a paitient. we feel we are very fortunate to have her for my wife's dr. anyone who wants a great dr ought to go see her. she is really a compassionate and caring dr and a real credit to her profession. thanks for everything. renu and mike
WARNING: She is the kind of doctor who wants to bill two doctors visits for a single preventative care visit. SAVE YOUR $$$ Go somewhere else! Waste your time elsewhere
Dr. Bhatt was recommended to me after I had an 8-day hospital stay for a massive headache. I had multiple health issues going on and I felt like she cared about me and wanted to get to the bottom of things at the first appointment. But the kindness and interest ended there - all subsequent visits centered around my weight even though I've struggled with anorexia in the past. My problems were written off, even though I was just diagnosed with scleroderma after someone finally listened to me!
So far so good. I lost my PCP and I found Dr. Gubler. He worked with me E en know my situation is very complex. He is very caring, calm, a true professional. He was a Godsend for sure. His MA Cody has also tried hard to help me. As long as he will have me Dr. Gubler will remain my PCP.
I would recommend Dr. Lunt 100%. From my experience, she is very interested in her patients well being. She is personable, accurate in her judgement of problems, uplifting, bright, caring. All the wonderful qualities desired by a patient. Clear in her explanation of the situation. Promotes a great feeling of well being.
To be absolutely honest. This Dr. is a huge jerk. He is brash, arrogant, and rude. He has no compassion and doesn't seem like he should deal with people in general let alone as a physician. Go see Dr. Oliver his partner who is 100x better than this waste of a white coat.
Dr Bhatt is amazing and takes so much time when my parents go in for a visit. She addressess their every need with concern and takes the time to ensure they have been educated and their concerns are addressed. She is willing to consider and discuss any options. She reminds me of the old fashioned family physician where you often feel like you are the only patient she has.
Dr Chamberlain has diabetes himself so he understands it very well. As a member of the healthcare field, I feel like he truly cares and is one of the most knowledgeable MD's in regards to diabetes. He gives out his email address and responds quickly to any questions or concerns you may have. The office is a little busy with all the other doctors but as far as him personally, he is a 5 star doctor.
Dr. Bhatt is the most caring doctor I have ever met. Any concerns I have she sits down and takes time to go over things and helps me find options that work with my own lifestyle. She doesn't jump straight to medication as an answer and tries to help find other options. I recommend her very strongly to anyone seeking a new PCP.
Knowledgeable and caring physician.
I waited an hour for my initial appointment with nobody telling me it would be a wait until I inquired 30 minutes into my wait. Due to another appt scheduled 2 hours after my true appointment w/ Dr. Bhatt, she deemed 30-45 minutes was not enough to do an annual exam, told me to reschedule & that I wouldn't be charged for the visit. Which is annoying but fine, until I received a bill for the visit I never had. As a fellow healthcare professional this is unacceptable, & I won't be returning.
He is personable and seems to care about what you are telling him. He listens. Does not seem rushed and doesn't bury his head in a computer. Competent.
Dr. Chamberlain is simply one of the best doctors I have ever had. He really listens,and takes all the time needs to deal with my concerns. I had already recommended him to friends, and since he is a diabetic himself he really understands the challenges of dealing with the disease. He is simply the BEST!
I was sent to Dr Trachtenjerk by my General Practitioner after receiving a positive result on a blood test. Dr. Trachtenjerk sat and told me that I was not having the symptoms I was having, and that the blood test didn't really verify anything. I was then really curious as to why I had to take time off from my job and waste half my day to deal with this guy. I didn't request to come see Dr. Trachtenjerk, I was sent after receiving my lab results. Ended up being cured by a real doctor.
**WASTED 1-1.5 HRS OF MY LIFE!!** I was referred to him by my midwife because my labs showed positive as a carrier for Hep B. He kept me waiting in the room for half an hour, and than when he arrived...stated the last time he treated a PREGNANT woman with Hep B was 2 years ago. And for the next half hour spent the entire time on his LAPTOP, googling medical journals and giving me counsel and feedback off articles. The bill was $250!! I could have googled same stuff for FREE! joke.
Great experience. Great doctor.

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