Really like Dr. Sawchuk..personable and nice, however, the front desk people tend to overbook, so every time I have to go in for appointment..I am there 1-1 1/2 hours for a ten minute appointment.
I had a ruptured L5 S1 disc. Tried some steriod tapers and injections. 2nd MRI showed a 2nd rupture on Thursday night, had me in the office on Monday and surgery on Tuesday. Dr Fogg does not do the surgery, he assists or is present. Dr Weston does the operation. Dr Fogg does the visits, ordering MRIs and injections, prescriptions, determines whether surgery is necessary and then get the surgery scheduled. He also does the follow-up visits. I would use him again and send family
Dr Sawchuck explained the procedure very well. He was interested and attentive! I will recommend him to my friends.
Asked, what was going on and after I told him, he asked me what I wanted him to do about it. I said I don't know, and asked what are the options? His reply still has me stumped. Well I can't do anything unless you tell me what you want done. I thought maybe I was crazy or just being a wimp so I lived with the pain. 6 months later I couldn't barely move. Hospital did an MRI turns out I have been living with a herniated disc that was now defragmenting. Surgery a week later
I had two previous back surgeries prior to this one. Based on what I've been through in the past this was by far my best experience. Dr Clawson and Dr Fogg did an excellent job on my back. My surgery wasn't as routine as initially thought, and it was great to have two highly experienced surgeons working together to do what was best for me. I wouldn't trust my back to anyone else. I feel very lucky to have found them.
Sawchuk seemed very knowledgeable in my evaluation, and took time to explain my options, but his office staff are A JOKE!! Took me a month, in a lot of pain, to get an appt because they misinformed me. Then they all left during my appt so I couldn't schedule the injection RX. Next day they would never call me back, and refused to ask the medical assistant for the information they needed to schedule. Hungup on me when I said I'd appreciate them to call me back today. Still not scheduled.
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