I went in for a health visit but he just wasted my time. The medical information he talked about was made up and he didn't do anything. He was obsessed with treating my hypogonadism I went in with growth hormone deficiency concerns. He doesn't listen and this was felt enough that I personally felt abused. He refused to listen about my health history and other medical conations I suffer from. The provider showed a clear agenda to make my health worse not better.
super nice guy but didn't help me at all. a waste of time.
Excellent experience he addressed my needs. Yes he said to do a diet, it is needed.
I was appalled by his bedside manner. He made 3 very offensive comments that were out of line. He told me to go on a diet that hasn't been around since the year 2000 and on a way lower calorie diet than the dietician said I should be on. He wasn't addressing my condition, only my weight which is partially caused by my condition. Don't waste your time/money!
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