Dr Pendleton is outstanding for his well thought out questions, the fact that he actually listens, and his knowledge and resourcefulness when solving problems. Dr Pendleton spent time with me, not as just another patient, but almost as if he were my friend ... Even though he is booked solid. Dr. Pendleton treated me like a HUMAN BEING, worthy of consideration; Not just another complaining patient. (Which I am). For me, Dr Pendleton stands out as a superior medical professional.
If you haven't been in, in the right amount of time, and a pharmacy calls to update a prescription, rather than updating the prescription, the doctor and his office do nothing and let you run out of medication rather than solving the problem, and working at getting you in for an appointment. Some of the worst customer service I've had in a long time.
Dr. Stratford has shown little regard for the well being of difficult patients. I understand that unhealthy older patients can be frustrating, however, his lack of compassion and follow through may cost my parent their life. After seeing Dr. Stratford for over a decade he continued to ignore obvious signs of extraordinary poor health.
I think Dr. Barton is a very good doctor and I would recommend him to family. He wasn't tremendously helpful with my questions about a physical exam, possibly because I am on Medicare
Dr. Carter has been our family doctor since we moved here from CA 4 yrs ago. He's always friendly, takes his time, knows us all, and has excellent insights into the oddball issues that come up in a large family. We are so grateful to him and highly recommend him. I have been able to get same day appointments for severe issues, and within a few days for less urgent matters. Friendly staff. I like that they have Lab & X-Ray right there so it's convenient and saves a lot of money.
Dr. Hubbard is a fantastic Doctor. He is very friendly and always respectful. I live in Cedar City and drive to St. George to see him. He always answers all of my questions and addresses all of my concerns. I often recommend others to see him.
Best doctor I've had. He delivered all three of my babies and made sure we were healthy. He was very considerate of our time also. He always educated me in things I had no clue about. Thankful for Drs like him.
I would not suggest Dr. Hubbard as a family health physician. His P.A. Tom Bean, on the other hand, I would. When Dr. Hubbard was on call for Tom Bean he would not call in eardrops for my 12 year old son, who was in excruciating pain, and just said to bring him back into the office if it gets worse! My son had previously been in to visit Tom Bean two days prior and was on an antibiotic. I will not go to a Dr. or suggest a Dr. to my friends or family who is not compassionate to his patients.
St. George in general has outstanding health care in my opinion, compared to most anywhere else in the states. However, Dr. Barton stands out even in St. George. He spent way more time with me than I could have expected about a subject that most Drs in St. George would know little about (Lyme Disease). He comes across as sincerely interested in a first time patient's issues in a town, not unlike any other, where most Drs are swamped, face time constraints and usually let it show.
He asks leading questions to help diagnose an illness. He is very friendly and understanding of kids. I am very confident in his knowledge and skill.
I am very grateful that I started seeing Dr. Pendleton. He actually found out what medication was causing my swelling. Dr. Pendleton is very knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. I will be recommending Dr. Pendleton to all my friends and family!
It has been alway great.
Excellent primary physician. He listens, asks questions, and renders an accurate diagnosis. Shows concern and compassion for my family members and me.

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