Dr.Andrews has birthed my first, as well as my sister's first and we were very happy with the experience. She always asks how I'm doing and if I have any questions. She is sweet, and helpful. And she is very professional! When my sister was in labor, the nurse had her pushing when the baby was posterior. The baby didn't budge. Dr. Andrews showed up and turned him around immediately, baby was delivered 20 minutes later. She makes you feel safe, and she knows what she is doing!
Competent and amazing! Dr. Andrews does an ultrasound at every visit. She will work with your birth plan including going naturally or using different birthing positions. She's the only one at Valley OB who doesn't rotate with other doctors, so you see her every time, and she delivers, not the on-call doctor. Appointments are concise and efficient, but she'll also take all the time necessary to answer your questions. She delivered for me, my sister-in-law twice, and a former mission companion.
Very rude doctor. She didn't even say hello to me nor wanted to get to know me a little. It was my first time with her and I had the impression that either my questions or concerns didn't matter at all. Since I wasn't sure about the Dr. 's poor answers, I asked the nurse instead. Dr Andrews heard us and immediately inquired in a nasty way what she was saying. The poor nurse felt so embarrassed and humiliated. I would not recommend this lady doctor to anybody.
I would NOT recommend going to Sarah Andrews. I was at a 10 and ready to go but my baby sat in the birth canal for an extra hour because she was still at the office doing appointments. We asked that the cord not be clamped for a few minutes after birth but she ignored that. Also, after my baby came she gave me VAGINAL yeast infection medicine for a BREAST yeast infection which prolonged my infection an extra 10 days. Also, she gave me a birth control that depleted my milk supply!
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