Unlike other reviewers, we felt Dr Langford took all the time needed to resolve our concerns and answer our questions. His assistant responds to messages very quickly. Out of all neurologists we've had over the years, he has helped the most.
Dr Corniea has been an amazing healthcare provider for myself and my family. He is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and just a great guy!
Dismissive and aloof. Didn't seem like he wanted to be bothered with me. Didn't ask questions or explain anything. I felt like he was rushing me out and wasn't interested in what I was there for or in what I was trying to explain. He focused solely on a symptom that wasn't the primary reason I was there to see him, and dismissed the symptoms I was actually there to see him about.
Dr. Langford is nothing like I was told he would be. He will make you feel rushed, like he has no time for you. He Rushes through your appointment and just wants to get you out of the room. He has no feelings towards his patients and leaves them feeling worse off then what they were feeling before. I would never recommend him to anyone. So disappointed in him and the care my dad received.
Our family has been going to Dr. Nobuhara for years. He is a kind and brilliant "no-nonsense" doctor, with exceptional diagnostic skills, who tells it like it is. Nurses and other doctors we know agree with this. Dr. Nobuhara is extremely competent and thorough, and therefore picks up on things others sometimes miss, and because of that, he saves lives. He has saved mine twice, my husband's twice, my niece's, my brother-in-law's. We couldn't recommend him more highly.
Dr. Staheli knows his stuff and is very kind. He spends a lot of time with you and is extremely thorough. I've had sleep problems for 15 years and he is the first doctor to give me a diagnosis and really help me. Would highly recommend Dr. Staheli to anyone with sleep issues.
I've been a patient for many years. I have the highest confidence in Dr. Olsen. He is caring, listens very well, and works with me to determine the best course of action.
I went to see him for insomnia. I have no sleep apnea problems, just have trouble staying asleep at night. He told me I was being dramatic, that I just needed to grow up and stop being a night owl. I've been struggling with this for almost a year and it really hurt having my problems belittled. He then rushed me out of the room. If your having problems with insomnia, google Sleep Restriction Therapy. That's the only thing he mentioned, something I had already known about.
Not accepting new patients. Office had no one else to refer me too such as a PA, etc. I guess he may be good, but only if you are already one of his patients. I'll never know.
Excellent doctor, but extremely hard to get an appointment.
Not a good listener. Seems harried and I feel like he talks down to me. Appointments with him can be frustrating, and I feel like he lacks basic respect for me as a person.
Dr Langford does not ask enough questions to help diagnose your condition and listen to you. More often I would feel like I would talk and be interrupted so he could start giving his diagnosis partway through my explanation. I didn't feel heard, didn't feel like I could get my explanation out, and thus didn't feel like any diagnosis wasn't based upon all the information available. Also it made it seem like he wanted to rush the appointment so he could get to the next one.
He takes time to get details, explain options, and provide advice. I feel like I always get the diagnosis, care and treatment I need.
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