Wonderful service so willing to help with a very very uncomfortable situation and my smile looks absolutely priceless
Experience excellent. Staff excellent
Excellent doctor! He is very meticulous and detail-oriented. That is a must-have trait in a dentist. He did a great job and was able to help identify another problem for me that multiple other dentists had not seen. His entire staff is very friendly and very helpful. Dr. Affleck is very personable and very good at what he does.
Great care!
Dr. Affleck and his staff were super knowledgeable and friendly. They were able to fix my teeth and get me the results that I was looking for! I can smile with ease knowing my teeth look great!
If there were something less than 1 star, I'd give it. The appliance he put in my mouth has now caused me to loose another tooth (right in front); have the appliance remade and cost money I just don't have as I live on a pension and am raising a grandchild. My dentist informed me that the wire used to make the appliance (Dr. Affleck's)he was of the poorest possible quality and he would not put it in his horses's mouth. Thank you Dr. A for a horrible job!
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