Very compassionate! Tried to cover all bases all while addressing the inflammation at hand. I would recommend Dr. Richard Hurst to anyone suffering with spinal issues. Great office staff as well!
LOVE Dr Bowen. I have been a patient of Dr. Bowens for about 7 yrs now. He is an amazing doctor who is unrushed, listens, works to find answers, and is very personable and carring. He helped me figure out a dxs (through a specialist he sent me to), for a rare genetic disorder of the joints that everyone else missed for 30+ yrs. He has helped me tremendously w/ the resulting pain. I love this doctor. (And, he has gone out of his way to avoid extra costs as much as possible for me).
Great chemistry.............and gave me information that helped me in making decisions. I would recommend him to absolutely everyone. As a non-cutter, he is focused on what is going on and what the causes can be. Definitely a Medicine Man.....
I'll never see anyone other than him, again!!! He's amazing!!!
Dr. Hurst is so kind and caring. Fantastic bedside manner.
Dr. Bowen is an outstanding doctor! I'm a nurse and herniated a disc in my back. Went through 5 doctors before finding Dr. Bowen and nearly cried with relief that I found a dr who cared, understood, was knowledgeable, and very proactive. Everyone I know who has seen him has been impressed with him. He is very good at listening, understanding the situation. He clearly explains all options. He will do everything to help you. Not to mention that he knew more than all my other doctors combined!
DONT USE THIS PROVIDER!!!! Dr. only concerned with you paying your BILL! My bill was over $500 for a office test. I then set up a payment plan of $100 per month which I have paid each month, as of Jan 2016 $68.61 remains and my bill has a threatening note saying I will be sent to collections Jan 30 if not paid. Bill is postmarked Jan 19th Wow , paying this every month and that isn't good enough, and dr couldn't even diagnose me. Has gone thru several billers now his wife is the biller.
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