Dr. Gull took care of me after a fluke accident left me with a fractured nose and in a lot of pain. His office was able to get me in very quickly, and after a brief exam and explanation of procedure, scheduled surgery for the next week to reset my nose. I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Dr. Gull did a fantastic job!
The Doctor not very helpful. They rip you off... They billing department was rude
I made an appointment with Dr. Palmerin Jan 2017. i didn't get a chance to work with the Dr. Palmer who i made an appointment with but the guy at the clinic who i refused not to talk with but they keep insisting me to speak with him. A month and half later, they sent me a bill to pay out of my pocket for almost $200 for not even worked at all with the Dr. i made an appointment with. Very very disappointed... I felt i have been ripped off for the service i did not get
Dr. Gull was excellent. Every time I went in, he spent a lot of time with me to help understand what was going on, and to explain things to me. He also performed a surgery for removing my tonsils and fixing my septum which has helped me IMMENSELY. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gull!
I felt like he didn't want to be my doctor. He was trying to pass me on to someone else. Then after an unfortunate accident in the OR, he never sincerely apologized or took any responsibility for what happened. On a more positive note, he did successfully take care of my problem. However; the things that happened to me wouldn't have if he or his staff would have done all the basics or a thorough pre exam.
I came to Dr. Palmer for problems of a hoarse voice and inflammation in my throat. I never felt that he took me seriously or cared about my problem. When I finally got fed up and wanted to find another doctor I asked for a copy of my records. Upon reviewing my records, I noted that the majority of his notes from our first appointment were comments about my weight. He wrote a full paragraph describing how fat he thought I was and said very little about the presenting problem. Horrible.
Fixed my nose. It is great to breath with my mouth closed. I am very pleased.
He doesn't listen to me at all, very arrogant and didn't solve my problem. He just created more problems. I would find someone else to go too
My son with autism had a tonsellectomy, adenoidectomy and minor nasal surgery and Dr. Gull was fantastic working with him, communicating with me and listening to any concerns I had. Couldn't have asked for a better surgeon for my son.
Horrible post-op experience with Dr. Palmer's PA. She is rude. Staff can be rude as well. Go to a different doctor.
Was referred here and after 3 years of seeing him he told me to get a second opinion...i reminded him he was the second opinion. Oh you know what i mean. Jerk.
Patient BEWARE! Went to see about a on going 3 month sinus issue. Saw the PA, was asked if I ever had a endoscopy. I said no. Took about 5 min. It found nothing. They billed $311.14 for my visit and $461.07 for the endoscopy. After ins. adjustments I am now left with a bill of $564.82. This is robbery!! Talked to the billing said they could do nothing and did not offer help. I would never have said yes to that if I had known and they did not inform me. Would NEVER go to this office again
Poor post-op care, when headaches and right ear-ache developed after nasal surgery.Dr. Palmer's assistants, who interviewed me before each visit, were never in touch, and were not always courteous. Although Dr. Palmer ordered various tests re post-op issues, he never seemed intent on getting to the cause of the problem. He also denied that weather conditions could be a factor with sinus issues. Dr. Palmer told me to see my primary physician for the headaches and released me as a patient.

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