I love Dr. Welter. He takes time to listen to your concerns. Very kind and caring.
He's one of few Drs. that takes the time to listen to you and your just not a number. He does his best to find out the problem and if he can't he tries to find someone who he thinks may be able to help . And if not he keeps trying.
Every visit I have with Dr.Welter is a very good experience.He is very through and in inforrmative and very patient........
I appreciate Dr. Hansen's care and concern. He takes he time to answer all of your questions and puts your surgery fears at ease.
Wonderful doctor! He did a fantastic job on my recent surgery and I appreciate the effort he put i
I trust and respect Dr. Welter's judgment and medical knowledge. He treats his patients respectfully, listens carefully, and then proposes some alternatives. Also, Dr. Welter always emphasizes that he is easily accessible and to telephone him if I need anything. My biggest health problem (and perhaps the only health problem) has been migraine headaches with which I have suffered for the last 25 years. Dr. Welter has solved the problem!
After having several trips to the ER for care, the doctor at the ER contacted Dr. Mark Hansen about my case and the complications I was having. I had no problem getting into his office the Monday for follow-up care. His professionalism and honesty is refreshing and his care went above and beyond what I figured I would get. So glad to have ended up with Dr. Hansen and his staff. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends in need.
Dr Welter is such a caring person and will take as much time with me as I need. I would highly recommend him to anyone...and I do.
Thanks to Dr Welter for always being available and taking care of my needs. Feels good to know that I can get in without long waits and feel confident with the service I recieve. Lawrence Welch
I've never been one who liked going to doctors. After 60 years of being disappointed, I finally found Dr. Welter. Dr. Welter actually takes time to intently listen to me and I've never been "herded" back out the door as quickly as possible like with others. He's knowledgeable about everything I've consulted with him about and has a genuine concern about my well being. I can't say enough about how nice it is to finally have an optimistic option of doctors. This guy's the one!
Dr. Hansen is a wonderful surgeon! I appreciated his detailed explanation of what would take place during surgery and the removing of my appendix and the recovery process. This was actually my second surgery within six months for that is when I had to have my gall bladder removed and Dr. Hansen was my surgeon then too. I am very happy with his work:)
Dr. Welter is an amazing doctor. I feel like he really listens to his patients. I never feel rushed at his office. His staff is very kind and courteous. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
I have been going to Dr. Welter for over three years and I can honestly say he is one of the best doctors I have ever gone to . He always takes the time to listen to what I have to say and he explains what is wrong with me so that I can completely understand the problem . He is very personable , has a good sense of humor and he is not arrogant like a lot of doctors. . He takes care of whatever problems I have and I would never change doctors . I always leave his office smiling .
I have the opportunity to work with Dr. Welter at Cache Valley Hospital and seeing his care and compassion for his patients is the reason I chose to have him as my own personal Physician. I defiantly recommend to to everyone.
Dr.welter is the best dr I've seen in years he is very thorough on everything he doesn't leave u guessing on anything and he knows specialists if you need something he can't fix he doesn't give you treatment you don't need . He is just a caring Dr . He responds quickly if you call him and he actually calls you back not a nurse or a recording now days that's one thing doctors have forgot . But Dr welter is old school and his patients mean more to him than money or insurance. He gets the job done
Excellent first visit. Answered all questions and made you feel very comfortable.
Very friendly. Makes sure you are comfortable with everything that he does. Highly recommend him. Great at getting a quick appoimtment and wait times is great too.
Dr Welter was great to spend time and explain my medical issues in a way that I understood.
I met Dr Welter when he was called to administer medication as I went into Afib during my broken wrist operation. Afterward he took the time to look through my med list and recommend some serious changes that would help my well-being. He was impressive and kind! I felt so much better, I asked to be a regular patient!
I do not mean to start out negative, but I have not always had positive experiences with physicians. When my husband and I moved to North Logan, we needed to find a new physician. We saw Dr. Matthew Welter's name in our Preferred Provider's Directory. We made appointments and were so pleased when Dr. Welter's and his staff made us feel so good. We were treated with respect and their professionalism was great. Dr. Welter's listened to my concerns, made suggestions and took time to explain.
I have never had a DR show concern like he did when I greatly needed it.
Dr. Welter is a highly intelligent doctor with the unique skill of being able to tune in and listen to his patients. He is also a well-organized physician, something you don't see often amongst busy doctors these days! Together with his excellent "bedside" manner, he knows what's best for his patients. He is candid and does not sugarcoat test results or other diagnostic findings. Finally, he is persistent and is one of those one-in-ten that goes the extra mile to target in on a difficult dx!
Dr Hansen was very detailed about the procedure. Also about what I would and could expect afterwards!! He wasn't just caring to me but to my family too.
It was seriously the easiest clinic to work with I have ever seen. Friendly staff exceeded expectations every time. I showed up for my post op without an appointment and had an appointment and had been seen and was out within fifteen minutes.
I found Dr Hansen and his staff very helpfull, professional, and empathetic. I would recommend his services to all.

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Appendectomy, Open
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Dressing And-Or Debridement Of Wound, Infection, Or Burn (Incl. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy)
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