Dr Ngatuvai is great. He has always known where to start with many perplexing medical problems we've had over the years. He is a patient listener. He does a very thorough work up & asks a lot more questions of his patients than most. Some reviewers mistake this for criticism but I've always felt he was just really knowledgeable about different diagnoses and wants to rule out possibilities. He has never steered us wrong in many years of seeing him for injuries, illness, or trickier problems.
Dr Ngatuvai takes time to listens and cares about his patients.
I love her, she has always cared for us in the most efficient way. My whole family has gone to her for years and we would never ch ange doctors
Dr. Ngatuvai is not a very nice person. I would never recommend anyone going to him. I went in for "tension headaches" and he was not sympathetic at all. He said it was stress and that I was over reacting. When I kept persisting what else I could do he told me that alternative options would require money and that I obviously didn't have any because I was on Medicaid! Very rude. At the time I was a full time grad student. Now I'm not on Medicaid. I fee bad for those poor patients on Medicaid.
Dr. Ngatuvai is a listener and answers my questions. He cares about people.
Dr. Ngatuvai, while educated, has deplorable bedside manner. He was not receptive to patients chief complaints, consistently cutting us off while we were in the exam room. He was talking over us, as we were speaking. Negated all of the reports from ER visits, including concerns about a serious underlying disease. He ordered basic bloodwork, and suggested we not return until more receptive to his suggestions. I understand the importance of starting small, but his approach was terrible.
He listens before he evaluates. He is thorough in his evaluation. He is very personable. He follows through on the diagnosis and explains what is going on. Excellent doctor.
He was extremely rude to me the entire time I was there and he was criticizing me for my decision to have an IUD (which had NOTHING to do with the appointment). Also, because of my symptoms he ran bloodwork and didn't give me my results at all! I had to request that another doctor look at them because he was not doing his job. Overall, I was offended and frustrated and will not be going back to him! I would not recommend if you're looking for a half-decent, considerate doctor.
Dr MacArthur is very conscientious
I saw Dr. Ngatuvai after a car accident. He told me I was like a worn out set of tires. It wasn't the car accident that had damaged my shoulder, but I was already older and it was worn out. I was 35 with no history of shoulder pain or injury! He prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers. I asked what else I can do, and he said physical therapy might help. PT found a rib out of place and pulling on the shoulder, after couple months of therapy my shoulder healed. No pain meds needed!
Don't waste your time with this doctor if you have severe concerns! I went to him for too long and he never took my concerns seriously!! He blamed my neurological symptoms and fatigue on burnout!! I changed doctors and was immediately referred to a neurology specialist. A thyroid specialist also immediately diagnosed me with Hashimoto's Thyroid after Dr. Ngatuvai had refused to address my long-standing thyroid symptoms and requests for tests. I truly regret not changing doctors sooner!:(
He's pretty straight forward with what he thinks is going on. I appreciate that he gives his opinion about something. I feel like he would still order anything I asked him to if needed and explains to me why something would seem irrelevant. He was good about answering things I read on the internet that didnt really apply.
The worst Dr I've ever been to. Completely ignored all of my serious concerns and told me because I'm a woman that you're probably just tired. He went on to tell me that his wife does a lot of laundry and gets stressed out so that is probably my problem as well. Um, excuse me?! I was concerned about heart issues and a lump in my abdomen. Not sure how that relates to his wife other than we are both female. He didn't even do any blood work until I insisted. Highly incompetent.

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