I did a lot of research and had a few consultations before deciding on Dr. Fryer. During my first visit with him, he reassured me of all of my initial concerns and fears and made me feel more confident in the decision to go ahead with surgery. He was patient and took the time to answer all of my questions. His nurses and staff were so friendly and patient as well! I was very nervous the day of surgery, but again was reassured and felt comforted after speaking to Dr. Fryer and his staff. The surg
After losing 140 lbs via a drastic change in eating, and exercise habits I had a lot of loose skin. I decided to undergo a fleur de lis tummy tuck. Dr Fryer was great about ensuring I got to a point where my procedure would be as safe as possible and give me the best results. He was great about answering any questions or concerns, and explaining all of the risks involved, and the procedure itself. Staff was great too! Definitely recommend Dr Fryer to anyone looking to have a procedure performed!
Dr Fryer and his staff are excellent at what they do. If you are searching for a great, respectable, certified, honest ps look no further! You won't regret it, GO SEE HIM!!
During my consultation Dr. Fryer was absolutely amazing I felt so comfortable and understood. I stressed to Dr. Fryer that I did not want to appear top heavy, but have a womanly figure with full breasts. It was as if Dr. Fryer read my mind! I am 5'2 & 110lbs and I decided to go with Mentor 350CC Smooth Round Ultra High profile. Dr. Fryer is truly talented and I am extremely happy with my results. My breasts are exactly what I have always wanted! Big thank you to Dr. Fryer and his amazing staff!!
I definitely recommend Dr. Fryer! Beautiful work, and great bedside manner. All the staff are very friendly, willing to answer all your questions. No hidden fees. I got a Fleur De Lis Tummy tuck (horizontal and vertical scar) due to excessive skin from my twin pregnancy, and I'm very happy with the results! His incisions were so small and precise, very pleased!
I spent the last couple of years searching online for Plastic Surgeons in Utah, contemplating doctors and looking at there before/after pictures which were actually what stopped me from wanting to go through with the Mommy Makeover procedure the in-scions and scars were horrific until I ran across Dr Steven Warknock's work, which was precise and perfect, my body after Mommy Makeover looks better then it did before having Twins. Dr. Warknock and his staff of nurses are the best!!
I had thought about doing a breast augmentation for a while, but the idea of doing elective surgery was very frightening for me. Dr. Fryer's staff was very understanding of my concerns, and they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I was also worried that I would be talked into a size that I did not really want (I only wanted to match how I looked in padded bras and go no bigger), but from the first moment, Dr. Fryer's main concern was what results I wanted, and then he helped me
For Me looking for someone who has good health grades was important. As a nurse I know what that truly means. Dr. Fryer is a excellent surgeon. I'm so happy with my results. I did months of research so when I meet with Dr. Fryer I was very pleased with the time and knowledge he shared with me. His staff was both caring and professional. The surgical staff made me feel very at ease on the day of my surgery. Thank you
Dr. Fryer is everything I was looking for in a plastic surgeon. I chose him even before I learned that he was the doctor who reattached my sister-in-law's four fingers after she cut them off with a table saw. He is truly gifted! I am now three weeks post-op and my recovery has been better than I ever hoped for. I got breast implants and went from an AA cup to a full C. I got 400cc extra high profile cilicon ipans placed under the muscle. I am so happy with my resuls!
I’m now 12 weeks post-op and couldn’t be happier. My recovery was much easier than I had anticipated and I was able to stay active during recovery and start up running again at 6 weeks. They suggested ultra-high profile implants for me, and I am very pleased with the look and feel. Dr. Fryer and his staff are incredibly informative and took the time to answer all my questions. Dr. Fryer has great bedside manner and was more personable that other doctors I saw before choosing him.
can't say enough about Dr. Fryer and his staff! They are amazing in every way. From the time I made the phone call, I was impressed with them. I had four kids in five years and it had taken a toll on my breast. They answered every question I had and made me feel extremely comfortable. I love how honest Dr. Fryer is. I trusted him with one of the biggest decisions and would do it all over again if I had to. I love love love my results!
I am so happy I chose to go to Dr. Fryer's office. I am very happy with my results. I felt like I was in great care. The stuff was wonderful and easy to work with. It was overall a great experience. I had no pain at all at any point. I met with other dr's, but after my consultation with Dr. Fryer I chose him. Best decision. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know.
I've had a really good experience with Dr. Fryer & his staff. They are very friendly & he is an excellent surgeon. I'm very pleased with my breast augmentation results.
I had consultations with the 3 plastic surgeons I kept hearing about in my area. Dr Fryer was easily my pick! He sat and answered all of my questions as if he had no where else to be, listened to what I wanted and clearly explained how he would accomplish that. I didn't feel any pressure to fit into any 'standard' that some surgeons seem to push. But the best thing I can share is my results say it all!! I am SO happy with the way I look! Thank you Dr Fryer!
I love love love Dr. Fryer.! He was very professional and knowledgeable and helped me understand and get the best results I was looking for.! The staff was super sweet and very helpful.! I felt taken care of the entire time.!! I was nervous day of surgery, They made me feel very comfortable and confident about the entire thing.! I had a brest augmentation and I'm so happy I chose Dr. Fryer.! My scars are very very small and they gave me a scar cream and just after 3 weeks it's barley noticeable.
I am 3 months post surgery and am thrilled with my results. I wanted to achieve a natural look, and Dr. Fryer did just that! He looks at your personal frame and advises on options for the best outcome for your body. His staff was great and made me feel comfortable in picking the right size implants for me. Because I have a narrow body frame, Dr. Fryer recommended the ultra high implant to get the volume I wanted without looking wide. I highly recommend Dr. Fryer.
I had a great experience here. As an out of town guest it is always scary going into an appointment the day before surgery. I couldnt have been more confident with my decision. Recovery has been so easy with hardly any pain!
Dr Warnock and his staff are so friendly and helpful. He helped me pick the perfect size implants- which was a difficult decision but I totally trusted his judgement and experience. I have seen the same sweet nurse for all of my pre op and post op visits. I was nervous about the anesthesia but the anesthesiologist was super friendly, confident, and put me right at ease, he even put his arm around my shoulders as he walked me down the hall to surgery. Highly recommend!
The first thing I would tell you is to stop researching and go with Dr. Fryer’s Office! I spent 2 years wanting to make sure I would have the best doctor and get the results I really wanted. After scheduling my FREE initial consultation with Dr. Fryer all of my questions were answered, and I didn’t even have to ask a single one! He is VERY knowledgeable, treats you like a person not a number. His amazing staff help you fit and try on different sizes so that you are getting the size that you have
I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Richard Fryer on March 30th, 2017. Recovery has been very easy and the results so far are amazing. He and his staff were very knowledgeable, friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. I absolutely recommend Dr. Fryer to anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery.
Came highly recommended to me and I now know why. He simply is the best. So professional and skilled. I am pleased to recommend Dr.Motoki to anyone wanting a beautiful breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedure.
I recently had a breast augmentation procedure done by Dr. Richard Fryer. I would highly recommend him. His staff and nurses were friendly and answered all of my questions in detail. During my initial consultation I found Dr. Fryer to be very open and honest. He discussed my desires and helped me to understand what that would mean for my body. My surgery couldn't have gone better, I am amazed at how recovery is going! A huge thank you to Dr. Fryer and his staff! Amazing!
Dr. Fryer is the best. He has great bedside manner, doesn't exaggerate the results, and gave me exactly what I asked for. He's extremely professional and also sensitive to any needs. I actually passed out the morning of my surgery and he and his team took GREAT care of me before and after. I am SO glad I used Dr. Fryer for my procedure. I went to him based off a referral and now I refer anyone I can to him.
I had a implant and lift 10 years with a different surgeon before my current surgery. The surgery I had most recently was a more complicated lift and reduction with implants. Dr. Fryer was by far the more adept and skilled surgeon. I wish I had know about him for my first lift! I consider him far more skilled than my previous doctor because I was in less pain and recovered faster with a more complicated surgery. He was very patient in consulting with me and has been great in dealing with post-op
I Highly Recommend Dr Fryer he was very Professional during my consultation , He Made Me Feel Very Comfortable Answering all my Questions. I'm Extremely Satisfied with my Results!!! My Whole Experience was Great ,The Staff Was Wonderful.
Before my procedure I had never had anything like this done before. This was my first experience being put under. I was beyond nervous!! in the end I was so happy with my results! I had my procedure done 3 months ago and couldn't be happier. Dr Fryer went over every possible result (good or bad). I never felt pressured to something that I didn't need or want. recovery was so easy! I have heard some terrible stories but this was NOTHING. It felt like I had done a killer workout the day before..
I just had my second surgery with Dr. Warnock, he is an amazing surgeon! also, his staff is amazing!
Dr Fryer and his staff are amazing. He did a phenomenal job on my re-augmentation and I couldn't ask for better results!!! My recovery has been relatively pain free and when I had the bandages removed, I was given thorough instructions on how to perform the massage which I was not taught when I got my first implants in North Carolina 15 years ago. Thank you so much Dr Fryer for the beauties!! They are spectacular! If you are looking for a skilled physician, this is your man!
I'm extremely happy with Dr Warnock and his office. I have had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck, and am so beyond happy with my results. I wish I hadn't waited so long to do it! Dr Warnock is extremely experienced, and my body looks really natural and in proportion. I'm glad I trusted him to do what he knows, and make me look my best.
Dr Fryer is professional, knowledgeable, and excellent. I have had two proceedures with great results. I will go to him 100 times if needed. I've always felt informed, listened to, and respected. I never felt rushed or pressured. His staff is wonderful too.
Dr. Warnock did my breast augmentation and my results were amazing! He gave me exactly what I wanted and his staff went above and beyond to make sure I was happy!
I had considered breast augmentation for several years following pregnancy and breast feeding. I consulted with other surgeons who left me feeling uneasy and unsure about going through with it. A friend recommended Dr. Fryer. The initial consultation with Dr. Fryer was a completely different experience. He took a considerable amount of time explaining the surgery, what to expect, and measuring me for a good fit. I felt he was upfront and honest about what he could and could not achieve with
I love my results. I was very nervous about doing this, Dr Fryer and his entire staff were great. They made me comfortable and not embarrassed about my surgery. I'm 3 months post surgery and very happy with the results. I would do this again tomorrow if I had to! I am thankful that I was given the extra high profile implant on one side and a High profile on the other side- making my breast look symmetrical for the first time ever!!!!
He was very knowledgeable and personable. Very satisfied with my consultation!
I loved Dr. Fryer. He was very willing to take his time with me and talk me through my procedure and answer any questions that I had. I met with several doctors before choosing to do my Tummy Tuck Procedure and Dr. Fryer was by far the most professional and most informed. He was very realistic about what my expectations should be in terms of recovery and results which was so helpful when trying make a decision. I am thrilled with my results and couldn't be happier!
I went to Dr Fryer to have my breast implants removed. I'm 60 yo and came to the decision a couple of years ago that I wanted them removed. The surgery was painless and my initial feeling is I wish I had done it years ago. My breast seemed to have gotten larger with weight gain and age. When they were removed it was such a freeing feeling. I love the new look just as much as I did when I first had them put in. I would Highly recommend Dr Fryer and his staff. They made me feel very comfortab
Dr. Fryer always made me feel confident about my surgery and my experience! I am so glad I chose him as my doctor. The entire facility was welcoming and helpful to every question I had. For my breast augmentation surgery, I was showed high profile and extra high profile implants. I was nervous because there is not a lot of positive information about extra high profile implants. I trusted Dr. Fryer and I feel like everything turned out so natural!
Dr. Fryer is a true professional, extremely knowledgeable, and honest. He will not agree to give his patients what they want if it's a bad idea. In my case, he fixed what 3 plastic surgeons could not fix before him. It's been 6 weeks since my revision surgery and I could not be happier! I wish I found him 10 years ago. See for yourself.
I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Fryer 12/20/2016. I cannot say enough about the professionalism, compassion and wonderful results due to Dr. Fryer and his entire staff. I am extremely happy and would highly recommend Dr. Fryer. He was very knowledgeable and my results are even better than I hoped for. I went from feeling like I looked more like a 12 year old girl than a grown woman. Thank you Dr. Fryer!!!
Dr. Fryer took very good care of me, answered all my questions and was very detailed in his explanation of what was possible, as well as exactly how he planned to work with my unique situation to resolve my scar, loose skin, and asymmetry in my 13 year old breast augmentation
I shopped doctors before my procedure and Dr. Fryer impressed me the most. He is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. He recommended that I get the ultra high profile silicone implants and I am so glad I did! I'm a tiny thing, 5'2" 97lbs, and anything wider than the ultra high profile implants would have made me look chubby. These implants fit my frame perfectly and are very proportionate. Dr. Fryer even suggested doing 2 different amounts on each side (320cc in one, 350cc in the other)
Dr. Fryer is a genuinely nice and, sincere doctor. He listens and asks lots of questions in hopes of finding what you are wanting for your body. With the help of dr fryer we chose High profile silicone implants, 375 cc ea, with a lollipop lift The office staff, surgical staff and Dr. Fryer did an amazing job with my appts, pre-opt, surgery and post-Opt. I'm completely satisfied already and it's only been 4 days out. I can't wait to see final product. Thank you thank you
I had my augmentation in June and from consultation to follow ups he and his staff have been helpful and professional. I love my results! Fryer helped me set a realistic goal and put my health and results as first priority. If I decide to have anything further done I will definitely be seeing him again Thanks again Dr.Fryer and Staff!
After breastfeeding 3 kids for a year each I went from a B cup to a AA cup. Wanted to get some back- did 280 cc high profile plus implants for a big B or small C result. Dr Fryer was awesome from start to finish. Recovery has been pretty good and the implants look and feel even better than I thought they would! He had good bedside manner, is very knowledgeable and skilled at his job, and was very competitively priced.
I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Fryer. I can't say enough good about him and his staff. From the second I walked in they made me feel 100% comfortable. Dr. Fryer spent a lot of time with me and I feel like he really listened and cared about what I wanted my results to be. He gave me suggestions that would fit what I wanted. I appreciated the direction and appreciated the kindness help he gave me. They answered all my questions and then some. I would recommend him to any and everyone. Happy!
Dr. Fryer was great! I am so hsppy with the results! His office, staff and nurses were all wonderful to work with. I always felt comfortable asking all of my questions! He made sure to set the expectations upfront so I knew exactly what to expect throughout the process. I saw several surgoen across the valley and decided he was the winner! I am so glad I went with him!
If you are looking for a doctor that is a realist and truly cares about the end result, Dr. Fryer is for you! He was absolutely outstanding throughout the entire experience, not to mention did an amazing job! His office staff are also just as amazing and make you feel comfortable. Dr. Fryer came highly recommended and he did not disappoint!
I have been wanting to have a breast augmentation done since I was a teenager. I was that girl who needed nothing more than a training bra, even as an adult. I was nothing but ribs and skin and very self-conscious about my appearance. I wore ultra-padded bras just to hide the fact that I hadn’t grown breasts like all my friends and my sisters. I would go to great lengths to choose just the right swim top that would have enough padding to make it seem like I had something there. I felt like I was
So knowledgeable, skilled, and sincere. He truly is amazing, an example to all physicians!
I went to Dr. Fryer for breast augmentation. He was friendly, and informative. He spent the necessary time with me to answer all my questions and make me feel comfortable. Every step of the way, him and his staff were there to talk to me and make sure I knew what was going on. I am 1 week post-op, and I haven't had any major pain! I have experienced pressure from the implants, and occasional slight discomfort which is unavoidable. I am 100% happy with my choice!
It's been a year and half since my breast augmentation surgery with Dr Fryer, and I am still amazed at the results! He and his staff were so helpful, and truly listened to what I wanted. Proportion, size, look...everything turned out perfect! Love it! I have recommend several people since my surgery to Dr Fryer and I will continue to!!
I met Dr. Fryer after I had most of my nose removed due to skin cancer. This was a very scary time for me and Dr. Fryer was very considerate and patient with me. He walked me through every step of my reconstruction process. He was meticulous in creating a nose that looks normal. Many who I meet now do not even realize I've had the surgeries on my nose. I can not thank Dr. Fryer enough for giving me back my normal. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon.
I went in for a breast reduction consultation with Dr Motoki. I was truly beyond impressed. His staff was very welcoming and helped me feel very comfortable during my visit. My overly large breasts have always been an insecurity for me however Dr Motoki & Bonnie made the consult very comfortable. Dr Motoki cares about my outcome and wasn't afraid to advise against going as small as I wanted to because of the risk. I feel he is very knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions.
I decided to see Dr. Fryer about a breast augmentation before anyone else based on his great reviews on realself and other websites. I'll admit he's the only one I ended up getting a consult with and I haven't had any cosmetic procedures before this, but I felt so comfortable with him during my consult- he answered all of my questions and didn't rush or make me feel stupid or objectified. He took interest in why I wanted the procedure and made recommendations based on that, and told me WHY he ma
Dr. Fryer and his staff are impeccable. To providing a custom surgery plan based on my body and needs along with taking the time to answer every question I had. Choosing Dr. Fryer was the best decision I have made.
Dr. Fryer is amazing I went to see him for a breast augmentation and from the beginning him and his staff were amazing. When trying on different sizes there was no pressure to pick a certain size and they allow you to take the time needed to decide what was best for you. Dr. Fryer calls you the night after your surgery to check on how you are feeling which I thought was very nice. I would highly recommend him for any plastic surgery need especially if you are considering a breast augmentation.
I was referred to Dr. Fryer by a friend. My husband and I had been to other consultations, but felt we had found our Doctor after our first meeting with Dr. Fryer. Upon consultation his perspective on the surgery and his willingness to listen and communicate with me, made the whole process smooth and free from anxiety. I felt that he was able to listen to my needs and overall desired results. He addressed any concerns, and gave me a realistic approach to post op and the transition process. I tol
Dr. Richard Fryer lived up to every standard I had in my mind after reading his reviews, and then exceeded them with his performance of my own surgery. He listened to every concern I had with my breasts and my stomach, understood what I wanted and needed to have changed with my surgery. My breasts had to be re-augmented and it was complicated with problems on both sides. After seeing the results, I was thrilled to say the least. Highly recommend! I will go to him for my plastic surgery needs.
Dr Fryer is FANTASTIC! Not only is he a great surgeon but he is also a very kind sensitive person who handled all of my appointments with professionalism and understanding. He was the ONLY surgeon that had a true sizing process that helped me to find the best size for my body type and desired result. I would recommend him to anybody interested in breast augmentation. You won't be disappointed.
He was very kind and knowledgeable, went over every question that I didnt even have to ask. And his assistant was just amazing and so sweet. I could definitely tell they are in the business, not just for the money, but also to help people be happy with themselves. They made me feel comfortable during my entire consultation and the whole staff was very welcoming and helpful.
Dr Fryer is the best doctor I have ever been to. He made this process comfortable and easy. You can really tell her cares about his patients and wants what is best for them. I had a breast augmentation and went from a 32A to a 34C (375CC Saline implants). He made sure that the sizing would fit my body and that I would be happy with the results. His work is beautiful! I am one week post op and could not be happier or feel better. I would recommend Dr Fryer to anyone!

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