I first met Dr. Tsetter in 1998 when he took over a doctor's practice who was moving out of town. Thank God Dr. Tschetter found me. He always patiently listened and took notes on my medical problems. 16 yrs ago I was talking about my breathing and having to breath so deeply to walk. He sent me for a test at the Univ. Of Utah and it found that I have (CHF) Congestive Heart Failure. He saved my life because listened to me. He is a brilliant physician, he is my family's and many friends'.
He is a great doctor and has been for 14 years. He is very personable and caring.
Doctor is a total incompetent boob. he was late, ill-prepared, and distracted. Was not a good experience...
He has been our family doctor for several years. He is very caring you never feel like a file number and he is rushing you out the door so he can squeeze in as many patients as possible. He is direct and tells you in terms you can understand what is wrong and what can be done. He never hurrys you and takes time answering your questions.
I have been a patient at Alta Internal Medicine clinic for years. Three doctors there have served me as my primary care physicians and I have felt very well taken care of throughout my experience with this clinic. Dr. Tschetter has been my principal doctor and my husband's for a long time. He over-sees our annual physical exams, prescribes our needed medications and has never failed to be caring, attentive and most importantly AVAILABLE whenever we have had questions or the need for care
I have recommended Dr. Tschetter to several family members and they are now patients.
I have been a patient of Dr. Tschetter since 2008. He has always taken adequate time to learn of my concerns and health issues and has given me straight answers. Also, he always asks if I have any further concerns. I would highly recommend him to others. Thank you
Dr. Tschetter has been our family doctor for several years. He has always been a very professional guide for my wife and I. He is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable where our health is concerned. He has referred us to several other doctors where special expertise was needed. I woul be happy to refer him and his office to anyone looking for a compitant family doctor.
How this guy has any patients is a mystery. He has the worst attitude- arrogant and condescending at the same time. He didn't help me with a minor problem, and spent more time talking about himself than my problem. I found another much more qualified Dr.- and trust me, that was not hard. By the way, he looks about 50 years older than the picture here....
Dr. Tschetter is a "dream come true" doctor. There just aren't any who are better. Not only is he a knowledgeable doctor, but he is a true friend. He takes time to listen to my concerns and/questions and always makes me feel that I am a valued patient. I am SO BLESSED to have him as my doctor. Marilyn Krantz
Dr. Tschetter has been my Doctor for many years and I would highly recommend him to all. Even my wife started to see him. He has taken over for other doctors I have seen that have either left the area or no longer practice. Being an internist, he has the knowledge to treat all my conditions. Always willing to take the time to explain meds, alternatives and concerns.
Kevin is very easy to talk to , and he listens to all you say..Good job
Dr. Tschetter is personable, friendly, and very professional. I've been seeing Dr. Tschetter for several years, and the experience has been excellent. He explains things very well, and can tell when I need more detail or background info.
He has always provided understandable, detailed descriptions for any issues I have presented. Annual physicals have been managed by his staff via reminders. All staff interactions have been conducted in a very professional manner; regardless of my antics. They all do a great job. His referrals to other specialists, as well as prescribed medicines have always been taken care of in a thoughtful and prompt manner.
Awesome doctor.
He's a professional, organized, great urologist. He's a pro at the standard procedures and he takes time to personally consult and give the various options. He's also fun and friendly. I couldn't be happier.
Dr. Yavelak is the best doctor I have ever seen he moved offices and I have not been able to connect with him since very disappointed still searching to see him.
I went to Dr Margetts with Spinal Stenosis. Had been having pain in lower back and left leg for 7 months with no relief. He was very through explaining my condition and what was causing it. Surgery was the last resort after exhausting other treatments. I had a minimal invasive Leminectomy (3 1/2 hr surgery) on Friday, came home on Sat with absolutely no pain. . Would highly recommend Dr Margetts
A very rude and person who is nice one visit and throwing things at me the next. He is all nice the last time I saw him since it appears he is tied to the UROLIFT surgery. He recently had his hair died and he just is a bad doctor. It is clear if you see him several times. He is focused on one thing and that is $$$$$$$
A loser. Please he pushes this UROLIFT but he is in it for his gain. I tried to look elsewhere and this person stopped that appt. sounds sad but true
Usually I like and trust him, until I needed to move. I had a letter from a former doctor recommending a companion animal addressed to my landlord.. 5 years later I've changed doctors and Dr. Tchetter refuses to write one for me, so what do I do now, get rid of the dog that kept me from being suicidal 5 years ago? Thanks Dr. Tschetter.
I was not Impressed. He wanted to do surgery when it wasn't even necessary. I felt that he wasn't even aggressive with the health plans that we made. It was always a really quick apt. and I didn't understand a lot he told me. I wouldn't recommend him. and the staff was very rude but they did get back to you in a timely manner. when I called to try and get in with an active stone they told me he couldn't help me and to go to the ER I thought that is why you have this kind of Dr.

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