Marcroft asked me to come back every month to every two months. I told him I didn't want to take anti-depressants anymore, kept wanting to prescribe different ones (held other script hostage). I was billed for level four visits (no tests). I couldn't get info on what makes standard visits level four. Was told by reception the physician decides the level. He would not call me back for questions, only could talk to him during visits (all level four). He "seemed" to listen. I found a new physician.
Gave me medicine for low T and also gave me steroid meds for for skin which the low T directions said should maybe not be given also he diagnosed me years ago with sleep apnea which the low T directions said could cause sleep apnea which I all ready have no wonder after one night use I feel disorientated so in General read directions of the medicine always read the directions in the meds the docs are getting pounded to see more people and do not have time Watch as they pick up there pill book
Pam is great. She knows her stuff and has been great to work with. Despite me being an out-of-the-box patient as, due to having EDS (a connective tissue disorder) I can not do typical exercises, she has known how to handle my issues. She has helped my joint instability and helped me strengthen w/o over stressing my body. I highly recommend her.
Just got out of an office visit with him. He isn't attentive, doesn't even look at the form that you fill out. I left feeling more concerned and frustrated than I was when I came in. Wish I just didn't go. It's doctors and this type of health care that makes me seriously distrust our medical system. Did my own research on the med he persribed and I shouldnt even be taking it. A competent doctor SHOULD ABSOLUTELY ask precautionary questions before prescribing a potentially harmful drug.
He listens to your needs, and understands family life., He is caring, and, very concerned of your family life.
Because He was dismissive I ended up in the emergency room.
Dr. Johnson is my families doctor so he sees all my kids. I was hesitant because of the reviews on this site to have him be our doctor but after meeting with him, the first time, I knew the reviews were not true to my experience. He is interested, compassionate and attentive. He has never rushed me out of the room, I have never had issues with prescriptions needed and he is always thoughtful to ask lots of questions. My kids really like him and are comfortable with him.
Based on my experience this individual is a disgrace to the medical community. After being left in his care I suffered 3 emergency room visits. He is a horrible Doctor who has caused me a of pain and suffering.
She was kind and didn't make me feel rushed like I was just another number.
This provider yelled at me over the phone he was the on-call provider and asked me if I could "be considerate" after ending up in the emergency room because Dr. Sheldon Johnson refused to do his job. This was subsequent to the Dr. Johnson situation. Overall he's not a good doctor the treatment I got from the South Jordan Clinic is legally defined as "Abusive".
I asked him for Paxil because I had tried a sample and it had no side effects. I really needed help yet do not feel comfortable taking prescriptions. He seemed to understand and said, Let's get you some Paxil. He did not understand. He prescribed me the generic version, Paroxotine and it gave me a four day migrane. He is not trustworthy.
So I have been taking a sleeping medication for years with ZERO problems. Works great and I always take the recommended dose. I go in to Dr Johnson and right out of the blue I get, Yeah, gonna slash your medication in half. You'll have a week worth of terrible sleep, but you'll get over it Shocked, I say, Can I at least take 30 days to wean down so that it's not a shock to my system. I have children to look after as a busy mom. Nope, sorry. Happy New Year and he walks out. WOW!
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